Samples Can Fall Short, But We Won’t

The Time We Bought A Woman’s Premium Entry Door…When New Samples Fall Short!

Here’s the deal, we’re raving fans of the innovative American manufacturers we work with.

They’ve steadfastly kept their fingers on the pulse of Orange County, CA homeowners and the types of premium entry doors we love in this part of the county… for generations.

That said, from time to time…the process goes haywire.

Good ideas, like good intentions, don’t always work out the way we expect.

Sometimes they fall flat, like thin pancake batter on a red hot cast iron pan.

And when they do, we spare no expense to take care of our customers.

While it’s only happened two or three times in close to a decade, we’d like to share an example.

She Decided To Try A Cutting-Edge (Albeit Not Too Popular) Fiberglass Door Skin…

We had a manufacturer release a beautiful new skin for a line of their fiberglass doors.

It was an incredibly realistic and sleek fir grain.

They’d mastered other grains (mahogany, oak, alder, etc.), but this was their first attempt at fir. And to be honest, fir isn’t the hottest grain or style in Southern California.

Here’s an example of a fir grain door we’ve installed just to give you a better visual.

beautiful door by TED

Now, under normal conditions when we visit your home to go through product ideas, we have AWESOME samples to show you.

In fact, we have a one-of-its-kind MOBILE SHOWROOM!

Once inside, you can really get your hands on the core styles, hardware, accessories, etc.

Our customers absolutely love it, and so do we.

However, because the fir grain was so new we could only show this lovely woman (we’ll call Anne) a small corner of what her entry door would look like.

Regardless, she felt it was the perfect ‘New Hotness’ look for her home’s exterior facelift.

She made the choice, so we made it happen.

Unfortunately, when the door arrived…dun dun dun… it was nowhere near what she expected!

What were we supposed to do? Stick her with a door that was way off the mark, partly due to the fact our manufacturer samples in this rare case were so small?

No way.

Instead, we bought that door so she could get her money back… and the picture-perfect door.

That said, would it surprise you to discover Anne happily returned a year or so later?

This is why we stake our company reputation on,

If we say we will, WE WILL.

Reach out and contact Today’s Entry Doors and see for yourself.

We’ll bring the mobile showroom by for a fun visit.

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