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We’re The Orange County Door Company

That Communicates Clearly During Your Entire Project

Do you know the biggest complaint homeowners have with replacement door companies and other home services contractors?

It’s not delays or ordering mistakes, frustrating as those can sometimes be.

No, what really irritates homeowners is a failure to communicate about the status of the project. There is too much silence between signing your contract and installation day.

At Today’s Entry Doors of Orange County, crystal clear communication is our calling card. We have designed a professional process to communicate with you every step of the way.

Our process also eliminates many issues before they become problems. But if they do become problems, we’re 100% transparent with you about what happened and when it will be solved.

Here Is A Quick Guide To What Happens When You Hire Today’s Entry Doors:

Step #1 – You Get Our Thank You Letter With Key Information

After you choose us, we give you a Thank You letter that is packed with practical information about what to expect during your project, including things like estimated timelines, how to be prepare for installation day, and the direct office number to call if you have questions or concerns.

Step #2 – We Communicate The Ordering Process By Phone And/or Email

Getting a beautiful new replacement door is always a multi-step process, starting with getting your order placed right. We send you a reminder to check the ordering information to make sure everything is accurate, and we also double-check all the information before placing the order.

We’ll note your communication preferences, and we’ll email you or phone you with ongoing updates depending on your preferred method of communication.

Step #3 – Order Confirmations And Timeline Update

We also let you know when your order has been confirmed by the manufacturer and give you a more specific timeline as to when your door system is likely to arrive.
Here’s an example of the communication:

All confirmations for your order have been received. We are expecting delivery of your door system(s) to our shop towards the ___ of ___, 2020.

Once delivered, we will give you a call to schedule installation.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Thank you!”

Now you might look at that and say, “Big deal. Don’t all contractors keep you informed of things like that?” Actually, in our experience, 95% do not (and that estimate might be low!).

In many cases, the next time you hear from them is a day or two before they want to install your door.

Step #5 – Call To Schedule Installation Day

Once your door is here, we call you to schedule an installation day that will work for you. We’ll also give you some reminders about how to be prepared for the big day.

Step #6 – Installation Day Is Here!

We send you a reminder that your install day is almost here. We let you know that rain could cancel an install in certain situations.
We also send you a link to complete a survey that you can use after the installation is complete. This saves you the awkward situation of handing in a survey to an installer. We want you to feel free to be 100% honest about your experience.

Step #7 – Your Warranty, In Writing

When your project is wrapped up, we send you a final invoice, your warranty, and Before & After pictures. We also encourage you to go online and leave a review to tell others what you thought of Today’s Entry Doors.

We especially want to make sure you have your warranty. You probably won’t need it, but it’s nice to know you have the promises in writing. Also, please know that you can always contact us with an issue with the door. We want to solve problems for you!

Did We Miss A Step…? (Like What If Something Goes Wrong?)

What you see above is a good summary when everything goes right. And it usually does.

But the truth is there are places where unexpected delays can happen in this process:

  • Manufacturers can get behind or mess something up with your order.
  • As we noted above, a rainy day can force a postponement of your installation.
  • And we’re human. We have processes in place to keep mistakes to a minimum, but in 30+ years in business, we’ve made ‘em on occasion!

Here’s the thing you need to know, though: we never hide from problems. We are completely transparent and communicate any issues or delays promptly.

We understand a mistake or unexpected delay can be frustrating, and we won’t add to it by failing to communicate.

Ready To Start The Process?

If we sound like your kind of company, get on our schedule for a free entry door quote in Orange County and surrounding communities – click here to get started.

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