Why JELD-WEN Doors Are the Best Choice for Your Home: Discover the Benefits

1. Introduction

One of the best things about Jeld-Wen doors is that since the customer demand is very high, the choice is also incredibly wide. Jeld-Wen doors come in different sizes, all possible styles, and types. One can find wood, glass, French, and hollow doors. The variety of the company’s products is so big that every taste can be satisfied. And the quality of Jeld-Wen doors is beyond any doubt. The company’s specialists are perfectly aware of the importance of the materials used in their manufacture. Only the best types of wood are selected to provide a supreme quality of Jeld-Wen doors. Moreover, the design of the Jeld-Wen doors ensures that they can be incorporated into any style of interior in a perfect way.

Jeld-Wen is the most well-known and long-established brand in the door industry. Customers all over the world appreciate the quality of products and the company’s environmental responsibility. Moreover, Jeld-Wen doors possess a superb design and offer an excellent choice of styles. Whether you choose interior or exterior doors, you can be sure of the durability and perfect look of your purchase. It is no wonder that most people choose Jeld-Wen doors when it comes to building, remodeling or renovating homes.

1.1. Purpose of the Blog

With this blog, we aim to inform you about the many types of JELD-WEN doors and their amazing qualities. We want to help you find the doors which match perfectly your new home decorations at the best price. First, we will start with some brief information about our company. Then, we will take a closer look at the advantages of buying JELD-WEN and the steps in the door selection. Finally, we will give a full description of every type of JELD-WEN door and answer all of your questions about doors in general and the JELD-WEN ones in particular. We believe this information will be especially useful for those who are searching for the ideal door for their exquisite homes at affordable prices.

Are you designing a new home or just planning to give a fresh look to your present living quarters? JELD-WEN doors can be the perfect solution as they add both style and function to your design. They are made from high-quality materials using the latest technology. Moreover, JELD-WEN doors come at affordable prices and offer easy installation and maintenance. They are what you need to add true value to your home.

2. History of JELD-WEN

Our journey has certainly been one of evolution and expansion. We now manufacture a vast array of doors and windows, both wood and clad, for every type of home and commercial building – which are found in the most prestigious architectural landmarks and show-stopping residences and commercial buildings around the globe. Along the way, we’ve taken to heart what it means to build doors or windows specific to both period design as well as addressing the cutting-edge design technology of today. We’re also a family-owned company, proudly providing jobs throughout the United States, Canada, and the world. But even as we expand our products and the way we do business, everything we stand for grouping integrity, innovation, reliability and full-service customization is still protected. Each of our products is a statement of the innovation and value that we’ve been bringing to home builders, architects, and homeowners for over 50 years.

Built in 1996 in the Southern Oregon city of Klamath Falls, our newest JELD-WEN production facility is located near the original location where it all started. Since its opening, the Klamath Falls facility has grown from a 61,000-square-foot building and eight employees to a 375,000-square-foot state-of-the-art production facility with 300 highly skilled employees.

In 1960, JELD-WEN began as a small Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees. During those early years, we cut to size and produced components for home builders in western Oregon. Then, we began to sell door facings and lumber to door producers. It wasn’t long before the journey to a leading global door manufacturer began. In 2009, IWP was acquired by JELD-WEN. IWP found success serving the broad scale and custom needs of a wide variety of homes and businesses. Headquartered in Texas, the company continues its legacy today of craftsmanship and custom capabilities.

2.1. Founding and Growth

What occurred in the 70s and 90s is that Jeld-Wen accurately worked within a broader door industry for home improvement and in the context of international trade and the provision of expertise in some manufacturing processes. Specific acquisitions and acquisitions included tractable door solutions (all-in-one solutions to the door complex), insulating glass industries, and Temple-Inland. Over the same period, Japanese and European door manufacturing demands have expanded by setting up the first foreign plant. The largest Japanese door firm in 1980 was acquired and continues to participate in Tokyo’s stock exchange. The first historical alternative went public in 1989, resulting in some liquidity options for some investors.

In 1960, Richard Wendt found a sawmill in Klamath Falls, Oregon, capitalizing on the regional lumber industry, selling his stock to start up. The Oregon wood establishment’s rapid success in the next twenty years was based on acquiring another factory after each and buying new businesses. By setting up their factory in 1963, the original Klamath Falls sawmill location now supplies custom-built composite wood products and glass for home comfort-connected interior doors and sash packages. Two years later, the second establishment opened a new site in Ukiah, California, producing cellar sash kits and wood pieces. Their first Texas factory, which supports dry doorway and door divisions, finished the company’s growth stage in 1968. By 1980, six new manufacturing plants were completed near the original complex, continuing the growth.

