What Is the Average Cost of A Custom Front Door?

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If you’re curious about the average cost of a custom front door, we can help. We’re the premier provider of custom entry doors in the Orange County (OC) area of California.

Let’s begin with a basic price range.

Low End = $3,000 to $5,000
High End = $12,000 to 15,000

But, It Ultimately Depends On…

Those numbers are meant to be extremely general and wide open here in OC because honestly, your final cost depends on a variety of factors.

  • The Materials: What is the custom entry door going to be made of? Steel? Iron? Wood; if so, what species? Mahogany? Are we talking about fiberglass? Each material comes with its own set of Pros & Cons and price points. For us, we focus on top-of-the-line fiberglass (Learn More). Then you have to consider framing and the many elements of a comprehensive entry door system vs. just ordering a slab.
  • The Style & Aesthetics: Unlike a lot of other door companies out there, we can help our customers get custom entry doors in all popular styles: double dutch, craftsman, contemporary, wrought iron, classic, rustic, and entry doors with beautiful and functional sidelights. Each one comes with, again, its set of hardware choices, glass choices, and much more. Spend a few minutes browsing our Entry Door Galleries (we have six) to get your creative juices flowing.
  • The Door’s Source: As a consumer, you basically have three choices. First, your everyday ‘Chuck & His Truck’ contractor. Having Chuck custom build you a door in the driveway could turn out in any number of ways. Then there are your big-box retail stores that claim to sell ‘customizable’ models — more on these in a moment. And finally, you can work with specialists like Today’s Entry Doors. We’ve been doing nothing but doors for over 30 years and enjoy long-term relationships with outstanding U.S. manufacturers. We know their language, and how to get specifics for custom entry doors retail employees probably don’t know exist.
  • Your Specific Installer: Whether you live here in our part of California or elsewhere in the country, your installer plays a massive role in the overall cost of a custom front door. Mass-produced doors all come off the line in common sizes, but custom doors are one of a kind. They may be roughly the same size as their mass-produced counterparts, but your installer should be specialized enough to accommodate the uniqueness of your entryway.

That huge home improvement store is selling doors technically made for rental homes, apartments, and Quick & Easy entry door solutions. Since you’re reading this right now, we can safely assume you’re interested in higher quality and more performance value.

Why else would you be interested in the cost of a custom front door?

To compare, let’s look first at the polar opposite of a high-quality custom entry door — a really cheap $400 fiberglass door you can run on down and pick up at your nearest Home Depot.

An Example of a beautiful custom prehung fiberglass door
How many other people do you think have that exact entry door? Thousands? Tens of thousands? It looks crisp brand new, but this is definitely NOT as durable, long-lasting, and reliable as a premium custom entry door. Not even close.

How about a single 36’’ x 80’’ mid-range door for $1500-$2000 you can get at another big box store? Again, this is the opposite of a custom entry door where you get FAR more personalized value and genuine customization.

Example of a Custom Prehung Entry Door With Privacy Glass
These are cookie-cutter models. There’s actually a video on the product page basically saying, “Here’s how to easily install this yourself.”

And why does DIY installation typically lead to expensive headaches?

Because mass-produced retail doors are created by machines, your entryway, on the other hand, was originally created by a group of humans. It started out with slight imperfections that are evolving over time. Here in OC, we have the ocean air, tremors, earthquakes, tons of sunshine, general home settlement, and occasional extreme weather events that do numbers on residential entryways.

Truly custom entry doors, again, will accommodate the specific nature of your home and its entryway.

Coverage: The More Customized, The More Complex

Chuck can’t guarantee the door he builds for you in his shop. Period.

Big box stores do offer some coverage, but there’s so much fine print… especially when you look at wood doors, wow! Ideally, with a custom door, you want to work with door specialists who can walk you through the details backward and forwards on each component.

Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we install the doors we sell to our customers, which is why we can also offer a ‘no questions asked’ 2-year labor warranty covering installation.

When you work with door specialists who can help you customize your entry door and install it to perfection, you get good coverage…and have someone to help you if there’s an actual claim. All this value is where the higher price tags come from, not just retail markup.

In Conclusion: Talk To Your Local Specialists!

Without question, the higher cost of a custom front door is actually because it’s an investment. The return on that investment (ROI) will be substantial because mass-produced doors simply can’t compete. They don’t look as good. They don’t perform as well. They aren’t personalized.

So, to briefly summarize: Where does the cost of a custom front door come from?

  • Higher-quality materials. For example, we only install the finest fiberglass models.
  • Far more personalization. Do you want a one-of-a-kind or cookie-cutter front door?
  • Superior performance. A custom front door can easily outperform all other options.
  • Renowned manufacturers. When you don’t want to risk working with good ol’ Chuck.
  • Professional installation. To ensure a picture-perfect fit and workmanship coverage.

If you’re in the OC area of California and you have more questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We’re happy to walk you through the specifics and help you begin exploring your options. We’re also happy to schedule your at-home appointment, or swing by with our Mobile Showroom.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear from you soon!

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