Two Lessons For Orange County, CA Homeowners From Two Important Calls We Got

We Got Two Important Calls Today From Orange County, CA Homeowners. Here’s The Issues They Were Concerned About

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, and welcome to the Today’s Entry Doors website.

After decades in business here in Orange County, CA, we’re extremely used to helping homeowners with questions and concerns.

Each one is important, and we’re happy to take the time.

No. No with call centers. No nonsense. Only door experts pick up our phones!

In this article we’d like to chat with you about two we got recently because they touch on a couple important topics.

Call #1: Concerning New Doors With Side Lite & Transom

These can be tricky.

First, let’s be specific.

  • Side lites are windowed areas on the sides of doors that may or may not be functional.
  • Transoms are windowed areas on the tops of doors that are usually not functional.

This particular family wanted both. They envisioned a beautiful new custom entry door with both a functional side lite on one side and a transom above.

Frankly, this isn’t common.

See for yourself — we have hundreds of images of successful door installations we’ve done. If you head to our Custom Entry Door Galleries, you won’t find many showing both.

Basically, if there’s a header to separate the transom from the doors, we can’t do it. On the other hand, if the header is to be above the transom, then we typically can get it taken care of.

It really depends on the set, which is why we scheduled a time for us to come out and take a look at their particular entryway.

We need to see if the windows will be separated by drywall, studs, and stucco. In which case…we would likely leave it alone.

These types of calls are common. We get tons of calls from fellow homeowners who need an expert opinion to help them refine their ideas. We’re happy to tell you what can and cannot be done.

Call #2: Looking For An Ultra-Popular Dutch Door

Our second call was from someone looking to upgrade their entryway with a gorgeous Custom Dutch Door

But…for them, at this time, the price of getting the caliber of dutch door they wanted was too high.

How high?

Your typical standard-size Dutch Door through us is going to range between $6,000-$7,000 with installation right now as this is being written in late 2021 (subject to change over time!). But let’s keep in mind there are an assortment of variables to consider.

That dutch door in the picture above for example:

  • Single 36’’ x 80’’ Black Dutch Entry Door With Half-Lite Clear Glass
  • Includes White ClearView retractable Screen
  • Two Half-Side Lites
  • 6-Foot Opening
  • Mahogany Grain; Factory-Painted Black.
  • Emtek Hamden Hardware in Satin Nickel.

Most people understand the value of a High-Quality Fiberglass Entry Door like that, but plenty of others are somewhat shocked by the number when they first hear it.

What are the other options?

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of quality alternatives. You could add a regular door with a screen, or just go without any of the customizations, glass, bells, and whistles for nothing but the raw product.

But most aren’t interested in that, and it’s not something we could offer anyway.

Bottom Line: Calling Today’s Entry Doors Is Easy

It only takes a second to pick up your phone, get our number in there (714) 974-5728, and hit send — to Contact Us!

When you do, a friendly voice will pick up the line and quickly get you the answers you need. If we’re a great match or you’re interested in seeing more, we’ll schedule a time for our Mobile Showroom to come pay you a visit. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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