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We Invented An Exclusive Solution That Makes Your Door Installation Extra Secure

3 Things To Know About Our Door Installation Methods And Security

It’s important to understand that most forced entries are not about the lock or the hardware – it’s about the door frame. Locks are typically attached to a door frame, and that is only a thin piece of wood. One decent kick and that wood snaps. Forced entry is probably easier than you think with most doors.

But what if the lock were attached to not just the door frame, but also reinforced by attaching it to the actual sub-structure of your home? Then kicking in a door becomes a lot harder.

That’s why we invented our own proprietary method and exclusive product for doing exactly that.

The key to our extra secure installation is a 16-gauge steel security plate designed by Today’s Entry Doors. This plate is installed as reinforcement where the lock meets the door, and then this plate is in turn attached to your house frame.

Instead of having the locking system attached only to an easy-to-breach door frame, it will also be secured to the sub-structure of your home.

Of course, we also install the “beauty” plate where the lock meets the door, but all door installers do this (the lock could not be installed without it). We also install an understrike plate as a reinforcement to the beauty plate. (All door companies should install an understrike, but the truth is most do not.)

Add it all together and Today’s Entry Doors provides 3 layers of security where the lock meets the door frame and house. Reach out to us and you’ll have peace of mind that your door is very secure.

Oftentimes the hinge side of the door is the “forgotten side” of door safety and security, but the truth is it is also vulnerable to forced entry.

That’s why we use extra-long screws in multiple places for each hinge. This makes a huge difference in how hard it would be to breach the hinge side of the door.

Our method of using extra-long screws also helps keeps the door jamb from being spread apart and sagging.

Occasionally we hear from people who are concerned that fiberglass doors might be easier to punch through than a wood or steel door.

Absolutely not.

A fiberglass door is as hard to penetrate as a wood door, if not more so. It also won’t dent easily like steel does.

The fiberglass door systems that we sell are warrantied for a lifetime not to split, crack, or warp, so it is guaranteed to remain strong.

We prioritize our customers safety and security by paying attention to the details during installation. No installation can stop everything, but we honestly don’t know of another company that goes to the lengths we do to make your door safe and secure. Details matter!

Let’s start with lockset styles and the features and advantages of each. The two basic styles are Tubular and Mortise.

Mortise VS Tubular Lockset - Todays Entry DoorsTubular by far is the most common and economical entry door lockset. Tubular hardware can come as either a complete one-piece design that includes both latch and deadbolt, or a two-piece design called a ‘sectional.’ The images here help show the differences. Tubular locksets suit the needs of a large percentage of homeowners today.

A Mortise lockset is beefier and heavier duty than its tubular counterpart. Installation is fairly complex and is best done by professionals. Mortise locksets have a wider and thicker deadbolt with an entry latch that also locks when the bolt is engaged. Because of this, Mortise locks are considered ‘heavy duty residential’ and even used by some light commercial building owners to protect their property.

Something else that distinguishes a mortise set from most tubular sets is the ‘emergency egress’ feature on the internal side of the hardware. Most locksets require two different actions to open the door. For example, if the deadbolt is locked you must unlock it first, and then turn the handle or knob to get out. With a mortise set, you simply turn your handle or knob, and it and the deadbolt release at the same time. This is an important safety consideration in case of fire or other emergency.

Electronic locks are battery operated and characterized by a keypad through which users enter a code to engage or disengage the deadbolt latch.

Most electronic locks are sold as a complete set and include a handle and deadbolt. You may also see standalone deadbolt units with an electronic control mounted on the lock. Both options generally allow access by combination code, as well as a physical key.

Some manufacturers offer key fobs so you can lock and unlock your door from a distance. The code is usually charged by 9-volt batteries. Certain keypads are illuminated for visibility at night and also provide an audible response with each press. Electronic locks generally fit doors with tubular style locks. Today’s Entry Doors has extensive experience installing electronic locks, so if you have any questions on choosing front door hardware, please give us a call.

The latest electronic locks are ‘smart locks’ that offer remote access through your entry door using a smartphone or web app.

The most impressive features include:

  • Bluetooth Recognition: The lock will recognize you and automatically unlock the door when you walk toward it.
  • One-touch Entry: Simply tap on the lock for it to identify you and release the deadbolt.
  • Flexible Security: Provides unique digital keys (codes) to friends, family or anyone of your choice
  • Customization: Create custom digital keys for a specific number of days, certain days of the week and even a particular number of hours.
  • E-Notification: Receive email or text notifications when people enter your home
  • In-Home Integration: Link to the lockset to your home security system and home control system, and access remotely using your mobile device

Smart locks come in various shapes, sizes and features; many have special design and configuration requirements that require professional guidance. Some brands charge a monthly subscription to manage your smart lock. Currently, we are evaluating several smart lock systems and plan to offer the top performers sometime in the near future.

The majority of door installations are not done securely enough. Watch the video to see how we make doors a lot more secure with our exclusive door installation process, then read on for more details:

Whatever it is you want, we can educate you and find a solution that suits your level of security and convenience.

A Wide Selection Of Locking Systems For Your New Door

When it comes to door locks, we can help you get the exact combination of security, convenience, and attractiveness you want.

Do you want your home to be a “mini-Fort Knox”? We’ll show you triple locking systems.

Want the latest in technology and convenience? Let us show you locks that integrate with your smartphone.

Prefer keypad entry over a traditional key system? We’ve got great options to show you.


The doors we install come with a lifetime warranty and we also add our own special 2-year labor warranty. We always email you a copy of your warranty protection – you’ll always have it IN WRITING.

We consider you a customer for life and if you EVER have a problem with your door, we want you to call us. We promise to always respond quickly and appropriately, including working with the manufacturer on your behalf to satisfy any warranty claims.

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