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Case Studies

Case Studies

Check Out This Quick Case Study From The Cypress, CA Area

CASE STUDY: Arlene, F. Of Cypress, CA.

‘It was very refreshing to find a family-owned company that takes pride in their work and makes you feel important.’

Arlene And Her Family Are Loving Their Gorgeous New Double Therma-Tru Fiberglass Door System.

In this case study we’re going to talk a bit about our process through the eyes of another wonderful family we worked with in the Cypress, CA area. After going through a bad experience with a less-reputable door company, they found us and every step of the way was a pleasure.

Before jumping into how they initially found us, let’s take a look at the Before picture of their old entry door.

While it definitely had some style to it with that retro type of tinted privacy glass, and the screens were still in relatively good shape…it was time for an update that matched their home better.

Initially, they tried a different door company and ran into problems – communication was poor and their overall process left too much to be desired.

So, they hopped online and began shopping around.

I got online and began looking for a better company to work with and found Today’s Entry Doors. Then I went over to Yelp and took some time to read through their impressive reviews.

Based on the feedback they saw, they decided to give us a call and set up an appointment for a free informative estimate.

When you need to invest in the very best entry doors, genuine customer reviews help you know what to expect and who you’re going to be dealing with. As this case study is being written, we have over 160 reviews on Yelp along with another 50 on sites like Google and Angi.


Like many of our other customers, Arlene was excited to have our mobile showroom arrive at her home. It makes the process so much easier. Our entry door expert listens carefully to what you want and then explains all the options…while you can get your hands on actual doors, hardware samples, glass, and more.

After we answered all their questions, went through the details in terms of payment, and gave them the complete rundown on how the installation would go, they decided to place their order right there on the spot.

They then sent us our contract and told us step by step what would be going on from there.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we take communication seriously. It’s such a huge part of making your experience a great one!

They sent us emails and calls to keep in touch with us and let us know when the front doors would be arriving.

The #1 reason we can guarantee you’re going to be MORE than pleased with our Proven Process is that it’s been developed through decades of experience. We’re specialists who ONLY focus on this one service. We don’t take chances. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rely on pressure sales or conventional marketing. And…we truly care!


Now let’s take a look at the double door system they chose and what the results look like, then we’ll give you their take on the installation phase of their project.

A bit more conservative. The minimal glass, panels, and updated hardware all give the entryway a much more defined look that matches the rest of their home and its trim.

How Did Installation Go?

Honestly, like clockwork. Our installation process is another part of our business that’s been ironed out and perfected over the span of decades and hundreds upon hundreds of projects.

Our installers are highly-trained, respectful of our customer’s homes, and extremely talented. Arlene was rather impressed, not only by the detail-oriented nature of the installation but the speed as well.

The installation was done in one day. You could tell he was a professional. He worked very hard, cleaned everything up, and made sure we were totally satisfied before final payment was rendered.

We don’t use subcontractors. We don’t hire salespeople. Each person who you interact with in our company is a specialist.

Everyone that I talked to at Today’s Entry Doors was so friendly and knowledgeable..”

Today’s Entry Doors is focused on our Core Values. Fantastic results by themselves aren’t enough. As we like to say, “Doing right by our customers isn’t just good ethics, it’s also good business!

  • Knowledge: 32+ years in business allows us to enhance every part of your experience.
  • Service: We’re dedicated to being selfless in our approach to customer service.
  • Integrity: Revealed through our overall company character and ethics.
  • Excellence: We strive for standard-setting excellence in every customer interaction.

It was another great project that went down without a hitch, and the results speak for themselves.

The front doors are beautiful and have already recommended the company to a neighbor of mine. This kind of customer service is rare these days.”

And remember how we said earlier we have 160 reviews currently on Yelp? Well, Arlene’s is one of them. We decided to take a screenshot and include it in this case study. Here it is:

They were a pleasure to work with and we’re so pleased that they got everything they wanted out of this particular home improvement. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.

“It was nice to do business with a company like this!”

