Top 10 JELD-WEN Doors for Every Style and Budget

1. Introduction

To make your shopping experience a little easier, we’ve researched the top-selling JELD-WEN doors and have identified the ten most popular, the ten that people tend to rate the highest and be the most satisfied with. Each of these ten JELD-WEN custom doors contains the potential to transform your home from the mundane to the spectacular. After careful consideration, the following are our top ten JELD-WEN doors based on elegance, quality, and value:

There are a wide variety of ways to improve the appearance, value, and comfort of your home. One of the fastest, cheapest ways to add light, charm, and value to your home is by installing one or more custom doors. This company is known for its innovation and quality, as well as its ability to create a wide variety of doors from the very simple to the ultra extravagant. No matter what your style, no matter what your budget, JELD-WEN has a custom door specifically for you.

2. Understanding JELD-WEN Doors

JELD-WEN supplies almost every door type to fit most residential needs and many commercial needs too. Measure your entrance, your aesthetic wants, and your budget limits, as well as any special needs you might have including thermal efficiency, security, and door traffic patterns. Be sure to consult with a professional, at your local JELD-WEN dealer, to learn exactly which doors will meet your specifications, particularly if you want to install several similar doors in the same facility. Between door jamb measurements, door panel configurations, door hanging design, door and wall materials, and construction styles, there are many variables to juggle.

A door isn’t just a door. Doors are not just barriers that protect your home and your privacy, but are also essential design components that provide curb appeal. JELD-WEN, a century-old company, is one of the most respected door (and window) manufacturers in the United States. JELD-WEN sponsors the HGTV Dream Home each year, and their products have been installed in homes coast-to-coast with excellent reviews. Get to know JELD-WEN’s extensive product lineup and you might recognize the perfect style to complete your home facade. Whether your home looks formal or whimsical, traditional or modern, rustic or craftsman, or suburban or secluded, they have the perfect portal to welcome one and all.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Door

Steel and fiberglass are a modern door’s two most common materials. Both are known for their durability and performance, with little maintenance and at a low price. Wood doors have a classic style and also provide good sound insulation. However, they require much more maintenance and frequent refinishing. Make sure the frame around your door is made of finger-jointed wood or insulating foam, which adds to the energy performance, allowing you to save money on energy bills.

Door Material

When you’re picking a new door, you need to think about security, energy efficiency, durability, and of course, looks. You need to consider your location and your home style to determine the right door material, style, color, and glass type. Knowing these things will help you pick the perfect door leading to style, savings, and security.

4. Top 10 JELD-WEN Doors

JELD-WEN is quickly establishing themselves as one of the front-runners in external door production. One of the reasons for this is that they have designed a large range of uniquely styled front doors, which are made from a variety of materials. In the following post, we listed the top 10 JELD-WEN front doors available to buy. The doors listed below can be used for both traditional and contemporary styles, so they are perfect regardless of whether your property is a period one or a new build.

There are plenty of other JELD-WEN front doors to choose from, and it’s a matter of matching the style that you like and the budget which suits you. In this blog post, we present our top 10 doors to provide some inspiration for your project. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to go to the JELD-WEN website to find your nearest supplier.

4.1. 1. Contemporary Style Doors

Now known as the JELD-WEN Contemporary Customizable Fiberglass Door Collection, this series of doors offers highly durable fiberglass door panels with straight lines, glass panels, clean designs, and a modern aesthetic. These contemporary style doors will elevate your home’s curb appeal without requiring extensive maintenance, which is so typical of modern homes. Due to the fiberglass door panel material, the door will stand the test of time with little effort and maintain both its design and function for years to come.

When you think of any modern building, it’s likely you are picturing sleek, straight, and simple lines with almost no ornamentation. The façade is usually a mix of glass and concrete for a simpler, low-maintenance look. Does your home have this aesthetic? If so, then JELD-WEN has the perfect collection of doors for you.