3. Quality and Durability

When it comes to maintaining the door, many homeowners, especially the busy ones, want minimum maintenance and that is where JELD-WEN doors indeed score. These doors are high on human-engineering and great design with an amazing finish that is friendly to human skin. All that your door would require is a simple wipe with a piece of damp cloth and it starts looking all new.

There is no denying the fact that doors go through rough handling, especially if there are kids at home. Be it the opening and closing, or slamming them, these occupy almost all of the rough handling possible. As they bear it all, the doors undergo a large amount of wear and tear over the years. JELD-WEN doors are built solidly enough to bear it all.

When you choose doors for your house, you obviously want them to last long. Quality and durability are factors everyone would like to check out. JELD-WEN offers high-quality doors that come with a warranty. Due to the build quality, these doors last much longer than other types.

3.1. Materials Used

– Custom ProCore: This door is completely customizable and offers the best of both the worlds – the performance and strength of a solid core, and the creativity that comes with customization.

– ProCore Glass Series: This door is available with opaque and clear glass for fresh as well as classic looks. No matter which style you want to select, there is a glass style for you.

– ProCore: This is Jeld-Wen’s patented solid core structure produced with medium density fiberboard. This door offers an upgraded look and enhanced feel. It can make a true statement in any home.

– Solidoor: This door offers the regular door feel of a solid wood door. It consists of the enduring attractiveness complemented with the unwavering performance of a molded door. The regular wood design of this door can make any home welcoming as well as refined.

– Molded wood composite: This door is engineered and produced with a patented technology of creating a durable door with an authentic look that resembles the warmth of a wooden door. It looks absolutely charming and at the same time maintains the advantages a regular molded door offers.

Jeld-Wen makes their doors from high-quality materials. Some of the most popular materials of their doors include:

4. Design Options

After all, it’s no good buying a door that meets your style and cost needs, but leaks in the rain. That’s why EnduraClad technology is used to form a protective barrier for every single JELD-WEN door. This technology is seriously tested and can help you be sure that you’ll get real long-lasting quality, no matter what the weather is like. There are samples of JELD-WEN windows and doors that can suit even the most intricate homeowner’s desires. First of all, they offer budget doors: you will not believe just how shockingly many low-cost doors that still retain quality are available, from both wood and composite materials. The more money you are able to spend, the more elegant choices you will have.

JELD-WEN doors come in a wide range of design choices, both for exterior and interior use. You will find a number of different materials, from traditional wood to the modern steel, fiberglass, metal, and even plastic choices. This makes it easy to use JELD-WEN doors to match the style you want to create, whether you are looking for classic elegance or you have a very modern home. There are also all sorts of options in design where glass is concerned. You will be able to find plenty of top quality glass doors with JELD-WEN that look good and are very practical to keep sparkling clean. There are also eco-friendly JELD-WEN doors which have been specially designed to reduce environmental impact, allowing you to know that you are making the most responsible decision when you choose JELD-WEN.

4.1. Styles and Finishes

The strength and solidity that are necessary for the safety of your environment are also a concern. JELD-WEN can be an ideal fit for you. Regarding JELD-WEN’s decision to stick strongly to fiberglass materials in order to provide their diverse and trendy designs at low prices, they realize that fiberglass doors tend to be their safest option, given that fiberglass doors can outperform traditional wood or steel doors of late. The door construction is guaranteed a reasonably priced, corrosive resistance, as well as excellent insulation traits. They will feel welcoming and will make sure that their front door looks great.

Customers who prefer practical but attractive options will have the ability to select from a vast variety of JELD-WEN fiberglass doors. A variety of styles are available, ranging from the extremely basic to creatively decorated, suitable for a wide variety of housing styles. Your residence’s aesthetic appeal is increased when either the particular country or culture in crafting your home is beautifully incorporated into it, or if the look of it is modern or traditional. Additionally, special finishing limited editions provided by JELD-WEN will add further elegance to your front entry. These fiberglass doors are not only classy, with a good selection of styles and finishes, but also strong and sturdy. High-quality hardware and a unique price make them the perfect selection for a lifetime.

5. Energy Efficiency

By choosing JELD-WEN doors for your home, you can also prevent wasted heat from occurring in the future. Built with high-quality materials, JELD-WEN doors have a strong resistance to dents and scratches. Perfect for energy efficiency, the layers are designed to hold in your home’s heat despite outdoor conditions. With enhanced features, you’ll still receive some of the most attractive and strong doors designed to last for a very long time. Along with its primary function, a sophisticated door can provide the perfect classic touch without going overboard. So enjoy the beauty, dependability, and energy efficiency of JELD-WEN doors by shopping today.