-Arlene, F.

Would you like a free consultation and quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Case Studies

Learn How This Homeowner Achieved A Modern Midcentury Look

CASE STUDY: Amy, S. Of Garden Grove

‘The door is perfect. The entire process is seamless! It was wonderful working with Today’s Entry Doors!’

Amy Got The ‘Modern Midcentury’ Look She Was After,
Enjoying Each Professional Step Of The Way

This particular case study is about the smoothness and professionalism of our full-service, turn-key process for Orange County, CA homeowners.

We’ve specialized in this process for decades, being the #1 premium entry door company in the Southern California region.

A charming woman, Amy, who owns a lovely home in the Garden Grove area, didn’t bother going to anyone else for an initial ‘What’s this going to cost me?’ quote. Like many others, she hopped online to look for a qualified provider and within minutes was swimming through our 5-star customer reviews

On Yelp, as of the day we’re publishing her case study, we have over 233 project images and 159 reviews on our profile.

Amy’s is actually one of them now!

Once she’d read enough, she decided to take the next step and pick up the phone to chat with one of our entry door experts directly.

I called them to have their Mobile Showroom come to my home where we conveniently talked about the process, looked at options, and took measurements.” 

This has been an extremely popular part of our process for a long time. Folks LOVE being able to jump up in the truck and explore different real-size Fiberglass Entry Doors: hardware, glass, colors, styles, and more.

It’s FAR more fun and informative than flipping through mere brochures – of which Amy had three.


We’ve been serving homeowners searching for new entry doors for over thirty years, so we completely understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. This is why we’ve created a better way to shop – without the guesswork or the kinds of nonsense you can experience trying to work with big-box stores and individual ‘Check & His Truck’ contractors.


Amy was able to make choices in terms of hardware, glass, and other specifics on the spot, but we didn’t carry that unique style in our mobile showroom. To really explore those options, we had her visit our extensive showroom in Orange, where we could explore the modern midcentury looks she was interested in and talk about their features.

To give you an idea, here’s the Before image of her previous entry door. As you can see, it’s conservative, soft, and more on the conventional side of door design.

Before Photo

Once she had some time to think through her many options, she contacted us again and requested a quote. We promptly got back with an updated quote and plenty of insight into what the overall process would be like from A to Z.


I decided to move forward with them because of their levels of communication and how they didn’t try to push the sale. They’re authentic and provided lots of good information and explanations.”

Paperwork was signed, her order was put into motion, and we ensured she was regularly in the loop leading up to delivery and scheduling her installation.

“I never felt in the dark about where my project was. Phone calls. Emails. There was lots of communication and friendly updates.

When you work with an experienced family-owned and operated business like Today’s Entry Doors, you get crystal-clear answers to ALL your questions and concerns. At every phase, we’ve polished Our Proven Entry Door Process to remove risk, stress, and annoying pricing games.


Finally, the day arrived, and our installer was at her home with her updated front door system ready for her inspection. He wanted to make sure Amy could see for herself that there were absolutely no blemishes – the door was in impeccable shape and condition.

Let’s show you what the new system looks like: a modern (borderline retro) Masonite Fiberglass Entry Door with custom glass inserts and two custom paint colors. 

After Photo – The Results!

What a dramatic difference from the previous style she had in her entryway!

We had the door installed down to the most delicate details over the span of about 3 to 4 hours. In fact, it was only in the doorway for a couple of days before Amy started getting comments from friends and neighbors about how well it was hung.

One of the core reasons we’ve been so successful in such a premium specialty niche is because respecting our customers and doing right by them… TO US…isn’t just good ethics. It’s also the very best way to conduct business! Explore more on our Core Values page.


Our installer arrived early, was friendly and the work went smoothly with no stucco or drywall repairs needed and no surrounding paint touch-ups necessary.”

Of course, he laid out plenty of protective covering so as not to mess up anything in or around the entryway and cleaned afterward so there wasn’t a spec. Amy then tested the door with our installer, gave it another inspection, and felt great!

