Upgrade Your Home’s Style: Why a Craftsman Front Door Is a Must-Have Investment

1. Benefits of a Craftsman Front Door

Because a Craftsman front door really embodies authentic elements, it’s a design nod to the well-crafted, well-designed style of the past. Our Craftsman front doors, like all of their distinctive design line, provide a memorable entry experience for everyone who comes to your home. As an investment in comfort and an initial impact with family and friends, homebuyers might be willing to invest more, which could increase your home’s value. In the US, many home buyers are seeking “features related to the pandemic” when buying a new home, including formal properties like entryways. With a Premier Craftsman door, a homebuyer not only has an attractive and comfortable element to enjoy, but an investment in lasting quality.

First impressions are powerful and impactful. In fact, research suggests it takes only seven seconds to form a first impression. People who form confidence and trust through a first impression are more likely to continue to associate those two attributes with you across more encounters. An attractive Craftsman front door is a beautiful way to welcome them. At the climate-controlled hub of a cozy home, a thermally-efficient Craftsman front door remains an energy-efficient investment. Front entries from Pella’s Craftsman door line, for example, are both ENERGY STAR® certified for energy efficiency and can help make your home more comfortable all year long.

1.1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

You can still enjoy the unique Craftsman details such as the decorative glass and sidelights without bonking yourself on the knocker. Getting a craftsman door allows you to put your spin on your front porch and home. Enhance your property’s curb appeal today with some craftsman non-slam modern style doors which are now more affordable, easier, numerous to acquire.

The curb appeal of the Craftsman style home is best showcased by the natural wood front door. Even though you do not have a craftsman home, the craftsman door will instantly transform it. The craftsman door speaks an architectural story about home, family, and the top-notch workmanship. Achieve lifesize curb appeal today by getting the best wooden craftsman door.

Your front door can literally make or break your home’s curb appeal. It is possible to upgrade a home without changing much else with a craftsman front door which is also one of the most popular exterior doors. The reason is that it is an investment in curb appeal and modern style. Showcase your front door and home while getting a nice interior upgrade without changing much else. Prepare to see property values rise. Regardless of the nature of your property, the craftsman door will help to bridge style gaps from inside to outside. This is the best investment for décor.

1.2. Increased Home Value

A Craftsman front door could be seen as more than just an enhanced look, but also as an investment in the property. After all, houses are judged by all sorts of things on the exterior. Anyone walking or driving by might see your kids playing in the front yard or you relaxing on the front porch. But most of all, you’ll begin the process of adding a touch of style to your home. The house could be everything we dream of the inside, but always be judged on the outside. So go ahead and make a great impression with a new Craftsman front door that won’t have your boss, clients, or ex-cousin Ethel snickering about the worn-out old style.

Making a good first impression in life is essential in just about every aspect, so why not make sure the first thing people see when they come to your home makes a great impression as well? After all, nobody wants to invite someone over and have a hideous front door make the first statement. Take that first step in making your home friendly and inviting and install a Craftsman front door to welcome visitors.

1.3. Improved Energy Efficiency

When updating your craftsman front door, talked with a specialist in doors and consider investing extra in premium style hardware and doors to ensure their benefits. By utilizing architectural grade low-E glass to bring in light while keeping energy costs sufficient, you can upgrade to higher quality sidelights and transoms, insulated metal panels to reduce energy transfer through the door bottom, or a multi-point locking system to streamline the modern look to match your design.

Exterior doors are often cut too short, which is because traditional entry doors shrink over the years. Experienced professionals doing the installation will make sure your new exterior door and its frame are cut precisely to make sure that there are no more cracks and gaps that let in unwanted air. By installing a new craftsman door you won’t save on upfront costs, but over the years will quickly see energy savings. Over the course of a year, homeowners have seen savings on their bills which has helped them to pay for the cost of the door.

A drafty old door that’s seen better days may be a hidden cost that’s impacting your wallet by making you crank up the AC in the summer and then crank up the heat in the winter. More advanced installation techniques are used when installing a new craftsman front door so that they consider the entire unit.

2. Design Options for Craftsman Front Doors

A classic craftsman exterior door will be made entirely of wood. The prominence of wood as the dominant material used in original craftsman doors often required extensive and excellent craftsmanship. New technologies now allow you to enjoy the sturdiness and attractive appearance of a wood door at a lower cost. If you love the idea of having a front craftsman door that incorporates large glass windows, fiberglass is a flexible and cost-effective alternative for your door’s main structure. With a fiberglass craftsman entry door, you will be able to choose from many different color styles to match your home. You can also consider obtaining a sturdy and non-splintering steel door. These doors are also brilliant choices since steel is able to endure many different types of elements, including harsh weather. You will be sure to find some attractive options within the realm of steel craftsman entry doors.

When you think of a homeowner with a craftsman front door, you likely visualize an inviting home with impeccable style. Indeed, investing in a new craftsman exterior door could be the best move you make to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Be glad to know that the world of craftsman doors is as rich and varied as it is beautiful. Do you prefer a larger glass pane or would you rather stick with an all-wood design? What shades would suit your home with a craftsman front entry door? These and other important questions will accompany you as you select your new craftsman door.

2.1. Materials

United States of America’s craftsmen who designed and fabricated their doors in pre-industrial America used traditional joinery methods such as mortise and tenon joints for centuries. By joining two components of wood and then fixating the joint with a square peg, this method quickly gained a reputation for strength and beauty. The convenience of machines and modern technology have created different methods of attaching assembly lines and joinery that are necessary to mass-produce an amount of timber doors. Despite the fact that these newer processes have increased speed and worker efficiency, they have had to sacrifice integrity for quantity. The trend toward mass-produced goods has only been occurring recently.