4.2. 2. Traditional Style Doors

A true classic, the 6-Panel Colonist offers a timeless design in a Traditional door. The six rectangular inserts in the door create a modern window-like effect that complements almost any architectural style. With JELD-WEN’s TriSys Technology, the 6-Panel Colonist is energy-efficient and built to last.

The Half-Lite Cambridge is an affordable Traditional door that will still astound your guests. The large glass window gives your home’s entryway a sense of elegance and sophistication while still providing a layer of security and the option to let natural sunlight into your home. Beauty, durability, and energy efficiency – that’s JELD-WEN.

Traditional style doors can easily complement multiple architectural styles. Traditional style doors come in affordable options like the half-lite Cambridge or the classic 6-panel Colonist. Whatever your needs may be, has you covered not only with budget-friendly options but high-quality ones as well.

4.3. 3. Modern Style Doors

The door is made of silky, fine-textured prefinished wood. The construction is composed of a 52mm thick door leaf with a high-density honeycomb core. It is a sophisticated neutral example of modern style for contemporary and upscale topology. The door is sized at the standard width (30 inches) and door height (80 inches). Quick shipping is also promised.

The door is made from eco-friendly premium quality wood. It has an extruded construction that minimizes any changes in the door structure caused by temperature fluctuations. The door is warranted against water absorption, splitting, and warping due to the company’s unique technology of vacuum-press technology with over 220 state-of-the-art parametric tools. It has bidirectional angles of natural wood veneer laminated with a high-value hardwood edge for added, refined, and premium appeal. As a result, the door has an attractive contemporary design and natural beauty. It is suitable for both traditional and modern interiors. The glass can be easily installed at any special unit of location.

We often think of modern style as vast, contemporary, and open-floor living, full of glass, steel, and sharp edges. This is not how all modern homes look like, and you might be surprised that your modern home may also be full of warm elements such as natural light, a neutral color palette, and even natural materials. So, all the following Doors would be perfect options for either slick and cutting-edge modern homes or, on the contrary, they could provide a nice color contrast to the tranquil and neutral background of your house.

4.4. 4. Rustic Style Doors

Santa Fe. The Santa Fe’s wood finish, flat panels, and straight lines give it a unique feel – and a smart contrast against other arts-and-crafts designs, as well.

CraftPro. For those with a bigger budget and bigger design ambitions, the CraftPro interior door – featuring intricate detailing and a natural wood finish – is the perfect choice for bringing enhanced style within reach. With a focus on comfort and security, these doors are designed to add value to your property while giving you an extra design layer that’s simple to add.

DesignPro. This door is ideal for those seeking great value and style. The beautifully crafted JELD-WEN Highbury Moulded door is a perfect reflection of your personal style, with an elegant and traditional look that’ll make good use of your design tastes. By installing a simple door, this door incorporates architectural energy in any living space.

Reliabilt Panel. An excellent option for a budget-friendly upgrade, the Reliabilt Panel can help improve the look and feel of any room. This door, made with quality wood and a smooth surface, can stand up to constant wear.

Featuring the natural beauty of wood and intricate moldings, our rustic-style interior doors lend warmth and character to any room. Among our most durable doors, these styles are designed to replicate historically accurate designs that were built to last. Add the assurance of JELD-WEN craftsmanship, and you can feel confident this style will stand the test of time.

4.5. 5. Budget-Friendly Doors

The Aurora Series from JELD-WEN is quite similar in nature to Atlanta. Hamilton provides fixed glass with blinds that you can control to provide privacy. The only difference includes the design patterns and shape of the glass in them. Sanibel, Captiva, and Biscayne include a more standard and bold glass pattern compared to the other two, providing an excellent mix of curves and lines to decorate your door and home. If you are more inclined towards coach-friendly, the Biscayne collection is an excellent choice. The distinct six-panel design is the best choice for a timeless look. They are available with or without glass and with the jamb in any width. Create a classic entrance with low-maintenance fiberglass that can be painted in the color of your choice.