They even worked around my schedule and installed it on a Friday, Dec 31st, right before the New Years’ holiday, which was great.”


-Amy, S.

Would you like a free consultation and quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Tim Stone After photo
Case Studies

This Customer Was So Impressed…They Wrote Their Own Case Study!

CASE STUDY: Tim, S. Of Trabuco Canyon

‘I have no hesitation recommending this company to anyone who is looking for exterior doors for their home’

Mr. Stone Was So Impressed

He Wrote His Own Case Study For Our Customers

This entry door case study is actually somewhat unique. 

Usually, we contact happy customers months after initial installation, chat with them, ask a handful of basic questions, get direct quotes, and then compile a case study to add to our Case Study page

But this is one of those rare occasions where our customer, Tim, was so impressed he wrote a mini case study on his own – twice! Then he published different versions on different platforms: one on Facebook and another on Yelp. 

So rather than calling him and asking him to repeat himself, we decided we would take what he wrote and create this case study for you. 

First, let’s look at the Before image of the front doors he had us replace: 

Before Photo

tim stone before photo

Here’s what he said in his own words. 

We’ve only added little specifics here and there and did some light editing to combine the different versions he published. 

Like so many other people in our Orange County area, the “Contractor Grade” materials used in building our home have long been problematic. We had windows we couldn’t open for 20 years… and hard to maintain doors that wouldn’t remain closed. So, once all the other major ‘defects’ were corrected around the house, it was long past time to address the final issues: Windows & Doors.

One of the reasons we get such rave reviews from our customers is because we ONLY sell and install The Very Best Doors. These parts of your home are going to be dependable, low-maintenance, and last a LONG time without hassle. And, we install all of our doors. No low-quality installers. No subcontractors. This is so we can maintain impeccable quality control.


After the windows were ordered, I started looking into the front doors. While the window company offered them, it was more of a sideline. So, we browsed various catalogs, found particular styles we liked, and even the right color. Once we knew what we wanted, we started looking for installers.

At first I talked with one of the major big box stores because I knew they could at least handle the job. However, they required us to pay for a consultant to come out who measures the door and evaluates what work will be needed for the install. Then you purchase their doors and the installer gets it done. It was pretty straightforward…until I read reviews and found out when there’s a problem, it gets difficult really quickly.

  • You have to communicate with this massive corporation.
  • You also have to keep in touch with the installer who’s a subcontractor. 
  • You also have to communicate with the manufacturer from who knows where. 
  • And unfortunately, when there’s a problem they all blame everyone else.

I really didn’t want to face the potential of that kind of hassle even though it could save me some money.

With us, there’s NO HASSLE. No runaround. No drama. No blame games. No pricing games. And we don’t use subcontractors. As mentioned before, we install all of the doors we get custom manufactured for our Orange County, CA customers. With our Proven Process, you can rest easy.


After taking the time to investigate many other companies, I found Today’s Entry Doors in Orange, CA. They ONLY do exterior doors. They made an appointment with me and arrived in their “Showroom Truck” to show us samples and discuss options.

We discovered that the ‘Single Door With Sidelites’ was a more expensive option than simply replacing the dual doors. We made our selection, signed their simple contract, and knew there would be a wait for the high-quality Fiberglass Entry Doors to be made.

Everyone loves our convenient, fully-stocked Mobile Showroom. We’ve had it a long time, but it’s SO much better than browsing catalogs and brochures. The truck has real doors you can put your hands on, glass samples, hardware samples, color samples, and much more. Plus, it makes the process so much easier when you can do this right there at your home where you can see your entryway and the overall style of your home. 


On their own initiative, the company regularly reached out to us to keep us updated on the status of our entry doors. Then I received the call that they arrived earlier than expected and they were ready to be installed. An appointment was set and of course, their installer arrived on time. His very first task was to have me inspect them, he then proceeded to remove the old doors, frame, and sill which he happily disposed of for us.”

