We Spare NO Expense For Customers

Three Decades Later…And We STILL Spare NO Expense When It Comes To (You) Our Customers

Arguably the #1 benefit Orange County, CA homeowners appreciate about our company is that…

Listen, if we say we will…we WILL.


No ifs, ands, or buts.

You’d need 10 Jaws of Life working in unison to rip us away from our customer obligations.


When we say we spare no expense to ensure you’re satisfied with your new entry door purchase and installation…we mean it!

How about an easy ‘Taking It On The Chin’ Example

Roughly a year ago, we had to buy a woman’s entry door. It wasn’t the most significant expense we’ve proudly incurred making our amazing customers happy, but each one means a lot.

What happened?

Well, sometimes, no matter how prudent you and your processes are… no matter how much you double or triple or quadruple-check every last detail, mistakes happen.

Murphy’s Law is real folks.

For this particular customer, for whatever reason, she was under the impression she ordered a door with a different bottom paneling design. No problem. Despite the fact we knew our paperwork was spotless…we took it on the chin without flinching.

That’s okay; we weren’t going to leave this awesome lady high and dry with a door she didn’t expect.

Her happiness means more to us as a company.

After All These Years… We’re Finding Ways To Make Our Process EVEN Better 

  • We’ve gotten rid of nearly all the ‘legalese’ or legal mumbo-jumbo language in our contracts, so they’re straightforward for you to understand. Straightforward. Honest. Transparent.
  • We’ve developed a comprehensive one-of-a-kind mobile showroom so you can experiment with entry door styles in the flesh…in a safe, convenient way before investing. This is as close to a test drive as we can get.

Today's Entry Doors mobile showroom

  • We’ve got a well-established tradition of weekly/monthly “Customer First, Customer Always” meetings where the sole focus is on improving your experience.

How can we improve our tools?

How can we improve the way we take calls?

How can we improve the way our free consultations progress?

We’re always on the lookout for ways to DEMONSTRATE our integrity as a company.

We Train Our Installers To Please Customers, Not Chase Revenue

It’s all for the wonderful people and families we serve.

Everything we talk about revolves around them.

Every single company meeting we’re hammering down on,

What can we do better for the customer?

We know that when you take great care of the individuals you work with and excel at what you do, the rest is pretty easy. Our 30+ years in business are a testament to that truth.

Today’s Entry Doors will spend as much as necessary to ensure we’re NEVER resting on our laurels.

Contact us and see for yourself. Once we’ve got the reins in our specialist hands, we’ll see to it your home gets the stunning entry door system it deserves.

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