If you are looking for a modestly priced entry door from JELD-WEN, the Monroe Collection is a great option. You can get it at an affordable price with most of the quality that you expect from other door collections. They feature fiberglass and steel panel constructions and come in two different types of glass. The semi-gloss paint finish adds a contemporary look to any home with the help of composite miter and notched stiles. Also, no sanding and priming are required. If you want a complete look for your door and at a budget-friendly price, the Monroe Collection by JELD-WEN is perfect for you.

4.6. 6. High-End Luxury Doors

– Door
– Frame
– Pre-Hung & Pre-squared
– Jamb SaverTM – 3 Options
– Finishing System
– Warranty

What’s included in your purchase?

Who doesn’t want to have the absolute best? You can think of the Aliana Fiberglass Entry Door as a complete stairway to heaven. If you want curb appeal, this door with its rectangular window cut-out and frame fits the bill. If you’re worried about energy efficiency, this panel door with dual-pane insulated inserts is even Energy Star rated. These panel doors for homes also have 4 stiles and 4 rails which enhance the door’s stability while reducing the potential for warping. In addition, they come with 3 antimicrobial Jamb SaverTM options in Composite, Ultracork, and Ultimaweather-Stripping. Finally, these stunning doors also come with an optional two-point locking system that doubles down on the safety and security you need for your home. With a door like this, you’ve already arrived.

4.7. 7. Energy-Efficient Doors

So it’s clear that an energy-efficient door can help you save on money, look after the environment, and protect your furniture. Let’s move onto our top selection of energy-efficient Jeld-Wen doors.

Thresholds: Energy-efficient doors also usually have adjustable thresholds which help to stop drafts.

Double glazing: Double glazing or double-pane features two panes of glass filled with inert gas between them. Double glazing is great for thermal insulation and can be a great help in retaining heat.

Foam-core: Energy-efficient doors usually have a foam core that adds extra insulation and protection from outside temperatures.

Low-E glass: Low-E glass is not just for windows, you can also find it in many energy-efficient doors. It’s an almost invisible layer that reflects infrared lights and heat. This helps to keep warmth in your home during winter and stop heat getting in during summer.

And better yet, energy-efficient doors are not only good for your wallet, but they are also kind to the environment. By keeping in the heat, you’ll be reducing carbon emissions. You may have also noticed that your furniture’s colors can fade over time. Energy-efficient doors let in less UV rays, helping to protect your furniture and reduce fabric fading. So on top of saving money and energy bills, an energy-efficient door can also preserve the contents of your home.

Installing energy-efficient doors is one of the best home improvement projects you can undertake. You may not realize this, but a major source of energy loss in your home is due to air leakage through exterior doors. As a result, your heating and cooling systems need to work harder to keep your home comfortable. With an energy-efficient door, you can avoid this problem as they are made to a high standard of energy efficiency and reduce heat loss from the home. The better insulated the door, the more energy-efficient they are. This makes it easier for your heating system in winter and cooling system in summer to maintain a comfortable temperature without working as hard.

4.8. 8. Specialty Doors

Pocket Doors – Create space-saving doorways and make rooms feel more open with the door sliding back into the wall. This is perfect for spaces where a traditional door opening may not work.

Pivot Doors – Pivot doors provide a clean, modern aesthetic and streamlined appearance because hardware is hidden. The large door panel remains balanced on a single point.

Pantry Doors – Enhance your pantry’s character with a JELD-WEN entrance door. Swinging, French or Barn styles in wood and fiber available.

Dutch Doors – With its classic design, the Dutch door lets in fresh air and keeps children and pets safely inside. These multi-function doors are perfect for the kitchen, laundry room or kid’s play area and come in a variety of styles.

Mirror Doors – These doors have the illusion of adding space and light, while concealing a closet interior, with mirror doors. These swinging, sliding or bifold doors are available with a variety of mirror styles.

Accordion Doors – This door is like a side-hung version of a folding door, providing maximum flexibility and opening the entire space. This is perfect for spaces where a mobility challenged individual may need assistance.