“He was very friendly, knew his job extremely well, took his time with the details, didn’t rush anything, and my ‘Quality Control’ eye was very satisfied with the results. He made sure everything was done right and took time to point out things I would want to keep an eye on for a few days afterward (like the seal).

Here is the after photo so you can see what a dramatic difference their new doors make and how much more alive the entryway is. 

After Photo

Tim Stone After photo

Many of the jobs I now hire out I used to do myself, but age does bring some cautions. My focus when hiring a new contractor is always the quality of their work and service. I expect it might cost more, but getting it done right for the ‘long haul’ is my priority.

With Today’s Entry Doors, I could see by their low-key sales approach, positive communication, and quality work that they’re a company I can recommend to others facing the same needs as we encountered.”

We’ve been in business specializing in entry doors for decades. This is why we don’t bother with high-pressure sales tactics – they don’t work! And we don’t bother shelling out tons of money on conventional marketing and advertising either. Instead, we let our high levels of quality and customer service do the heavy lifting for us. To learn more, head on over to Our Reviews page.  


Of course, they reached out to me to be sure everything was ok, and gave me the full paid invoice and warranty information.

Yes, I’m completely satisfied. I have no hesitation recommending Today’s Entry Doors to anyone who is looking for exterior doors for their home. You get a wide range of options when selecting a door, but getting the right fit, being sure it’s defect-free, and then having it installed correctly is critical.

I have a side door that leads from the garage to the yard. Daylight comes through, it has welt marks on the exterior, it’s hard to open and close, and it leaks when it rains. I considered my options and reached out to Today’s Entry Doors. They’ll be replacing that door also!

And there you have it, folks – another happy customer. Another genuine case study from a fellow homeowner here in the Orange County, CA area. We’re so proud! And thank you, Mr. Stone! 

“This company does it right”

-Tim Stone

Would you like to get a ‘no sales pressure’ quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us for a free consultation.

Case Studies

Flexibility For Our Orange County Homeowners

One Orange County Homeowner’s
Twisty Path To The Perfect Entry Doors

A Prime Case Of Why Flexibility Is
The Heart Of Customer Service

Melissa knew one thing for certain – she hated the leaky doors on her Orange County home. As she said, not one of the three had sealed properly since she bought her home years ago. Finally, she was able to replace her doors with modern, secure, fiberglass doors, so she went searching online for the right contractor.

Desperately Seeking Quality
Entry Door Contractors

Melissa buckled down and searched online for the right Orange County contractor to replace her three entry doors. After reading reams of reviews, she narrowed it down to two good prospects and invited them to offer their bids.

Both were selected because of their number of reviews and they had high hopes for a positive outcome.

The first company came over and informed her that they used different people for entry doors versus screen doors. Well, Melissa didn’t like the idea of two different installation appointments, so the first company was out of the running in a hurry.

Then the representative from Today’s Entry Doors arrived.

With their mobile showroom.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Yes, But No, Well Maybe – Perfect!

Melissa knew exactly what she wanted in new doors but didn’t know quite what that looked like. She knew she wanted fiberglass doors for their superior looks and longevity, but beyond that, she wasn’t certain.

Our mobile showroom is pretty snazzy and covers the most popular choices homeowners make, but we’d need an 18-wheeler to cover every available choice.

So, though Melissa knew what she liked when she saw it, there were hundreds more available choices for her to consider once she dug into the details.

Hinges, knobs, glass designs, and hardware materials all combine to make each door we sell unique to each homeowner, and finalizing your choices can be a bit overwhelming.

Melissa made her initial choices and ordered her new doors (along with secure screen doors) with confidence.

Then, she looked some more and requested changes. And then she did it again. And again.

Each change order was met with a hearty smile and handled with zero hassle. At no point was Melissa made to feel like she was being difficult. After all, she was simply navigating the myriad choices available for entry and security doors, which can be daunting.

Each change, of course, altered the delivery date for her new doors, and we kept her informed throughout the process . At no point did she have to wonder where things stood with her order.

