We Install Screen Doors Too

With 2 Great Options, You Choose The Style
That Best Suits Your Budget And Taste

We’re often asked if we sell and install screen doors and the answer is a definite YES. We have 2 great styles we offer to our customers.

(Important Note: We do NOT offer screen door sales or installation as a standalone service. We only sell and install them for customers also purchasing an entry door).

The screen door options below give homeowners the ability to match their screen door to their needs based on style preference, pets, small children and how secure you want your screen door to be.

Option #1: ClearView Retractable Screen Doors

This option has a lot of things going for it, including:

  • Less expensive option
  • Lifetime quality
  • Multiple colors including wood grain available
  • American made and with no plastic that will crack or fade
  • Option for “Solar Screen” to block out UV rays
  • Option for ‘Super Screen’ for a much stronger screen

Want to learn more about ClearView Retractable Screen Doors? Watch this video:

This is a great option for a simple way to keep out bugs. If you like the idea of a retractable screen that is super easy to operate and also a durable choice, ClearView is the answer.

ClearView is not the right choice if you prefer a stronger screen door for keeping in pets and young children or just prefer a more traditional screen door.

Option #2: ProVia Duraguard (A More Traditional Choice)

ProVia is known for their quality and their Duraguard Screen Doors are no exception.

This option is great if:

  • One of your main concerns is keeping small children and pets safely inside your home
  • You want an attractive screen door with a powder-coated aluminum frame that comes in lots of colors
  • You prefer a security screen where the mesh can’t be cut
  • This door is also warrantied for life

So which is the better option?

That really depends on you and your priorities. For some the ease of the retractable screen is all they want or need, while other homeowners prefer the solidity of a traditional screen door.

Just know that with Today’s Entry Doors, you’ll always have top-quality options.

Would you like a quote on an entry door from Today’s Entry Doors? (We only quote screen doors in conjunction with entry door purchase and installation). Go here to contact us for a free door quote in Orange County and surrounding communities.

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