Why Some Local Orange County, CA Homeowners Love Modern-Contemporary Entry Doors

One specific function our customers love about our website, and even those who don’t ultimately work with us, is our extensive Entry Door Galleries. There are hundreds of images to browse of real systems in all the most popular styles we’ve installed across the Orange County, CA area.

We also have things setup so you can Explore Entry Doors by Style, Size, and Brand to help you figure out the particulars you’re looking for.

Today, let’s look at the Contemporary style.

They’re actually a bit more popular than most people think offhand.


  • Modern or Contemporary Entry Doors tend to be smooth looking. Simple. Streamlined. Some might even say a bit stoic depending on the color you choose.
  • Speaking of which, they tend to be painted rich extraordinary colors and a big aesthetic focus are the glass inserts.
  • When you compare this style with others, you’ll notice that glass placement is distinctive. For example, you may have one thin, tall rectangular insert right next to the door handles, or a series of 5 small squares. They could go in the middle, be on the other side, and so forth.

Something important to note is that with this style, our manufacturers offer many more glass insert choices. There’s more versatility in the design than with other categories.

This means you get much more of that ‘custom’ presence.

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For many homeowners, they choose these types of Fiberglass Doors because either it matches the decor and overall design of their home, or because they want that distinctive pop! Something truly noticeable vs. classic, rustic, etc.

While the pic from our galleries below is slightly tilted, look at how thin those glass inserts are in the middle and how the white really makes it stand out from the greenery and more beige color of the home.

It’s a great example of a modern door purposely clashing with the colors of the home to give the door a big WOW factor. It’s a mahogany-grain door, but factory-stained sable with frosted glass.

In this next example image, it’s hard to see but the glass inserts are Cross Reed privacy glass and the color of the door is called Asparagus Fern.

Again, the big idea here is flexibility with coloring and styling the glass. You use the distinction, the bold lines, and design of the inserts to create something you can’t take your eyes off of. In fact, just this one upgrade can give your home a completely new modern feel and look.

Interested In Learning More About Entry Door Styles?

We only work with and install the VERY BEST Entry Doors. Period. And after 30+ years doing nothing else, we know just about everything there is to know about these high-end fiberglass front doors.

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