Secure Screen Doors

One of the door features we offer is security doors that don’t look like security doors. With strong frames, hefty locking mechanisms, and our true metal mesh screens, these doors are secure against forced entry but look like your average high-end screen door.

Melissa loved that she could feel secure in her home without it looking like a fortress.

The Best Kind Of Broken Promise

Once Melissa settled on the design of her fiberglass entry doors, we told her it would take one and a half days to do the installation. Not quite the two appointments she’d wished to avoid, but still two days of dealing with dust and noise and cleaning up after the installers left. But, all in all, not bad for installing a total of six doors.

When we arrived, we first set up plastic tarps to keep the dust from infiltrating the rest of her home. Then we set to work on her entry and screen doors.

Unfortunately, we didn’t follow through on getting it all done in one and a half days.

We got it all done on the first day.

As for Melissa’s concerns about cleaning up, we left the areas cleaner than when we found them.

Now, Melissa enjoys the sensation of entry doors sealing properly when she shuts them and can even leave them open, secure in the knowledge that her screen doors will keep out unwanted guests.

And if she ever experiences a problem with her new doors, she knows that her entry doors are covered for life and that we’re only a phone call away.

If you want new entry doors for your Orange County home and want the best service available, contact us at Today’s Entry Doors for a free quote .

Case Studies

Case Study: Orange County Dutch Doors That Always Impress

“We chose them because we knew they were the VERY BEST source of Orange County dutch doors.”

The Malones Couldn’t Sell Their New Kitchen Short, So They Got A Gorgeous Dutch Door That Instantly Became The Highlight


The Malone family moved here to the Orange County area of beautiful southern California from Connecticut. At first they were renting and getting situated, then they bought their home and began to upgrade it.

The very first improvement they decided to make was a complete entryway transformation.

Like many other homeowners in our area, they went online and began researching options; seeing what companies were out there to choose from. The challenge was finding a contractor who could deliver the quality and custom-value they needed, so, they inevitably ran into our website.

A Today’s Entry Door AdvantageWe’ve put tons of emphasis on making our website as helpful as we possibly can, without any of the typical internet sales tactics and annoying nonsense. For example, you can browse our Orange County Dutch Doors section, or browse by size, by brand, and plenty more.

“The Today’s Entry Doors website is absolutely fantastic. It had everything we needed to wrap our minds around what we wanted. Along with their reviews, we knew we found a perfect match.”

Below is a picture of the dutch entry door they chose with a soothing brown color and texture, rich black hardware, and a thinner window at the top.

They had their mind set on Orange County dutch doors because they work so well in our part of the country! In Connecticut, they don’t make sense due to weather, the mosquitoes, etc. Which is why when people in that part of the country want to open their doors to get a draft they have to open the whole thing.

With the dutch door, the Malones can have just the top half open and enjoy a nice breeze (or hand out candy at Halloween), and it’s much more convenient.

As of the time we’re putting this case study together, it’s been six years since the entry door was installed and it’s STILL earning them admiration to this day.

Everyone loves it.

“We get compliments all the time on the front door. Everything is still perfect: from the hinges and latches, to every fine detail. It’s like new!”

When the time came to completely remodel their kitchen, they knew they were going to get a dutch door for the side entry, and didn’t hesitate to call Today’s Entry Doors.

“Without a dutch door for the kitchen, we just felt it would sell the space short.”

And while remodeling their kitchen was stressful and at times slightly overwhelming, getting the new side-entry door was by FAR the easiest part of the project.

But why?

Because they were already familiar with our step-by-step process. They knew they could give us a call, chat with entry door experts about Orange County dutch doors and quickly schedule an at-home visit by our Mobile Showroom. This was a big deal, because they didn’t feel they were the best with colors and being able to make choices on the spot was important.

Looking at small samples or brochures just isn’t the same thing…

It needed to be a perfect match with the cabinetry and hardware they were choosing, not to mention the overall color of the kitchen.

