Why Fiberglass Is The BEST Entry Door Material

There Are Some Great Materials For Doors Out There, But None Are Superior To Fiberglass

In eras past, wood entry doors were considered to be the best option. In fact, for some time, wood entry doors were essentially the only option. They were thick, warm, elegant, and had a great natural thermal performance, especially for homes before heating and air conditioning became available.

But as we’ve advanced and new door materials have become available, wood doors have begun to fall out of popularity. Wood doors are still among the most costly materials available, and they can rack up long-term costs, as well.

Because wood doors are particularly susceptible to water and moisture permeation, they need to be frequently stained and finished, making them high maintenance. If your wood door swells, rots, or warps, it needs to be replaced. It can all be a frustrating process.

Steel doors were created as an alternative, but an imperfect one. While steel is much more weather resistant, it can dent and ding. Paint can begin to flake off or bubble. That’s why fiberglass entry doors have emerged as the ideal door material. Fiberglass doors are as strong or stronger than competing materials, with stunning beauty and durability to last for decades.

What makes fiberglass entry doors the best option?

Low Maintenance

Fiberglass is as low maintenance as it gets when it comes to entry doors. Think about all the elements that your doors stand up to year round: storms, debris, and of course everyday use. While actual wood doors can swell, rot, or warp and steel doors can dent, fiberglass doors withstands all of this and more. These doors can last up to two decades without the need for new paint or repairs. This makes them an excellent option for busy homeowners, or simply homeowners who don’t want to be bothered with the time and stress for too much home maintenance.

Energy Efficient

Fiberglass doors also dominate the industry when it comes to energy efficiency. Some fiberglass entry doors can have as much as an R-10 insulation rating. These doors are sturdier than steel and wood doors and have a terrific thermal performance, so they’re better able to keep conditioned or heated air in and outside air out. This is significant for your home as it will help your entryway to be more comfortable, but it will also reduce your heating and cooling bills. It will even help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Scratch and Dent Proof

Steel doors are a preferable option to wood doors for many reasons. They’re able to stand up to moisture and they don’t rot, warp, or swell. But steel doors aren’t perfect. Under the impact of debris or force, steel doors can scratch and dent. This can build up eventually and leave the door looking rather worn and dinged up. Fiberglass doors are the best option when it comes to resisting scratches and dents. This will help the door to look fresh for years to come, with little maintenance as we stated above.

Style Options

Many homeowners are reluctant to move on from wood entry doors because they feel they’ll lose out on style. That’s simply not true. Fiberglass is able to take on the appearance of a wood door, so convincingly that it passes for a wood door even while it’s being used. Fiberglass comes in various grains, color options, and styles.  If you want an elegant door that stands out and boosts your curb appeal, fiberglass once again presents itself as the best option.


Fiberglass doors are hardy. They’re as strong as steel and wood, and they look great while they’re holding up to the elements. But your entry door protects you from more than just the elements. It also protects you from home invasion. Fiberglass entry doors are among the most difficult doors to kick in. At Today’s Entry Doors, we even reinforce our door frames with a 16-gauge steel plate so that even the door frame is not utilized as a weak point through which to kick in the door.

A True Wood Alternative

As we mentioned when discussing style options, fiberglass doors can be given the appearance of authentic woodgrain. Fiberglass is a composite material made up of fiber-reinforced plastic, and it can be made to have the look and feel of wood doors. It can even mimic the sound of wood doors. Have you become accustomed to the homey thud as you shut a wood door behind you. There’s something strong and comforting about the sound. The good news is that fiberglass doors can be made to have a similar sound when you shut them behind you.

For a Lifetime

Fiberglass doors won’t need to be replaced in the next few years due to being worn down. These doors are built to last as long as entry doors can last. It’s for this reason that Today’s Entry Doors is able to offer a lifetime warranty on our fiberglass doors. And it’s not just the doors in which we feel confident. We also offer a 2 year labor guarantee, so that if anything goes wrong due to the installation over the course of two years, we’ll come out and fix it free of charge.


Despite the fact that wood doors are so high maintenance and are losing their popularity to steel and fiberglass doors, they’re still the most expensive door material available out there. Fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel doors upfront but less expensive than wood doors. And given the lack of maintenance and upkeep needed for fiberglass doors, the long-term costs are practically a steal compared to the other options.

Whatever the category, fiberglass doors shine through. Want to learn more about how fiberglass entry doors are the best choice for your home? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today for more information or to get started with your own fiberglass door through a free consultation.

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