How to Choose a Front Door in 5 Steps

No Sales Pressure. Zero Confusion.
Just A Hassle-Free, Step-By-Step Process.

Do you want a beautiful front door that is lifetime durable and securely installed?

If so, the door company you choose is very important.

The truth is most door shopping and installation processes are haphazard. (If you shop for a door at a big box retailer or with a contractor that offers doors as one product among many, you’ll discover what we mean very quickly!).

Today’s Entry Doors is intentionally different. With us there’s no guesswork, unclear answers, or rushed decision-making. We’ve purposely designed a thorough, all-inclusive process that takes you from first contact all the way through to a beautiful final result.

When you reach out to us for a door consultation, we’ll take you through each of the 5 steps below. We always work COLLABORATIVELY with our customers, never forcing anything on you, but also always willing to provide expert guidance based on our 32+ years in the door business.

No pressure, no stress. Just friendly, expert guidance – EVERY step of the way.


The 5 Essential Steps To Choosing A Front Door

#1 Choose Front Door Size, Configuration, Material and Style

Entry Door Sizes

The term “door size” refers to the width of your front entry door and is usually expressed in inches or feet. The 36-inch entry door is the most common, followed by others of less conventional sizes.

Many people also have a wide 42-inch Entry Door or 5-foot double entry doors, which are just two 30 x 80 exterior doors paired up to provide a larger opening that facilitates easier wheelchair access and furniture moving. Most doors come in a standard height of 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches).

For more information, please visit our Door Sizing page.

Front Door Configuration

“Configuration” simply means choosing between a single front door, double door, or a door with decorative sidelights or an overhead transom. Sidelights are panels that flank and accentuate your front entry door. They are usually crafted from glass, wood or fiberglass, and can be opaque for privacy or not.

Entry doors with sidelights are very popular right now, mainly because of how they transform an ordinary entry into one that looks richer and more fashionable. A transom is made from decorative glass inserts that are installed above the door to fill your entryway with inviting natural light.

Entry Door Material

When it’s time to replace an entry door, most people reflexively think of wood. But given certain performance issues inherent to wood (weather resistance, termites, etc.) many homeowners are delighted to learn that Today’s Entry Doors offers a different and more durable choice: fiberglass.

Research shows that fiberglass is superior to wood in the areas value-minded homeowners care about most, including durability, and usually, warranty coverage.

Yes, but how does fiberglass look? In a word: fantastic!

The latest advances in materials science have made the appearance and finish of some fiberglass models virtually indistinguishable from those of wood. More importantly for those who care about return on investment, fiberglass is more energy efficient than wood, and resists damage and deterioration from sun, moisture and termites far better. Fiberglass models come with a more comprehensive warranty.

Remember, we’re here as a resource for you – a collaborative partner with a proven process to get you door results you’ll absolutely LOVE.

Entry Door Styles

Choosing an entry door “style” can seem confusing at first because the term means different things to different people. To make choosing easier, door manufacturers have identified six main front door “styles,” all of which are available at Today’s Entry Doors.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all this information? Don’t be. One call to our friendly team and we’ll help guide you to something that matches your home and your tastes.

#2 Choosing Glass Inserts (If you want them!)

Not every entry door needs decorative glass inserts or even sidelights. In fact, there are many elegant and stylish front door systems that use very little glass at all.

However, if you believe, as many homeowners do, that “glass adds class” then Today’s Entry Doors is the best partner to call. Because of our long-standing in this business – over 30+ years – we can walk you through all your options and deliver the customizations you want.

The bottom line is we’re here to make this easy and to get you the customizations YOU want.

#3 Choosing A Door Color

There are 3 basic approaches to picking your perfect door color:

  • Home Design – The first is to pick a color that blends with and complements your home’s style, features and surroundings.
  • Home Energy – The second is using the Feng Shui method, an ancient practice in which door color helps balance your home’s positive energy.
  • Your Personality – The third is simply to select a color that (based on color theory) uniquely expresses something about your individual personality.

Use the approach that best suits you and don’t forget that we are ALWAYS here as a resource for you. We’ve been advising homeowners for 30+ years – we’ll help!

#4 Choose Your Door’s Hardware

Choosing door hardware is where people sometimes begin to feel overwhelmed by all the detailed choices they’re not sure about.

What locking system? What color hinges? What door handle will best match the color you’ve selected?

Once again, Today’s Entry Doors can be your antidote to door shopping overwhelm. We’ll walk you through your options on each of the following hardware choices. It takes what can feel like a million little decisions into a smooth and delightful shopping experience.

Get a Grasp on Entry Door Hardware

When entry door companies like Today’s Entry Doors say ‘front door hardware’ we’re referring to the individual elements that comprise the door’s opening and locking system. Here are each of the hardware choices we can walk through with you.

  • Locks (Locksets)
  • Deadbolts
  • Handles (Handlesets)
  • Levers and Knobs
  • Hinges
  • Accessories (door bumpers and stops, doorbells, door knockers etc.)
#5 Choosing Your Screen Door

A screen door is a great way to allow proper ventilation of your home by letting natural fresh air flow into your home and indoor pollutants to flow out. Having good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within your home has a direct impact on your health and well-being.

The screen door also helps keep disease carrying insects, like house flies and mosquitoes, from entering your home, keeping you, your children and you pets safer.

The question is: what kind of screen door should you get?

Screen Door Types and Styles

Screen doors can be classified into 3 types:

  • Hinged Screen Doors/ Storm Doors (Swing type)
  • Retractable Screen Doors
  • Sliding Screen Doors (These are typically not used on entry doors)

Whether hinged, retractable or sliding, most screen doors come with an aluminum frame.

A Great Option: Duraguard Screen Door When You Have Kids And/Or Pets

Most homeowners in Orange County use doors with screens that cover the entire surface. However, you have the option of selecting a screen door with the bottom quarter or bottom half of the door with a reinforced aluminum kick panel. That will protect your screen door from general wear and tear due to kids, toys and pets.

The Bottom Line: Door Shopping Should Be A Delight, Not A Drudge

If all this seems like a lot of choices and things to sort through… well, it is! But that doesn’t mean it has to be painful, stressful, or confusing.

When you reach out to Today’s Entry Doors, you’ll be relying on our 32+ years’ experience and our PROVEN process. When you have a knowledgeable expert take you through each of these steps, everything becomes much easier.