Top 5 Craftsman Entry Door Designs to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Introduction

Curb appeal is an important aspect of any entryway. If it’s unappealing from the street, you might as well have no front door. A beautiful Craftsman door can make a huge difference and entice people to come inside.

Craftsman doors often feature a rectilinear geometric design with straight vertical and horizontal lines and flat panels. The doors are usually built from solid wood, and the panels may have decorative molding outlining the panel. Craftsman hardware includes oversized door handles, hinges, and knobs. Since many of the Craftsman doors feature glass inserts, be sure to choose the door that best fits your privacy needs. Wood doors are the most traditional and can be customized, but fiberglass doors are more energy-efficient and require less maintenance.

Signature invites to your home are important in giving a hint of what’s inside. If you’d like to enhance your home’s curb appeal and intrigue your visitors with the charm of a bygone era, consider installing a Craftsman entry door. The clean lines, minimal embellishments, and traditional styles of the Arts and Crafts movement are still popular today.

1.1. Importance of Entry Doors in Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, updating your entry door is a great place to start. Your entry door is one of the first things that guests and neighbors see when they look at your home, so it makes a big first impression. Craftsman style doors are a classic design that is sure to impress. These doors often feature a mix of wood and glass, allowing natural light to flow into the entryway. They typically have straight lines and vertical panels, which highlight the unique grain of the wood. Stained wood in rich colors, such as mahogany, cherry, or walnut, add to the elegant look of these doors. The following are five popular Craftsman style door designs.

The entry door is the first thing that guests and neighbors see when they look at your home and one of the items that make the biggest impact on a home’s curb appeal. Choosing a Craftsman style door is a great approach to creating an inviting facade that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Modern Craftsman style doors are typically a mix of wood and glass, which allows for natural light to flow into the entryway. The doors often feature straight lines and vertical panels that highlight the unique grain of the wood. Stained wood in rich colors such as mahogany, cherry, or walnut are a popular choice that highlight the elegant look of the doors.

2. Craftsman Style: A Timeless Choice

With its clean lines, warm wood tones, and simple geometric designs, craftsman style is a perfect complement to a historic commercial building’s architecture. A wood commercial assistant entry door can be custom crafted to fit your building’s unique dimensions, with panels, glass inserts, and metal grilles designed to match its existing architectural details. If wood is not practical for your location, consider an aluminum or poly-fiber frame with a wood-look finish. These materials are more durable and weather-resistant than wood, but can be designed to closely mimic its appearance. No matter which material you choose, a craftsman style commercial assistant entry door is sure to enhance your building’s exterior and provide a warm, welcoming.

If you love the look of a craftsman entry door but want something a little different, consider a design that features a metal grille. Metal grilles can be used in place of, or in addition to, glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms to create a more decorative look. They are available in a wide range of designs, from simple geometric patterns to intricate floral motifs. No matter what style of craftsman entry door you choose, it is sure to make a statement and enhance your home’s exterior for years to come. With its timeless appeal, warm color palette, and use of natural materials, craftsman style is a great choice for your home’s exterior. Commercial assistant entry doors are typically more functional than residential doors. They need to withstand heavy use, provide security for the building’s occupants, and make a good first impression on customers and clients. Many businesses are housed in historic buildings with beautiful architectural details. It would be a shame to detract from the building’s appeal with an ugly, utilitarian door. Instead, consider a craftsman style commercial assistant entry door.

Craftsman style has long been a favorite in the world of residential design. Its warm, earthy color palette, clean lines, and use of natural materials such as wood and stone reflect a connection to nature and an appreciation for handcrafted beauty. A craftsman entry door is a great way to impart these qualities to your home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal. Craftsman entry doors typically feature a low-maintenance aluminum, poly-fiber, or wood frame and can be dressed up with glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms. Glass inserts are a great way to personalize a craftsman door to your taste. Choose from a variety of textured, beveled, and colored glass options to create a look that is uniquely yours. Sidelights and transoms are another way to customize your craftsman entry door. These additional openings can be fitted with matching glass inserts to create a cohesive look that lets plenty of light into your home’s entryway.