They also had a feeling that despite all the gleaming new appliances, countertops, cabinets, lighting, etc., that the dutch door would become the best part of the kitchen… and it was!

“Despite the many new elements and overall design to the space, the dutch door became the highlight. It actually looks and feels like it came with the kitchen.”

A Today’s Entry Door AdvantageRemodeling in general tends to be a challenging process, but for our part, we ensure that when it comes to transforming front entryways or side-entry ways…it’s the most pleasant part of your home improvement journey.

One specific part of the process they REALLY enjoyed was our constant communication.

The other contractors they were working with kept them in the dark, but not Today’s Entry Doors.

Throughout each phase they got calls and/or emails from us letting them know the status of their order. There were some delays (along with the many delays of kitchen selections), but they didn’t really notice because of how smooth we made it.

Even to this day, here in late 2021 they’re STILL waiting on some elements for the kitchen, but they always knew where they stood with the side-entry dutch door. Never once did they wonder when the door was arriving or when it would be installed.

“They made sure we always knew where we stood, which is so important. We could tell they knew what we were going through with the kitchen remodel and they went above and beyond to make it easier…they cared about our home like it was theirs.”

A Today’s Entry Door AdvantageAfter decades installing Orange County dutch doors, our process is squeaky-clean and accommodating. We want our customers to feel happy and always be in the loop.

For the Malone family, they felt it was better to invest a little more and wait a little longer because it would make that part of their kitchen remodel absolutely TOP NOTCH.

Which it is.

If you’re interested in Orange County dutch doors and need a specialist to talk with you, listen carefully to your goals and your situation, and treat you well, Today’s Entry Doors is only a call away. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“Once you get a high-quality dutch door from them, you can’t ever go anywhere else.”
– Vicki Malone

Corbett Front Door After Remodel
Case Studies

Meet The Corbetts: For Whom We Installed 4 Doors On 2 Homes


“They went above and beyond for us, well out of their way to ensure they stood up to their commitments to their products and installation.”

The Corbetts Worked With Us On 4 New Exterior Doors, Including 2 Premium Front Doors On 2 Older Homes!

This case study is really a wonderful story about how we worked with a mother and daughter on two homes they completely love! In fact, they’re quite dedicated to them. 

The first time we met Gwen’s mother, Corbett E, was nearly 20 years ago! 

This was back before we decided to focus on nothing but entry doors like we do now. We actually replaced the windows in her older home originally built in the 1970s, and those high-quality windows are still there and working well to this day. 

One thing we didn’t like was how another window contractor back then tried to tell her she would need to redo everything because some of the bedroom windows were no longer up to code. Not true! We happily informed her that she was grandfathered in and we got those windows installed without having to do a lot of demolition or doing any damage.

Honestly, that made all the difference. So, decades later when she and her daughter needed to get some new exterior doors on their homes, there was no question on who to call.

My mom loved Today’s Entry Doors [we were actually called Today’s Windows & Doors back then] from back in the day. She knew they were super-reliable, personable, and trustworthy.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we operate on a strict Customer-First policy and abide by our Core Values without fail. Treating people right isn’t just good ethics; it’s good business. This is why we get so many referrals and return customers, even from decades ago.

Fast forward to 2016, and her daughter Gwen gave us a call to replace a couple of side-entry doors. She’d moved into the home about seven years earlier in 2009, and the doors were in pretty bad shape; leaking, falling apart, flaking, etc. 

One went into the garage from the outside, while the other led into the laundry room. 

While we had to deal with some supply chain delays caused by our manufacturers, we got them both done within a month. No installation problems whatsoever. In fact, what we discovered was that the side-entry fire door going into the garage was swinging back into the house rather than swinging the other way. 

The previous installer was likely doing it in the way they needed to because of how the home was built, but we switched it around to make it much easier and convenient for Gwen to get in and out of the home that way. 

Here’s the Before & After of that particular side-entry door.

Before: notice it’s facing the wrong direction — inswing; both inconvenient and less room!

