Why Front Doors from today sentry doors with Sidelights and Transom are a Must-Have for Modern Homes

1. Introduction

Finally, full lite entryways are perfect for those who like to have options. The full light is basically a doorway that is completely made of glass material, allowing for a lot of light. The glass used could be either the standard door glass and usually keeps the design of the standard door, or it could be a special order glass where cut and design options are endless. These doors are also generally made as a unit with sidelite panels, mainly due to the relative delicacy of a doorframe when there is no actual door in it.

First, front doors with sidelights and transom are a stylish answer for any customer desiring to add class and a focal point to a doorway. They were typically made as decorative pieces set either side of double doors or one door. They are basically two panels made on the side of the door and come in any style. Some are yellow wax cypress on a Tuscan house, others could be antique wrought iron on a cottage in a golf community. Whatever the style, the idea is to make the doorway more appealing and inviting. Sidelights typically match whatever the doorway or the nearest thing to it. They are small slender windows made vertically. They could be one of the more major home windows intended for letting in light, but keep unwelcome eyes from invading your privacy. Sidelights and doors can be purchased separately or as one unit. Typically made as one unit, they more accurately match and are easier to install due to how light they are.

Doors play an overlooked part in home stylistic decor. It’s true, in many cases the door gets no attention, and many people struggle with ideas for decorating their door. But now there’s a fix for this issue. What are the advantages to having a front door with sidelights and transom? Let’s explore three points.

1.1 Benefits of Front Doors with Sidelights and Transom

In most cases, changes of this nature wouldn’t make sense if you’re not planning on staying in the house for a while or if you were considering selling. However, you can’t argue the benefits of a much brighter and inviting entrance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of choosing a front door with sidelights and transom…and why it becomes an irresistible option.

When choosing to add sidelights to your entry, there will normally be an option to add a matching transom. A transom is an additional window that sits above the door, and it can be stationary or operational (able to be opened). Like sidelights, transoms are also available in various shapes and sizes. When certain styles or sizes are matched up with particular door designs, the outcome can be stunning.

Freshening up or replacing a front door is a sound investment, with a higher than 75% rate of return. By simply choosing a new door that has added features, such as sidelights, you’ve instantly given your entry an architectural facelift. Sidelights are windows that are placed on one or both sides of an entry door, and they are available with clear glass or various decorative glass options. Because they are available in a variety of sizes, you don’t have to change the structure of your entrance to accommodate them. They will not only change the way your house looks, but the way you feel when you arrive home.

Undertaking a home remodeling project can be overwhelming, and the process itself is quite costly. That said, many homeowners are looking for ways to add interest to their property without the construction of an addition or extensive redecorating. Rather, they want to work with what they already have and explore less expensive options – like upgrading to a front door, for example.

1.2 Enhancing Natural Light and Views

Sidelights are windows beside a door, and a transom is a window above a door. They can be installed as a single unit alongside a door or as a double unit on both sides of the door and come in many different sizes and styles. An exterior door with a single sidelight is also available. Installing a door with a transom and sidelights adds grandeur to an entryway. These doors are often installed in foyers that lead into the main living area of a home. By adding windows that can be fitted with decorative or plain textured and beveled glass, internal areas will be less gloomy and dark. The use of clear glass will also enable the homeowner to see if there is anyone outside the door. A sense of spaciousness will be added to the foyer, drawing more light in from the doorway.

Natural light is one of the most desired features in a home. Sunlight gives a feeling of warmth and comfort to a room, creating a welcoming environment. It also makes a room appear more spacious and shows off its colors. The benefits of natural light in a home range from aesthetic to health. Exposure to natural light has been proven to increase productivity, boost moods, and even improve vision. It is much healthier to read by natural light when compared with artificial light and can help to reduce energy bills. Front doors with sidelights and a transom are an effective way to improve the amount of natural light in a home without compromising security or privacy.

1.3 Increasing Curb Appeal and Property Value

Front doors with sidelights and transom not only make a stunning statement, but also perform as a catalyst in increasing the value of your property. One of the contributing factors to their effect lies in the fact that they increase the amount of light in one’s entranceway. By making your front entrance more appealing, the value of one’s property also increases. Naturally, when given the choice between a home that is dreary and poorly lit and another home that is cheery and inviting, one would choose to live in the latter. The home that shows more potential for a comfortable, pleasant living is the one that is more appealing. Sunlight has a profound effect on mood and behavior and is often an overlooked attribute. An increase in natural light does not only have an effect on one’s mood but also creates the illusion of spaciousness. By creating an entranceway that is more open and inviting, sidelights and a transom suggest that space is more ample and this can often raise the value of a home since square footage is one of the most important factors in real estate pricing. This ties into the “buyer’s market” tactic of Staging Homes For Sale. Staging a home to look more attractive to potential buyers will increase the odds of a quicker, more profitable sale, and the use of sidelights and a transom can be equated to effective home staging at the very entrance of your home.