2.1. Characteristics of Craftsman Entry Doors

To enhance your home’s curb appeal, choose a Craftsman entry door design that complements the style of your home. If your home is a true Craftsman bungalow, any of these designs will work. If you have a different style home, look for a Craftsman door design that has some of the typical characteristics but also has some elements that tie in with your home’s style. For example, if your home is a Colonial, look for a Craftsman door with a touch of Colonial style. The door should match the color palette and other architectural details of your home.

Craftsman entry doors capture the essence of the American Arts and Crafts movement with their simple, quality design. They typically have a high, wide square frame around the door and may have glass panes in the upper third. Some may have sidelights, which are tall, vertical windows on one or both sides of the door. Most Craftsman doors are made of wood and have a natural finish to show off the wood grain.

3. Top 5 Craftsman Entry Door Designs

No matter which craftsman-style door you choose, it’s sure to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make a great first impression on your guests. With so many different designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect door to complement your home’s style.

Unique Panel Shapes – While most craftsman doors feature rectangular panels, there are also designs with more unique panel shapes. For example, you can find doors with square, diamond, or even arched panels for a one-of-a-kind look. These special shapes are a great way to add some personality to your entryway and make your home stand out from the rest.

Sidelights and Transom – If you have a larger entryway and want to make a grander statement, consider a craftsman-style door with sidelights and a transom. Sidelights are vertical windows that flank the door, and a transom is a horizontal window that sits above it. These additional windows will flood your entryway with natural light and give your home a more upscale look.

3-Panel Design with Glass – For a more modern take on the classic craftsman style, consider a 3-panel door with glass inserts. This design features three rectangular panels, usually with the top panel being shorter than the bottom two, and glass inserts in one or more of the panels. It’s a great way to add natural light to your entryway and give your home a more contemporary look.

Two-Panel Design – If you like the look of the simple single panel but want a little more visual interest, consider a two-panel craftsman door. This design features two rectangular panels, with or without glass inserts, stacked vertically on the door. It’s a subtle twist on the classic single panel that adds a bit more style to your entryway.

Simple Single Panel – The simple single panel design is a classic craftsman-style front door and is a popular choice for many homeowners. This design features one large rectangular panel, usually in the center of the door, with no additional embellishments. It’s a clean, understated look that works well with many different home styles.

Craftsman-style front doors are a popular choice because their design elements can complement many home styles. If you’re considering a new craftsman entry door for your home, here are the top five craftsman door designs to help you choose the style that’s right for you.

3.1. Design #1: Classic Wood Craftsman Door

In addition to choosing a wood type, you can also select a stain or paint color that complements your home’s exterior. Whether you want a natural wood look or a bold pop of color, there are endless possibilities for customizing a classic wood craftsman door. Another way to enhance the design of a classic wood craftsman door is to add glass inserts. This is a great option if you want to let more natural light into your home and create a more open feel in your entryway. Glass inserts come in a variety of styles, including clear, frosted, and textured, so you can choose the level of privacy that you desire. No matter how you choose to customize your classic wood craftsman door, it is sure to add timeless beauty and charm to your home’s exterior.

The classic wood craftsman door is the most common and traditional design of craftsman doors. While it may be considered basic, there is nothing mundane about the classic wood craftsman door. This design remains popular because it is simple yet beautiful. There are many ways to customize a classic wood craftsman door to make it unique. You can choose from a variety of wood types, including mahogany, cherry, alder, pine, and fir. Each wood type has its own distinct grain pattern and color, allowing you to create a door that is truly one of a kind.