Your Craftsman front doors can be crafted in your choice of American oak, alder, mahogany, hickory, cherry, walnut, or mahogany. We use only solid timber components in our craftsmanship to ensure the best yield and performance of our parts easily. To exceed even our own high standards, our expert engineers hand-select and inspect each piece. After we’ve chosen the best wood for your front door, we handcraft it in house with a miter and mortise and tenon joinery method that has been proven. Any panel style or design that you can think of can be used by our experienced craftsmen. In addition, the carved molding and linear square sticking detail cavity that features our Craftsman exterior doors will be highlighted. The quality of the craftsmanship that we put into each project is unparalleled. Our designers are committed to incorporating innovative touches with old-world-style design and joinery.

2.2. Colors and Finishes

Some front door colors that will complement the Craftsman style include: Sage; Paprika; Espresso Brown; and Hunter Green. The right finish using high quality wood like mahogany or oak, as well as architectural details, will add flair to the door. For instance: Panels decorated with glass; or a security blind that includes charming details; or Brass kick plate at the base of the door. Without realizing it, this kick plate can cause those who use the ring or knocker on the door to experience a degree of awe.

You undoubtedly want to choose the right color for your Craftsman front door. There are numerous choices, but it’s best not to stray too far from the traditional Craftsman colors. These tend to reflect the earthy tones of nature like brown, green, and other woodland shades including brick. Still, if you want the door to stand out, you can choose something contrasting like soft blue or even black. As well, you can be even more creative with the color schemes and finishes that are available for both the doors. The choices you make can only reinforce the Craftsman look.

3. Installation and Maintenance of Craftsman Front Doors

There is a style of Craftsman wood door to fit any homeowner’s budget. Moderately priced, and crafted with a variety of design elements, even the most budget-conscious homeowner can afford a touch of style. For those with a little more leeway on the home improvement budget, the Craftsman can be designed to meet the homeowner’s design needs as well. Whether you lean toward the casual, yet spectacular North American glass and wood designs, or like the appeal of visually stimulating traditional or contemporary designs, Craftsman wood doors can appeal to all types of residential structures.

Installation and maintenance couldn’t be easier when choosing a Craftsman front door. These doors are usually pre-hung, making for quickly finished projects and that hot new makeover to your home. Also very low-maintenance, and low on hassle of cleaning, you will find that maintaining one of these doors is virtually pain-free. The glass on many doors is protectively shielded with insulated glass that resists damage. Custom doors to fit seasonal themes are even available, making decorative upgrades a snapping choice with the Craftsman designers. Even the more basic Craftsman doors can be designed with new handles, some seasonal themed paint and kept to be looking fresh for any holiday. The adaptable Craftsman front door can even be used as an exterior design focus, like an inviting post-Christmas cut out wreath frozen in time in a flowerpot, or a beautiful summer wreath in full bloom.

3.1. Hiring a Professional Installer

To begin, they should be able to show that no pre-existing damage to the door is present. This should be done by thoroughly examining all areas beforehand. Next, they should check the condition and operability of the frame that your new door is going to be mounted in. The condition of the frame and the frame head are also important. The next step in the process will be the inspection for water infiltration. They will check to see that the door sill will properly stand up to the elements as well as prevent infiltration. They should also check that the bottom of the door is properly sealed. Before the installation of the door can begin, they need to install Z-flashing on top of the door over the head to prevent any water penetration. They will also check the opening width and height to ensure that they are the proper dimensions of the door that will be installed.

If you decide you’d rather leave the installation to a professional, what should you ask them to ensure that they know how to correctly install a craftsman door? First, find out how long they’ve been installing doors. Find out if they can help you in creating a selection of an appropriate design based on your building’s style, aesthetic appeal, and architectural style. Also, ask if they can provide custom doors, if those are necessary for special dimensions. Most importantly, require them to inform you of what they will do to make sure that the new door is properly installed. Here are some things to listen for when they provide the answer.

3.2. Cleaning and Care Tips

While your Craftsman door is built to last for years, exposure to the sun and natural elements can result in damage that is unsightly and that can lead to higher energy costs for your home. Refinishing your door is essential at the first sign of damage to ensure that it remains looking good, functional and that your home remains energy efficient. To refinish or rejuvenate the color of your wood door, re-stain your door with a gel stain that matches the color of the original finish. This only takes a short time to do and immediately breathes new life into your door. Following re-staining, applying a water-resistant wood oil can also preserve the color and tone of the new stain. This can keep your wood looking great for years to come with minimal maintenance efforts.

In order to keep your new Craftsman front door looking and functioning its best, there are cleaning and maintenance steps that are important to keep in mind. While Craftsman doors typically make use of a darker wood and black hardware, this elegant look also comes with its own set of cleaning requirements. These simple steps will help you to keep your door looking like new, even after years of heavy use. First, gently wipe the exterior of the door with glass cleaner. Then, mix a small amount of powdered detergent with water. Use a cloth or sponge to scrub the exterior of the door, taking care to be extra gentle to avoid causing scratching or damage to the surface. Once clean, simply rinse the cleaning solution away, ensuring that there is no detergent remaining. Dry the door with a towel and apply a wood oil to prevent the wood from drying out or losing its color and beauty. Taking these steps on a regular basis is essential to protect your new door from the elements and other types of damage.

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