Lifetime Warranty

Our Doors Come With Lifetime Warranties

Homeowners Need To Be Cautious. Some Door Types Have Little To No Warranty Protection.

We’ll give it to you straight: door warranties can get pretty confusing.

The reasons are understandable.

Different manufacturers have different terms and conditions. On top of that, the customizations you choose can have warranties specific to them – glass, locking systems, and accessories can all have variable warranty protection.

But just because it can get a little complicated doesn’t mean you should settle for crossing your fingers and hope you have a reliable warranty.

While we can’t explain every single warranty variation on a website – it would go on forever – we can give you some very helpful guidance.

Wood door warranties are generally for a year. A really good one is 5 years.

Even worse, those short warranties aren’t really worth much. Every wood door warranty we’ve seen has page after page of fine print, to the point that you really don’t have any good protection.

Rule #1 is don’t get a wood door if you want a reliable and long-term warranty!

So… what kind of door should you get if you want a lifetime warranty?


Fiberglass won’t warp or crack like a wood door can. It won’t dent (like steel doors do all too easily). It won’t give out from sun exposure.

Fiberglass is the most durable door and the proof of that is fiberglass doors come with lifetime warranties. That’s one big reason we only install fiberglass doors!

(And, by the way, if you think fiberglass doors will be plastic-y looking or can’t match the beauty of wood, that’s simply not true. As with almost any product there are some cheap-looking versions out there, but fiberglass doors are stunningly attractive when you choose the right one).

As we stated above, the specifics of a door warranty will in part depend on how your door is customized. If you go through a big box retailer or an exterior company that treats doors as a sideline, chances are they aren’t going to know these details, let alone be able to explain them to you.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we DO know the details, and we know them backwards and forwards. We can explain the warranty on each component, and how different choices effect a warranty. You can then use that information to make a decision that is best for you.

For us, it’s all about making everything clear and straightforward.

Speaking of being transparent, we also want you to know that we always email you a copy of your warranty protection so you have a copy IN WRITING. It’s good knowing you have access to an electronic copy and anytime you may need it, you’ll have it in writing.

One of the biggest problems with any kind of warranty is this: are you actually going to be able to find someone who will help you with a claim should you need it?

The answer with Today’s Entry Doors is an unqualified YES. Even though your product warranty is with the manufacturer, we WANT you to call us if there’s a problem. We have relationships with the manufacturers and door distributors that allows us to get action for you.

We have an awesome reputation (see our Reviews page to learn more), and that’s because we do what’s right and take care of our customers.

Now the truth is this level of commitment is rare when it comes to door companies.

If you buy a door from a big box store, or online, or from a ‘Joe Handyman’ type, you can pretty much forget getting help on warranty claims from any of them.

You’re only shot will be to call the manufacturer – 1-800-GOOD-LUCK – and hope somehow you can explain the problem and they’ll be willing to help.

Here’s the bottom line: when you choose Today’s Entry Doors, you’ll get a lifetime door. We’ll clearly explain your warranty, give you a copy in writing, and be there to help facilitate if you have a warranty claim in the future.

A labor Warranty, Too

Many door companies are willing to give you a “taillight labor warranty.” The warranty lasts as long as you can see the contractor’s taillight as he pulls away from your home!

Once again, we’re different.

We give you a 2-year labor guarantee, meaning if the door has any problems due to installation it’s 100% covered during that time frame. In this first 2 years, it’s pretty much a ‘no questions asked’ warranty – even if it is due to things we can’t control like house settling, etc. (Only exceptions would be ‘act of God’ type incidents that are almost always covered by your homeowner’s insurance).

After 2 years, any problem that would occur would likely be from unusual situations. Example: a house built on a hill that continually settles might need more adjustments in the future. In cases like these, we’re happy to continue to provide service for a very reasonable flat fee.

We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.