Why Entry Doors Shouldn’t Be A DIY Job

Some Projects Are Best Left To The Pros. Entry Door Installation Is One Of Them.

Today, it’s easier than ever to learn a new skill. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars and putting in hours upon hours taking a class, you can find tutorials on YouTube that can teach you anything from a new hairstyle to bushcraft to, yes, DIY door installations. And this can seem tempting if you’re intimidated by the cost of a replacement entry door. The theoretical appeal of a DIY entry door installation is that you’ll only have to pay for the cost of the door itself, not the installation. It can also seem like an exciting adventure if you’re interested in becoming handier.

However, DIY door installations can be riskier than they appear in an online tutorial, and it could make the difference between a door that lasts for decades and a door that needs to be replaced in a few years. Having second thoughts about your DIY entry door installation? Here are a few reasons to trust that feeling:

Possible Damage

Online videos of door installations performed by professionals can make it look so easy. But there’s more to a door installation than simply screwing the hinges into the door frame. If the door isn’t the exact right size or it’s not aligned just right, it could be damaged, either during the installation or after a few months of use and exposure to the elements. This damage could lead to costly repairs or even another replacement entry door. You might have to pay those same costs that you were hoping to avoid in addition to the original cost of the door and the supplies you needed to install it.

Heat Loss and Energy Efficiency

You might not notice any damage to your door after the installation, but your home could still be suffering from heat loss and poor energy efficiency. If your door is not properly installed, it could cause a draft which would make your heating unit have to work harder to keep your home warm. As a result, your heating bills could spike. It could be problematic in summer, too, making your entryway too stuffy. A proper entry door installation will not only look good but it will ensure that you enjoy all the energy efficiency you were meant to from your door.

Weight of the Door

You might not think much of the weight of your entry door once it’s already set on its hinges and easily opened by swinging inward or outward. But entry doors can be quite heavy, especially when you’re installing them on your own. When you go with an energy efficient, durable door option such as fiberglass, you’ll be hefting quite a weight, often around 50 pounds.

This can make the door difficult to install. It can also be potentially dangerous to yourself. What if you drop that door on your foot, or on yourself? What if you drop it on the porch and it falls and damages the wall or a nearby window? These are concerns that first time door installers often face, but professional entry door installers are accustomed to the weight of your door and can easily install it.


There’s also transportation to consider. You probably can’t just purchase the door at a hardware store, walk out with it, and load it up in the trunk of your car. Entry doors are large and bulky. If you have a truck, you can load your new entry door up in the back of the truck. If you have a larger vehicle, you might be able to tie it to the top. You can, of course, still have the door delivered, but that is an extra cost that you might have hoped to avoid when it comes to your DIY door installation.

Cost of Tools

Remember that the main appeal of performing a DIY door installation is the cost savings when it comes to installation. But DIY door installations are not themselves free. You have to pay for the equipment in addition to the door. A DIY door installation may include more tools and equipment than you previously thought, including:

  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Screwdriver, drill, hammer, and trim screws
  • Caulk
  • Saw and razor knife
  • Pry bar

If you need to paint the door before installing it, you’ll need paint and primer as well as something on which to perch the door while it dries.

Project Timing

An entry door installation doesn’t seem as though it should take very long. And, in fact, with a professional entry door installation, the work can be done in a matter of hours. However, many homeowners attempting their first DIY door installation find that the work takes much longer for them. It can take all day or might even take up the whole weekend, especially if the door needs to be painted. This can be a problem if you only slotted enough time out for a day or half a day to install your door. It could conflict with work or with the time you planned to spend with family.

A Professional Eye

How much experience do you have with DIY projects? It might look easy enough, but sometimes there’s no beating the expert eye of a professional. For instance, a professional might spot rot or warping in your door frame that you missed. This could mean that you need to replace the frame before replacing the door. If you miss this stuff, it will likely bring damage to your door and make your entry less secure.

Insurance and Liability

Many door installation companies are insured, and sometimes even bonded, so that you won’t be held financially liable for a thing, other than the initial cost of the product and labor. If there’s any property damage or if anyone on the team is harmed during the installation, the door installation company will cover the cost and your project will continue on schedule. You don’t have this kind of protection when performing a DIY door installation. If you damage part of the house or hurt yourself during the installation, those costs of repairs and potential medical bills will all be on you. This could make a DIY door installation more expensive than a professional door installation, by far.

A DIY door installation might sound exciting, but if you want a truly seamless door installation that lasts for decades, trust a professional. Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or a free quote to get started.

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