2. Design Options for Front Doors with Sidelights and Transom

There are design options and also styles available for front door with sidelights and transom. Most doors with sidelights are entrance doors, those with transoms could be entrance or interior doors. Entrance doors make the first impression upon entering into a home, and the surrounding addition of sidelights and transoms make the entrance a grand one. French doors can add an elegant, traditional, or modern element to the space, because they are very versatile and can be either simple or decorative. The most decorative French doors are those with divided (lites) and those with beveled glass, though these are not the most energy efficient options. Of course, there are various styles of panel doors that can be fitted with sidelights or a transom to create a more inviting and less formal entrance. Usually the more panels on a door, the more traditional it will appear. However, wood doors are less durable and hard to maintain compared to doors made from other materials. French and panel doors take on a contemporary look when they are made from materials other than wood, such as fiberglass and steel. Fiberglass doors can efficiently imitate wood doors and are more durable and energy efficient. Steel doors are the most energy efficient but are easily prone to scratches and dents. Regardless of the material, adding a transom above the door will allow for more light to enter into the house. This is also true for doors with decorative glass, though it will be natural light and not artificial. A sliding door (patio) with sidelights is not very common since most patios will have fixed double doors. If a patio does have a sliding door it is likely that the homeowner may want to replace it with a hinged door so that sidelights can be added to give light to a dark room.

2.1 Different Styles and Materials

Entry doors with sidelights and transoms can be constructed from more than a dozen styles of wood, including walnut, oak, mahogany, alder, and pine. They can be stained or painted for a finish that complements the style. Wood doors can be made more affordable by using engineered wood and wood-veneer doors with solid wood panels. Another cost-effective alternative is steel, which can be embossed to look like wood and comes in a variety of styles. Steel doors can be finished with a PVC coating for greater durability and to extend the life of its finish. High-quality steel and fiberglass doors have a thermal break – often a vinyl strip or part of the wood frame – that separates the inside and outside door skins. This prevents exterior cold and interior heat from conducting through the skin and makes a more energy-efficient door. Fiberglass-composite entry doors can mimic the look of wood very effectively, and at a lower cost and with less maintenance. These doors can be painted or stained, give a strong, weather-tight surface, and will last for over 20 years with minimal maintenance. Fiberglass-composite doors are tough and resistant to scratches and dents, which will keep their good looks over the years. High-density foam core construction offers high insulation value. Fiberglass-composite doors are often backed by long warranties. Tough and virtually maintenance-free steel doors have a magnetic attraction to a homeowner on a tight budget who is willing to do a little work to enhance the door. Not only is it affordable and easy to maintain, but it is highly secure and energy-efficient.

2.2 Customization and Personalization

You might know that this is the ideal entryway to your home, but you might not know the language to go about getting such an entry door. This is the case because entry doors with glass can be simply unheard of prior to moving into a new home. A lot of newer construction homes are built with a single front door for simplicity’s sake in order to save time on construction. It’s also possible that your home came with a main door with sidelights. This said, the entry of your home is reflected in what goes on the outside. This is the first house plan because after finding the rate, you can design your dream door and know the price before making any big decisions. This will help you find the right entry door and accessories. This portal will lead to you being able to specifically find what door you would like to buy. You can also mix and match the designs and see what the flawless door that suits your home would be.

Front doors with sidelights and a transom above are very common in family homes. This is the case because in several different ways, they can make an entryway elegant, ornate, and decorative. Using entry doors and accessories, whether it’s using the doors for privacy or allowing a mixture of light into your home, the high curb appeal would just be the beginning, but the entry point to your home may as well be saved. Doors with glass are generally in an exterior variety also, which makes it possible to move energy-efficient them since the Rate Improve Program offers really cheap improvement loans for individuals wanting to make upgrades to their home considering high-efficiency saving tons of FT on energy costs at the price of a very small amount to long-term loans. This is also really good for environmentally friendly people. Anyhow, the differences are already clear, and the price well-known, so let’s take a quick look at the various types of entry doors and accessories so you can choose what’s best for you.

