Why Our Premium Entry Doors Aren’t Impulse Buys

See Why Our ‘Work Of Art’ Entry Doors
Are A Want For Our Customers, Not A Need

Generally speaking, it’s not an emergency when folks invest in a new premium entry door system with Today’s Entry Doors here in Orange County. It’s usually not a critical situation, and there’s no rush. Should they need a quick replacement, and any door slab will do, we’re not the provider they call.

If the old door’s broken down or is no longer worthy of ongoing maintenance and you need an easy replacement, there are plenty of big box home improvement stores to visit. These places have cheap doors you can hire a local ‘Chuck and his truck’ to install or even do yourself.

We’re different. We’re the full-service provider you work with to essentially design a new custom high-end door system, have it manufactured just for your home, and then fully installed into your doorway by our team.

Why Do Our Customers Sign The Dotted Line?

For example, let’s look at the image from our Entry Door Galleries we put at the beginning of this article.

That door is gorgeous! You can’t get that retail. What you have there is a 5-foot wide and 8-foot tall (dual 30” x 96”) custom-crafted contemporary double entry door. Is it wood? That classic is fiberglass with an Oak Grain, custom glass design, and factory-painted.

Did that family in Yorba Linda, CA, just need ‘any ol’ door’ because of an emergency? Was it critical to get that level of design and workmanship? No, obviously not. Their new door system is a work of art!

So, why do our customers tend to sign the dotted line?

To Improve Their Home’s Curb Appeal

Most are choosing to invest in their home. And, we’re often doing our work while other remodeling projects through other contractors are underway: new inside entryway area work, new flooring, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, etc.

When the time has come, and you WANT to add immense value to the home… nothing improves the appeal of a property the way a new high-end entry door system will.

To Make A High-ROI Investment

Cheap replacement entry door systems don’t add much value. But, when you look at something like this, it’s a whole different story…

An operable sidelite (in this case, we call an “uneven” pair) with Rain privacy glass under the Seville wrought iron grilles, a Knotty Alder grain, factory-painted Chappo with Antiquing…what a statement! And keep in mind, there’s value in having specialists like us come in and properly install the system the RIGHT way.

When you look at national numbers, you could expect around 75-80% ROI for quality like that!

To Dramatically Improve Security

As you can imagine, cheap cookie-cutter entry doors aren’t significant hurdles for intruders. An average-sized man can kick them a couple of times, completely breaking through the frame or causing severe damage. Meanwhile, as a bonus, the systems we install are EXTRA-secure. Both because they’re fiberglass and reinforced with a 16-gauge steel security plate we designed.

They’re also secured to the sub-structure of the home, and we use extra-long screws in multiple places for each hinge. Can they have high-end bank-like locking systems as well? You bet. We have a wide selection of modern triple locking systems, the latest tech keypads, and more.

We take Entry Door Security seriously, but it’s not usually a critical issue for our customers. It’s more like a bonus.

To Increase Home Energy Efficiency

When you look at the science of energy efficiency, Fiberglass Entry Doors are among the Best Performers because they’re poor heat conductors, and we install them to perfect specifications.

  • No Wind Drafts/ Air Leaks
  • No Leaky Windows
  • No Moisture Between Glass Panes
  • No Low-Quality Materials; Only High-End Insulation

Bottom Line: We Offer Sports-Car Like Entry Door

When you NEED a car to get from A to B but aren’t looking for a luxury model, any vehicle with four wheels that will dependably start will do. But when you WANT a flashy new sports car or something lavish with luxurious value, that’s a different ball of wax.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we install sports-car level door systems. They’re wants. They have incredible benefits and value, but they’re not make-it-or-break-it purchases. Interested? Contact Us if you have questions or concerns and want to chat with a genuine specialist. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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