Proven Process

Searching For The Exact Right Door For Your Home?

Our PROVEN Process Is The Hassle-Free Way To Get A Door You’ll ABSOLUTELY LOVE

Door shopping can be confusing. Homeowners often wonder…

(And that’s just for starters – you probably have questions about warranties, door security, prices, and more).

A Quick Overview Of Our Process

You can easily get CLEAR answers to ALL your door questions with Today’s Entry Doors.

That’s because we’ve intentionally designed a step-by-step process that gets door results that homeowners absolutely love. Our method is ALL-INCLUSIVE. It takes all the hassles and uncertainties out of the process – the end result is an installed door that is stunningly beautiful, very secure, and lifetime durable. We only install the very best doors for our Orange County neighbors.

When you reach out to Today’s Entry Doors, we promise you’re going to notice an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE compared to the typical door buying experiences.

With most companies that offer doors, the person answering the phone or responding to an inquiry only wants one thing: to get you to set an appointment with one of their salespeople.

They typically have very little door knowledge and struggle with anything but the most basic questions.

Not so with us. When you reach out to Today’s Entry Doors, you’ll talk to a true expert who can:

  • Answer your door questions intelligently and with thorough knowledge (it’s so refreshing to speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about!)
  • Explain how to know what size door you need
  • Give you a “guided tour” of the many door pictures on our website, skillfully guiding you to things you may like based on your needs.
  • Set up an appointment if we sound like a good match for you

Before telling you about our free at-home door consultation, here briefly are the other 2 common options for getting a door.

1. Go to a big box retailer and buy a door to install and then hire one of their sub-contractors or find one yourself. The chances for disappointing results with this method are very high because you’ll likely end up with a cookie-cutter door and/or get an installer who isn’t an expert in doors.

2. The other option is to call a home exterior company and ask for an appointment. The problem here is that many of these companies treat doors as a sideline and don’t have the knowledge or resources to truly educate you on your options. It’s another roll of the dice that often ends in disappointment.

We’re totally different. Doors are the ONLY product we sell and install, so we’ve invested so much more to deliver better results. The depth of our knowledge and our ABILITY TO MATCH YOU WITH A DOOR YOU LOVE is unmatched by any other Orange County door company.

Proof of our special investment is our famous Mobile Showroom. This showroom on wheels has lots of product examples, including real, full-sized doors so you can make a decision with confidence.

Instead of a trying to imagine what a door will look like based only on an internet picture or catalog, you’ll be immersed in our Mobile Showroom – homeowners love the shopping experience!

Have you ever been hammered by a salesperson who won’t take no for an answer? You probably hate it. (We do, too).

Unfortunately, these ‘old school’ selling tactics have not disappeared from the home improvement industry.

For instance, some Orange County door companies will still:

  • Give you a “today only” price that makes you feel forced to make a decision before you’re ready
  • Artificially inflate the price of a door and then offer a huge “discount”
  • Quote a high price to see if the homeowner will “bite”; if not, the salesperson “will see what I can do to knock down the price” – as if you are negotiating a used car!

With Today’s Entry Doors, all pressure, pricing games, and sales shenanigans are COMPLETELY ELIMINATED.

With us, the quote is the quote.

We don’t pressure you with “today only” prices, we calculate quotes the same for everyone without phony discounts, and the first price we offer you is our best price. (The only “extra” discount we offer is for paying with cash or check because it saves us credit card transaction fees).

We also offer a number of financing options with payment plans for all budgets. 

If you want a pleasant door buying experience, you’ll love our stress-free quote process. To schedule a free door consultation and quote, go to our Contact Us page.

Other contractors that install doors are okay with hiring temporary laborers, general carpenters, or whoever they can get with some remodeling experience. There’s no doubt that some of these installers are conscientious about their work (and some aren’t). But either way, doors require some special knowledge, and the more experience you have installing them the better the results.

It’s not ideal to have a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ non-specialist sub-contractor installing your door. And you definitely should avoid the ‘luck of the draw’ with a temporary sub-contractor hired through a big box retailer.

What you want is exactly what Today’s Entry Doors has: true door installation experts who install doors year-round and work for us. We don’t use temporary labor or a carousel of sub-contractors – we have our own specialized experts.

With us, installation is guaranteed to be done right – PERIOD.


The doors we install come with a lifetime warranty and we also add our own special 2-year labor warranty. We always email you a copy of your warranty protection – you’ll always have it IN WRITING.

We consider you a customer for life and if you EVER have a problem with your door, we want you to call us. We promise to always respond quickly and appropriately, including working with the manufacturer on your behalf to satisfy any warranty claims.

We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.