2.3 Complementary Hardware and Accessories

Sidelights and transoms are often found flanking and/or above a front door. Sidelights are narrow windows that can be frosted or etched for privacy, or left clear with the use of a curtain or blinds. They are usually installed alongside a door to add additional light to a room and to make the entrance seem larger. On the other hand, a transom is a horizontal window installed above a door. Static transoms are built directly into the door frame or attached to the door, while operable transoms are installed into the wall above the door. All of these entryway enhancements provide a wealth of natural light to the front of a home and brighten the foyer. With so much glass in your entryway, it should be a consideration to purchase entry doors with sidelights and transoms that are built with Low E glass, which is proven to be at least 50% more energy efficient than standard glass.

Complementary hardware and accessories are an integral part of a smooth and cohesive entryway, whether traditional or contemporary. Coupled with the right door design and configuration, these added touches are what make a lasting first impression. And when it comes to customizing your entrance, the hardware choices for doors with sidelights and transoms are no exception. Because each component in your entryway must work together to create a strong focal point, it’s important to understand all the available options.

2.4 Energy Efficiency Considerations

A typical wood entry door is generally manufactured using hardwood rails and stiles to provide greater structural integrity. The edge of the door is often cypress because of its resistance to rot and decay. The facing of a wood entry door is often either plywood or oriented strand board to help prevent any panel distortion. The wood entry door system is capable of achieving great energy efficiency, but maintenance is required to upkeep the finish. This will include painting or staining the door on an annual basis. It is highly recommended to properly seal the finish of the door with a top coat finish such as spar varnish.

Most steel door products are made from 24-26 gauge galvanized steel and are able to maintain their current appearance without bowing and major denting, assuming proper construction. Steel door systems provide a thermal break between the inside and outside of the home. This break is created by using an entry door that has actually 2 separate slabs, in other words, 2 doors in 1. The inner door is designed to maintain the function of a lockable door, whereas the second door is only used when weather or security protection is needed and is not exposed to normal wear and tear. The less used secondary door is joined to the primary door with magnetic weather stripping. If constructed properly, steel entry doors should provide efficient energy use for the life of the product.

The energy efficiency of any entryway system has a major influence on how the entry door evaluates against its competitors. An increase in energy costs has forced most consumers to seek out more energy efficient entry systems for their homes. There are 3 main points to focus on in determining the energy efficiency of an entry door. These include the door slab, the glass lite, and the overall system construction. The Energy Star program has become a standard that consumers can easily understand as guidelines for purchasing more energy efficient consumer products. The program was developed by the Department of Energy and independent agencies. It helps consumers save money and the environment through the use of more energy efficient products. Fiberglass entry doors have become more popular in the last 10 years for their low maintenance features. These doors must be manufactured properly to avoid twisting and warping, which would create an infiltration problem around the door system. The higher quality fiberglass entry doors provide CFC-free polyurethane foam core construction, which helps the door achieve greater energy efficiency.

3. Installation and Maintenance of Front Doors with Sidelights and Transom

Once your door is installed, there will need to be routine maintenance to keep it looking and performing efficiently. All types of finishes need to be cleaned regularly. Follow the cleaning instructions provided by the finish manufacturer. Failure to do so can void the warranty and may affect the performance and longevity of the finish. Periodic cleaning with mild soap and water (not detergent) will help prevent dirt and grime from building up and causing damage to the finish. Rinse the surface with clean water to prevent film residue. Dry cleaning can be done with a soft lint-free cloth. Do not use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or strong solvents during cleaning. These can damage the finish. Regular oiling of moving parts is crucial to prevent wear and tear on the hardware. Be sure to periodically inspect the sill, weatherstrip, and sweep for damage and/or wear. These are key items in preventing energy loss and water from entering your home. Execute repairs or replacements if necessary.

To properly install your new door unit, the installer should perform the following: – Remove shipping packaging and make sure the door unit is not damaged – Measure the rough opening. The rough opening should be 1″ wider and 3/4″ higher than the door unit – Look for any damage that may have occurred during shipping – Dry fit the door to make sure it fits in the opening – After dry fitting, remove the door from the opening to prepare the opening for the door – Inspect the door for any damage and check that you have all the correct pieces. Read the installation instructions. – The door sill is the key to a weatherproof entryway. Be sure to flash the rough opening, place on a bead of caulk, and install according to the instructions. – Caulk the bottom of the brickmould to the sill and the sides of the jamb to the rough opening to prevent water infiltration. – Caulk the exterior brickmould to the siding. – Installation of a new unit in an older home may require some siding and sheetrock work, so consider consulting a professional.