Corbett Door Before Remodel

After: clean, more appropriately installed, no muss, no fuss.

corbett door after remodel. Cleaned and corrected

When we spot issues, we handle them. We care about our customers and their homes as much as our own reputation. This is why our doors come with a Lifetime Warranty. We also provide a 2-year labor guarantee. So if the door has any problems due to installation, it’s 100% covered. In the first two years, it’s pretty much a ‘no questions asked’ warranty – even if it is due to things we can’t control like house settling, etc.

How about her new front door? Well, the original door was an old wooden model that didn’t provide the kind of security, insulation, or noise reduction that our premium models do. It was also nowhere near as good looking. 

Here’s the before photo of that door.

Corbett Front Door Before Remodel

While the side-entry doors weren’t a huge deal to Gwen in terms of aesthetics, she knew her front door needed to be exquisite. She spent some time looking around online to get a rough idea of what she wanted, then gave us a call to have our Mobile Showroom come by. 

My mother and I loved the Mobile Showroom. It made the process so much easier. We could see the colors and get a much clearer idea of what different types of glass looked like. My mom was skeptical of fiberglass at first, but once she could put her hands on them, she was convinced!

It’s one thing to look at elements of Fiberglass Entry Door Systems online or in hard-copy brochures, and another thing altogether to get up close and personal. Our mobile showroom brings a professional gallery to your home, where you can get a much better idea of what you want and what kinds of customizations work best for you, your budget, and your home.

The installation was impeccable. Our crew arrived early and made sure the work area was absolutely spotless. Even during the initial demolition, we kept the area vacuumed, protected, and did as little damage as we possibly could despite the old door system and new door system being two different heights. 

Here’s the after photo. What a difference! Gwen loves the new sidelite much more than the older outdated 12 window-pane section with completely clear glass.

Corbett Front Door After Remodel

I was worried. I had visions of them having to rip into the drywall, but it was amazing. No dust. No dirt. They kept vacuuming. And they educated me on how to use the new security system, even checking both alarm pads and verifying they worked before leaving.

There are a couple of touch-ups to do, but these are minor. Sometimes this happens because of issues outside our control, for example, when your old door is smaller than the new door you choose.

We don’t work with subcontractors. We also don’t allow any entry doors to be installed in our name by unskilled labor. Instead, our installers are top-to-bottom experts. They’re trained experienced professionals, who understand these door systems well. Most importantly, our installers are conscientious about their work and guarantee everything will be done right. PERIOD!

Once Gwen’s mom came and saw the new doors in her daughter’s home, she decided right then and there she was going to update her old home’s entry door as well.

Here’s what it looked like before. As you can see, it’s fairly retro! Not much style. It blends into the home’s decor so much, it nearly disappears.

Corbett Door Before Remodel

We really went above and beyond for Gwen’s mom. The doors weren’t working right and she needed better security features as well. We helped her find a more contrasting color and installed new locking deadbolts. 

Here’s what it ended up looking like.

Corbett Door Replacement after photo

Overall, another smashing success for a local Orange County, CA family.

“There were no touch-ups needed, and they made sure every detail was perfect for my mother and me. We’re extremely grateful!”

-Gwen Corbett

Would you like a free consultation and quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

Case Studies

We Even Install Doors On Holidays!

Dependable? We Once Made A Tough Custom Installation Happen On A Holiday For Customers In A Scheduling Pinch

Every Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm you can come on down to our comprehensive showroom and see it’s busier than the dickens. Completely gangbusters. One local homeowner after another streaming in with smiles on their faces, ready to learn!

Read more

Case Studies

Custom-Crafted Door Leaves Customer Ecstatic

This Super Special Custom Craftsman Door Left This Customer Very Happy And Made Us Proud.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we’re proud to essentially be the only game in town when it comes to first-class, all-inclusive, and custom exterior door installation — especially replacement front-entryway doors.

By ‘town’ we mean Orange County for sure,  but we could argue there’s no other company like us…well, anywhere.

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