Why Our Prices Are Higher Than The Average Online

Why Our Prices Are So Different From The Prices
Of Entry Doors You See On The Net

Why Our Prices Are Higher Than The Average Online

If you’re an Orange County-area homeowner looking to replace your entry doors, chances are the first step you took was to jump on the internet and start comparing prices. And that’s understandable. We all need to be better at budgeting to get the best cost vs. value ratio.

After all, you never know what tomorrow will bring, so intelligently spending your money helps prevent financial distress down the road.

But did you know that cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to entry doors?

For example, consider home security. Cheap doors are EASY to get through. They’re typically lightweight, not well insulated (if at all), and their locking systems are a joke. On the other hand, our premium doors are fiberglass, reinforced with a 16-gauge steel security plate, and we use extra-long screws on every joint. And, we work with all the modern, high-tech, bank vault-like locking systems (learn more about the Safety & Security we represent).

Because of details like these, when homeowners stumble upon our company and see the prices of our doors, they’re typically a bit shocked.

They usually just spent hours gathering quotes and figures for subpar doors, only to have these numbers increase once they investigate a reputable full-service option like Today’s Entry Doors.

Let’s briefly explore how other companies can offer smaller pricetags to understand why ours are higher than big box stores.

Quality Doesn’t Come Cheap, Especially When
It Comes To Residential Entry Doors

When you start your internet search for the cheapest doors available, keywords such as “buy front doors” or “front doors for sale” are the go-to phrases. Since online marketing teams know this is the case, they can easily optimize pretty much any company’s website to draw in customers on a tight budget.

  • Not because of the quality of work or the installation.
  • Not because it’s a wise investment.
  • And definitely not because they believe their doors are the best option.

Additionally, while those cheap wooden or vinyl doors may sound good, they won’t have nearly the lifespan that fiberglass doors offer. Steel is incredibly strong, but can quickly become damaged and rusted while requiring regular maintenance throughout the year (learn more about Entry Door Materials).

When you see prices for doors online, these are guaranteed to be cookie-cutter doors in generic sizes. If your entryway is even a half inch off from the door you’re looking at online, it’ll be a giant waste of money and need replacing.

Retail doors will always be your cheapest option but not the wisest investment.

We Build Custom Doors Instead Of Offering
One-Size-Fits-All Options

Here’s the deal — we’re NOT retail.

Our doors are guaranteed to be more expensive than retail options because we work with our manufacturers to custom-build each to perfectly match your home and desires.

We don’t just stock and sell low-quality premade doors you have to install yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. During initial consultations, many homeowners are unaware we provide custom-made doors instead of one-size-fits-all options, especially when discussing pricing.

And we don’t work with other materials, just fiberglass. Because we believe fiberglass is the way to go if you’re interested in the Very Best Doors.

They’re impervious to moisture damage, highly resistant to dents and cracks, extremely energy efficient, and incredibly strong. So, our pricing includes the custom-designed and manufactured fiberglass door system and installation.

And It’s Not Just The Doors

An entry door system consists of much more than simply the door. Accent pieces like glass panels, sidelights, transoms, and hardware are all aspects of a door system that can be customized to perfectly suit your preferences.

Retail stores are just selling doors, frames, and raw mass-produced products. If you want your home to truly stand out from the rest in the neighborhood, the only way to go is a fully custom-built entry door system.

Here’s an example of one of our custom fiberglass entry doors and accent pieces from our galleries:

In this example, this Santa Ana homeowner decided to go with a classic style Therma-Tru 6-panel single entry door accompanied on either side by 14” dual clear 5-lite SDL sidelites. If you want to increase the amount of natural light within your home, sidelites are a phenomenal option.

That door was designed to fit the homeowner’s entryway dimensions of 60” X 80” — a size that would be near impossible to find in a retail store. Additionally, we provided the smooth Indigo finish the homeowner desired along with Copper Creek Colonial hardware in Polished Brass to give the door a traditional look and feel.

It’s your home — you shouldn’t have to settle for less.

Trust The Company Who Lives And Breaths Entry Doors

Sometimes spending the extra money for peace of mind is worth the investment in your mental health, and that’s precisely what you get when you choose Today’s Entry Doors for your entryway remodeling project.

With Countless Design Options, high-end accessories to choose from, and a streamlined no-games installation process — you can rest easy knowing your money is being well spent.

Not only do you have to worry about the installation when going the retail route, but you also have to hope and pray your door shows up in one piece! We can’t tell you how many horror stories we’ve heard from past customers about their entry retail door arriving damaged in one way or another.

On the flip side, we have Seasoned Quality-Control Measures in place to ensure your fiberglass entry door is treated like a precious commodity from the moment it arrives at our shop to when it’s installed in your home.

We’re the long-standing, family-run company to call if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop provider for everything entry door-related.

When Low-End Entry Doors Just Won’t Cut It,
Give Our Experts A Call Today

Now that we’ve outlined why our prices are higher than the average you may find online, are you ready to make the switch? Regarding ROI, fiberglass entry door systems are proven to increase the overall value of your home.

So, while you may pay more initially, you’ll reap the benefits later on down the road. Reach out, and let’s chat. Let’s schedule your Free Consultation or visit from our mobile showroom today!

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