Energy efficiency is a key factor in any new door purchase, and JELD-WEN doors are some of the most efficient available. To help you determine a new door’s energy efficiency, you should look for a door’s U-factor and SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) ratings. The U-factor measures how well the door is able to block heat during the winter, with popular energy-efficient range from about 0.25 to 1.25. For SHGC ratings, the numbers range from 0 to 1, with the higher number providing better solar heat gain in winter months. It’s also very important to check the ENERGY STAR label; however, the rating system works a little differently. In the Northern Zone of the country, the ENERGY STAR program has U-factor requirements, and in the Southern Zone, SHGC requirements.

5.1. Insulation and Environmental Impact

JELD-WEN doors allow you to easily adjust and maintain a favorable indoor temperature, avoiding unnecessary heat losses and making it more comfortable to spend time at home. Controlled heat losses can eventually save you hundreds of dollars annually and cut down the environmental impact of our civilization. Lower demand for gas and other heating fuels will release much less CO2, SOx, and other harmful emissions that are known to be the principal cause of air pollution and global warming.

Doors and windows, without any doubt, are highly important parts of any home. Their installation can significantly enhance the comfort of the home, providing better weather protection, temperature, and noise insulation. This way, you can enjoy extra comfort and significantly lower your energy bills, spending less on heating and air conditioning. If you are looking to improve the insulation of your home, installing JELD-WEN doors and windows is a great step forward.

6. Conclusion

With these refined doors and professional design consultation from your trusted door dealer, you’ll find the perfect fit for both the rooms in your home and the lives of your family members, today and for years to come. The full range of choices will make it so easy to bring your dream home to life. If you’ve never thought of your door as fashionable, JELD-WEN will make you consider it. These doors bring so much character and charm to your home that you won’t be able to resist them. Whether you’re replacing old units, sprucing up a fixer-upper, or just installing one in a newer home, there is such variety in style, color, and material, letting you express your individuality. These doors give you the perfect way to make a great first impression in every room. Opting for these doors gives you so many advantages that go way beyond just the simple aesthetics. Their customization makes every project come out just as you visualized it.

As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing JELD-WEN doors for your home. With a long history of providing quality material, unparalleled selection, innovative designs, and the ability to customize, you’ll appreciate the assurance of your investment in the finest doors available. Not only are you investing in products that will add to the beauty and character of your home, but the durability and craftsmanship of the products will enhance all of the good things you love and value about where you live. Choose JELD-WEN doors for style that allows you to imagine, design that’s intuitive and easy, and service that provides quality work with every product. Experience the pride that comes from the lasting quality and unmatched value that placing any of JELD-WEN doors in your home steps will bring.

6.1. Summary of Benefits

Best of all, these JELD-WEN doors come with many different advantages. Primarily, these doors are environmentally friendly, meeting one of the strictest air quality standards in the country. Each door is composed of recycled content and fully reusable at the end of its life. They’re also constructed of durable materials and designed to meet specific energy efficiency standards for different parts of the country. These doors are designed to be safely installed, thanks to their environmentally conscious construction that meets the FTC’s guidelines for safe installation. Furthermore, these JELD-WEN doors are affordable and covered by a warranty that includes protection of investment. The materials and craftsmanship and construction of each door meet or outperform industry standards.

This impressive collection of quality JELD-WEN doors offers a variety of styles, including bifold, French, louver, panel, pocket, and pre-hung doors. Every door is comprised of skilled construction, a number of aesthetic enhancement options, and a variety of diverse series, which include Molded, ProCore The Quiet Door, Decorate doors, Custom Carved, Woodview Collection, and Studio Collection. Additionally, the panel series includes featuring glass, mirror, louver, and styled options.

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As we at Today’s Entry Doors continue our legacy of crafting extraordinary entryways, our commitment to our core values guides every step. These values are not just ideals—they are the heartbeat of our company, inspiring us to innovate and excel every day. For over 30 years, our dedication to doing things the right way for the right reasons has built a foundation of trust and excellence.

Imagine an entryway that does more than welcome you home—it tells a story. At Today’s Entry Doors, every door we create is a work of art, embodying our unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and beauty. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a door; you’re embracing a tradition of craftsmanship and a promise of exceptional service.

Are you ready to make a grand entrance? Step into a world where values illuminate every decision, and promises are kept. Connect with us at Today’s Entry Doors and let us help you design an entryway that truly reflects your unique style and vision. Join us, and experience the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and steadfast dedication that has defined us for over three decades. Let’s create something extraordinary together.


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