Finding the perfect door to complete a space can be challenging. Whether you want to add more light to a room, make it more secure, or create a new unique appearance, finding the exact door to fit your needs can be difficult. However, JELD-WEN’s vast selection of specialty doors can make finding the perfect door easier and quicker. Customize your home or find the perfect door to solve a unique design challenge with these incredible doors.

4.9. 9. Customizable Doors

In conclusion, the Jeld-Wen door is one of the world’s most popular brands. These doors are known for their amazing features. These features include high-quality energy-efficient doors that are designed to hold up to years of use and changes in any climate. With Jeld-Wen doors you’ll also benefit from their modern designs and high-quality materials on both the interior and exterior of the door. You can buy Jeld-Wen doors in a wide variety of styles, sizes, materials, and glass configurations for your home. These doors provide exceptional flexibility, making it easy to create a beautiful and unique home.

CraftMaster doors offer three-component construction with premium hardwoods and select softwoods to enhance the appearance of your home. On any interior door, you have the option of using our slimline profiles or select from your choice of panel profiles. GlassCraft doors provide maximum durability, high-definition panel embossing, and designer glass options. You can completely personalize your design with endless styles and grid patterns. With a wide range of material options such as DreamWood and Fiberglass, you’re armed with the most customizable entry doors to America’s homes. GlassCraft even supplies doors with amazing curb appeal that require minimal maintenance.

Jeld-Wen’s customizable doors are innovative and designed with personalization in mind. DesignPro fiberglass and steel doors stand up to the competition, quality control, and weather better than other products in their class. These professional-class doors are available in smooth and woodgrain textures and with a variety of decorative glass designs. No matter which design or accessory features you select, DesignPro doors are a best-in-class option for your new construction or remodeling projects.

4.10. 10. Popular Door Collections

One of our most versatile collections is the American Style Collection, which includes a spectrum of door designs, each capturing a piece of Americana. As the name implies, each model represents a piece of Americana. There are so many styles to choose from. Choose from traditional panel design, traditional half moon light, Chateau style (full flower light), traditional full lite prairie with bars, Harrison design, and many more! The Dogwood front door represents the forest. There is also a Dogwood side-lite door to create a complete entryway. The Dogwood double door system will really get noticed. Combine the single Dogwood doors with the side-lights and/or transom window for a really striking impression. The Dogwood Collection can be customized with many options, including beautiful crystal or hideaway screens, solid brass hardware, beautiful art glass, many underlayers of stucco textures, stain and paint colors, and five casing options.

The Aurora Collection of fiberglass exterior doors is designed to help you create a well-built and long-lasting exterior door system. Aurora fiberglass doors offer you the choice of decorative, clear, or Low-E/Argon insulated decorative glass. You can also choose transoms and sidelite options, making the Aurora Collection versatile. Transom configurations come with the glass weatherstripping system. Door construction of our Aurora fiberglass doors is top-notch. The doors have stiles and lock blocks made of solid polyurethane. The lock block is designed to receive all standard lock parts. The door has a top rail and decorative pieces for a more attractive appearance. Choose from 15 styles, factory stain, or paint finish. Our green manufacturing releases zero emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds into the environment because our door blanks are made of fiberglass and 100% post-consumer recycled glass.

5. Conclusion

JELD-WEN doors are available in different types, including interior, exterior, wood, fiberglass, and steel. Select the door with the required color and finishes for each room. Each style has its benefits, so take your time in selecting a door. Consider the price, quality, and purpose of the room. Look at JELD-WEN doors if you want a beautiful, durable, long-lasting door. These are 10 of the best JELD-WEN doors available. Choose the right one for the interior or exterior of your house.

If you’re in the market for a new door, take a closer look at the JELD-WEN door selection. There’s something for every style and budget. Before you start shopping, analyze your needs for the door: energy efficiency, appearance, design, etc. After you make your purchase, you won’t regret your decision. Choose a JELD-WEN door made from fiberglass or real wood for those that make a lasting impression.

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Why JELD-WEN Doors Are the Best Choice for Your Home: Discover the Benefits


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