3.2. Design #2: Stained Glass Accents

If you already have a door that you’re happy with, but it could use a little sprucing up, consider adding some stained glass accents. These can be mounted on the surface or set into the existing door for a more integrated look. Whichever you choose, this is a quick and easy way to transform your current door into something truly special. The Craftsman style is all about the details, and it’s these little touches that really pull the look together.

If you prefer a more colorful and intricate design to adorn your front door, consider some stained glass insets. These can be custom designed in virtually any configuration and color combination you can imagine. From elegant and understated to vibrant and eye-catching, the choice is yours. Stained glass insets are an excellent way to get a unique, one-of-a-kind entry door that will set your home apart and increase its visual appeal. For a design that combines the best of both worlds, try some stained glass accents in combination with some of the other suggestions listed here.

3.3. Design #3: Decorative Hardware Details

One of the special qualities of a craftsman style door is the opportunity for decorative, personalized hardware. Think door handles, knockers, letter slots, house numbers, and more. These can come in all shapes and finishes, from chrome to brass, to bronze, to black. When choosing hardware, think about your home’s overall color palette and the style and finish of your door. Be sure that your choice in hardware complements your door and your home’s style as a whole. If you have additional decorative elements on your door, such as sidelights or a transom window, consider matching or coordinating the hardware for those elements as well. It is these small, thoughtful details that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and complete the look of your craftsman entry door.

Craftsman entry doors often include eye-catching hardware details, such as handles, door knockers, mail slots, and house numbers. These decorative features can be simple or intricate, and they come in a variety of finishes, including brass, bronze, chrome, and black. When selecting hardware for your craftsman entry door, be sure to choose pieces that complement the style and color of the door as well as the overall design of your home. If your door has sidelights or a transom window, consider adding matching or coordinating hardware to these additional elements for a cohesive look that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

3.4. Design #4: Sidelights and Transoms

There is also a decorative element that a transom and sidelights can add to your home. With a transom window, you have several design options: you could have a curved transom, a rectangular transom, or no transom at all, which could be customized to fit the shape of the door. The same can be done with sidelights as well. Together, the craftsman door, sidelights, and transom will enhance the curb appeal of any home.

If you have a front entry that is dark and could use some light, then adding sidelights and a transom could be the answer. Sidelights are the narrow vertical windows on one or both sides of a door, and the transom is the horizontal window that sits above the door. Adding a transom and sidelights will let in natural light and frame your door, making it the focal point of your home’s exterior. A transom and sidelights can be added to any style door, whether it be single or double.

3.5. Design #5: Bold Color Choices

Designing your entry door is a fun way to show off a bit of your personality and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Whether you add windows, choose a unique wood grain, add a dentil shelf, add some sidelights or a transom, or pick a bold color, you can make the Craftsman entry door design your own. With the five popular designs as a starting point, you can personalize the door until it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for to welcome you and your guests into your home.

If you really want to make a statement with your front door, consider adding some unexpected color. While this bold Craftsman entry door is magnificent in its own right, the purple hue takes it to a whole new level. Other great color choices would be bright red, a sunny yellow, or a vibrant turquoise. Bold color choices work best if the rest of your house’s exterior is a more neutral color palette so that the front door really stands out.

4. Installation and Maintenance Tips

Having a Craftsman door at the front of your house will give your home a classic look as well as the strong and sturdy feeling that a Craftsman design represents. When choosing a Craftsman front door, make sure that the design style and materials used will work well with the rest of your house. Consider the size and shape of windows, the roofline, and any other architectural elements that are present. Whether you choose a beautiful wood door, a sleek fiberglass door, or a strong steel door, the Craftsman design will help to enhance your home’s curb appeal and make a great first impression. Take care of your door with some simple maintenance, and it will continue to look beautiful and work flawlessly for years to come.

Installation and maintenance of your Craftsman door is very important. It is recommended to have your door installed by professionals, even though most doors are designed for easy DIY installation. Such tasks include keeping the hinge screws tightened so that the door is properly anchored to the wall. Checking the bottom sweep and weather stripping for wear and tear and replacing them if needed. Re-staining or re-painting your door every few years to keep it protected from the elements – this will also help to enhance the curb appeal of your home. And finally, cleaning the door with a mild soap and water mixture and rinsing it with clean water – avoid using harsh chemicals as they can damage the finish of the door.