Proper installation and maintenance of your new entryway are very important. If your door is not installed properly, your new door unit may not perform as efficiently as it should. The best looking door will not last long if it isn’t installed correctly. With our help, we can assure you that we only work with the top installers to give your door the look and performance that you expect. Every door that we sell at Doors4Home comes prehung in its frame, so it is ready for installation. We recommend the use of a professional installer. You can visit the American Association of Door Manufacturers website to get more information on proper installation techniques.

3.1 Proper Installation Techniques

A very common but often unforeseen problem involves the door being damaged during moving. Removing the door from its hinges is more difficult than a normal door, and often requires the removal of the actual door from its frame and transom areas. Extra precaution must be taken to ensure that the door is not damaged during these processes.

Prehung doors are almost always more convenient and efficient than having the door and frame separate. Unfortunately, most transoms are installed as the latter; the door and frame are installed, and then the transom is installed above, creating a burden on the glass and frame which leads to damage over time. A way to combat this problem is to have the door and surrounding transom area built separately from the rest of the house, then install the transom using a unit method where it is all installed together.

Ensuring proper installation is essential to reaping the benefits of front doors with sidelights and transom. It is of utmost importance to waterproof the area where the sidelight meets the frame; this is usually not done correctly, thus causing serious water damage in the future. In the case of transoms, the area in which it is installed must be properly reinforced. The weight of a transom is generally supported by the glass, causing the frame to bow inwards over time. To avoid this, have the door and the surrounding area installed by a professional.

3.2 Maintaining and Cleaning Sidelights and Transom

With all opening and closing mechanisms, it is necessary that they are properly lubricated after they get cleaned. This can be done using a silicone spray. It’s suggested to simply remove the hinges as this could make it easier, and spray directly onto them.

There’s only a minimal amount of maintenance that may be required for a transom. It will perhaps need to be dust-free about once a year. Again, cleaning it with a light soapy water mix and a rinse, followed by drying with a cloth should be satisfactory.

One word of warning though, whether or not your sidelights are produced from wood, metal or uPVC, do not use an acidic cleaner. It will discolor the glass!

Sidelights require hardly any maintenance. After a number of months, they should be cleaned. Glass cleaner works properly for the glass. In case your sidelights are fabricated from uPVC, there are a selection of merchandise that might be used for cleansing off the everyday marks. Up to date uPVC cleaner or warm soapy water are the most effective.

3.3 Safety and Security Features

Safety and security features: If you are outside a great deal or live in the city, you need to make sure that your front door is strong enough to keep the bad guys out. It just makes sense to ‘keep them where you can see them’ – outside – so combining a door with large glass windows may not be your ideal choice. However, there are a few features that modern front doors with sidelights and transom have that will actually increase the safety and security of your home. Many modern front doors have built-in security features such as deadbolts, double locking, toughened laminated glass, and an anti-break-in mechanism on the actual door. This is an important factor to consider with glass doors of any kind, as the glass itself provides the least resistance in terms of forced entry by an intruder. Any increased strength in the locking and the door itself is a good thing, so it is important to get a better quality door with a frame that has been reinforced, ensuring it will still be tough where it counts in a few decades’ time. Secondly, the increased light provided by a door that has glass sidelights and/or transom can actually be a safety feature. If your entry is currently quite dark, making it difficult to find your keys or the lock in the dark, then traditional glass sidelights would increase the ambient light around the doorway. This is also the case if your doorway is covered by a veranda and does not get a great deal of sunlight. More light in the entry can add some life to the front of your house and make it a more pleasant place to be. An alternative to traditional clear glass is special safety or translucent glass. This glass is toughened and sometimes has an opaque pattern, providing privacy and increased safety in the “not being able to see in” kind of sense, whilst still allowing the light to come through.

4. Conclusion

It is without a doubt that front doors with sidelights and transoms positively influence the overall appearance of a home. The light, space, and grand entrance that they provide is truly remarkable. Aside from the obvious splendid appeal that they offer, they are also increasing the value of homes, creating functional spaces, providing energy-efficient solutions, and aiding in the well-being of family life. Basically, they are providing more than what they are worth. Modern home designs have embraced these features and are more often than not incorporating them into newly built or renovated homes. This is proof that front doors with sidelights and transoms really are a must-have for today’s living. Whether it is an investment or simply creating a wonderful ambiance, they appeal to a wide audience and will continue to be a popular and lasting feature in housing designs. So next time you happen upon a home with this feature, hopefully this article will have you appreciating just what a grand entrance it is providing.

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