4.1. Proper Installation Techniques

If you take the time to install your door properly, you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty, security, and energy efficiency. For craftsman entry door ideas and inspiration, be sure to check out.

– Small gaps around the door can be shimmed and nailed to make them plumb and level. Larger gaps may require adjusting the frame or cutting back the siding and applying new trim. – Check the threshold for level both front to back and side to side, and shim it if necessary. – Most doors come with a template for drilling the lockset and deadbolt holes; use the template to ensure the holes are in the right place. – Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying caulk and weather stripping for a tight seal around the door. – If you’re replacing a door, consider having a new prehung door installed, which includes a new frame. This is a much easier and quicker installation than fitting a new door into the existing frame.

Here are a few installation techniques to keep in mind:

Even the most beautiful entry door can look unattractive and perform poorly unless it’s installed correctly. So, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to install your entry door. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, make sure you thoroughly understand the installation process before you start and get some help if the door is heavy or large.

4.2. Maintenance and Care Guidelines

By following these simple maintenance and care guidelines, your craftsman entry door will continue to enhance your home’s curb appeal for many years to come.

Install overhang protection: If your craftsman door is completely exposed to the elements, consider installing a canopy or awning to provide overhead protection from rain, snow, and sunlight. This will not only help protect the door but also enhance its energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer.

Touch up paint or stain: If you have a metal door, check the finish for any signs of wear or damage, and be prepared to touch up the paint as needed to prevent rusting. If you have a fiberglass door, check for any fading or discoloration and consider using UV inhibitors to help protect the finish. For wood doors, be prepared to refinish the door according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent moisture infiltration and damage to the door.

Trim and landscape: If your craftsman door is surrounded by vegetation or landscaping features, make sure to trim back any overgrowth that could come into contact with the door. This will help prevent damage as well as allow natural light to reach the door, especially if you have a glass insert.

Inspect and clean regularly: Take the time to check your craftsman door for any dirt, buildup, or damage on a regular basis. Depending on your door’s exposure to the elements, you may need to do this seasonally or more frequently. Clean your door using mild soap and water to remove any dirt or grime that has accumulated. Be sure to also clean the glass inserts using an appropriate glass cleaner. If you have a wood door, check for any signs of chipping, cracking, or peeling in the finish, and be prepared to repair and refinish as needed.

One key consideration when purchasing a new entry door is the level of maintenance and care it will require to keep it looking as beautiful as the first day it was installed. Proper care can not only help your door last longer but also ensure that it continues to enhance your home’s curb appeal. For the most part, craftsman doors are low maintenance and require simple care to keep them looking great. Below are some general guidelines that you can follow to care for your craftsman entry door, regardless of the design or material.

5. Conclusion

Craftsman doors are available in a variety of designs, with different wood species, glass configurations, and panel arrangements. Whether you are looking for a single door or a double door, there is a craftsman style door that will be perfect for your home. We showcased some of the best craftsman entry door designs to help you get inspired. These doors are beautifully crafted, high-quality, and will make a lasting impression on your home’s exterior. Choose one of these doors to enhance your home’s curb appeal and welcome your guests in style.

The front entry door of your home is one of the most important design elements to ensure that your home looks inviting and appealing. Beautiful front doors are an instant uplift to the exterior of your home. Craftsman entry doors are known for their classic style and enduring beauty. These doors are typically made with natural wood and feature clean lines, minimal ornamental details, and rectangular panes of glass in the upper third of the door. Craftsman style front doors are a popular and elegant choice for many homes. They work well with a variety of architectural styles and can be easily customized to make them unique to your home.

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The Transformational Impact of Investing in a Craftsman Entry Door


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