Top 10 Front Door Replacement Options to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Introduction

The task of selecting a front door replacement that enhances your aesthetic and adds to your home’s curb appeal can feel overwhelming. After all, a door is a big investment. Plus, with so many available choices, it is easy to feel like you are choosing the wrong option for your home. Yet, when it comes to a front door, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Any color and dimension have multiple options. From a contemporary look with a bright, bold color to a traditional stained wooden door, rest assured there is a perfect fit for you. Choosing the best door that gives your home a sense of personality, charm, and unique character is crucial. This will elevate the curb appeal and welcome your guests with open arms.

When having guests over, one of the first aspects of your home that they are likely to encounter is the front door. Furthermore, the front door is often the first item of your home to encounter guests and anyone passing by. With that in mind, why have a plain, boring door if you can have one that is the talk of the town? Above all, the front door is the perfect opportunity to enhance the curb appeal of your home. It is the feature that draws the eye and serves as a statement piece.

2. 1. Classic Wooden Doors

A classic wooden door is always beautiful if there are no rotten parts anywhere. The wood door in good condition may be seen from the self-pattern of the weathered doors. Otherwise, the wood door might have scratches and gouges, but the beauty looks deeper in the wood pattern. To repaint the weathered wood doors or not to repaint, that is our choice to make. Cleaned, simple solid wood doors are perfect for modern home designs, especially if the door is straight and clean like shaker doors pattern. Visually, the clean look is appealing. Sounds like this wooden door is suitable for a fresh look on the exterior. For a more variation of air circulation, some wooden doors can be modified. Its beautiful patterns are always fascinating. Not only that, its material is always environmentally friendly. Even though brown is often seen, we still can paint or repaint wooden doors. Wood doors could be matched well with every seasonal color.

2.1. 1.1. Solid Wood Doors

On the downside, solid wood doors can also be prone to twisting if they are not correctly climate. It is therefore essential to get your door from manufacturers with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Solid wood doors can withstand the elements and hold up better than those made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard constructed from wood particles and resin), as well as steel. However, a well-constructed wood door can work as good as new for several decades, resisting winds, rain, fluctuating temperatures, and other weather-related elements. As a whole, wood is a tremendous insulator compared to other door types. It can also offer security by being a very durable door material. In truth, solid wood doors are typically more robust than steel doors. That is, they are genuinely resistant to most break-in issues.

A solid wood door is a classic. They offer an attractive, substantial, timeless look to houses with solid wood exteriors. The composition of these doors somehow captures a sense of grandeur, making the dwelling exude charisma, warmth, and appeal. This type of door comes in a wide range of sizes, heights, and shapes that can be designed and customized according to the consumer’s preferences and needs. While solid wood doors remain relatively costly compared to other types of materials, they can surely enhance an existing home’s look or take a toll on a new home’s appearance. Periodically, you may need to renew the varnish coating or apply fresh paint to keep your door in mint condition. The solid wood type of door is also heavy, so you have to make sure that the hinges are sturdy enough to carry the door’s weight. And if time has taken its toll and left the door out of alignment, it would require reshaping.

2.2. 1.2. Wood with Glass Inserts

If you want to keep the natural wood look on your front door, but still want a secure and limited area to allow for more natural light to enter your home’s front door space, glass inserts will require serious consideration. With many different ways to secure your home, you will have a great investment in a very beautiful door design, all from the edge of your home. Keep in mind the potential costs of this front door replacement option. They are not cheap. Also, remember that they offer a beautiful cleaning front door more than usual, so it’s best to prepare for this to happen quite often.

Before you install new wrought iron in your home, you would want to think about what your home looks like and the different elements that will completely transform its look and character. If you believe this door option needs to fit the style and appearance of your home, you are on the right track. This is a very beautiful replacement front door option that not only works to greatly enhance the exterior appeal of your home but also a very secure and limited front door option, providing never-ending beauty.

3. 2. Modern Steel Doors

However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of modern steel doors, you also have to keep in mind that they aren’t cheap. Households that are willing to invest in these types of doors will have long-term benefits that will be well worth the initial investment, but homeowners with a lower budget won’t afford these designs. Keep in mind that modern doors made out of steel can be scratched or dented, which is essential to consider in the long run. Lastly, they aren’t suitable in coastal areas, as they can be subject to rust.

Modern steel doors are not only made out of metal, but they can also be modified to include large windows, single or double, depending on just how much light you’re looking to allow in. If you’re into the modern, contemporary look and enjoy designs that stand out from more traditional homes, modern steel doors are a great option you should consider. On top of these benefits, they are also widely customizable, from size, window type, color, and even the threshold type, offering adjustments for everyone’s taste. And when it comes to withstand harsh weather conditions, steel doors are a good alternative to consider, as they maintain their shape and form through the roughest weather and time. Generally, modern steel doors are designed in a way that allows sandwiched foam insulation to keep energy loss at bay, which is great for homeowners who are also looking to save on their energy bills.

4. 3. Rustic Wrought Iron Doors

Match your new rustic wrought iron entry door or single/double doors with ornaments, a unique instant modern solution for a groundbreaking entrance. While the eye-catching, custom-made entries draw a lot of attention, the best doors and gates are budget-friendly and come with glass options to get the look you need. Fill your house with light and make the doorway transparent while preserving the home’s excellent safety features with durable, dual-pane two-way or clear glass. If you want a little more privacy or help to mitigate some of the elements, opt for unique satin or opaque glass and other dynamic glass types for increased insulation. With convenient in-store services such as professional consultation, bilingual Spanish/English product displays, cleaning, and home delivery, as well as fast delivery options, find top-quality central iron contractor support and a full supply of elegant front doors on your budget.

Rustic design is a popular choice for homeowners who are upgrading their property for sale. Custom and ready-made wrought iron front doors are excellent solutions for enhancing the building’s curb appeal. This straightforward addition easily adds to the overall look of the building, and with added decorations, you can introduce unique elegance and charm that benefit the potential buyer’s impression and curb appeal. You can install a new, modern wrought iron door to replace an old one or opt for a robust galvanized pre-hung steel widening with a contemporary twist for a mid-century building. These doors harbor a resistible stock option such as square or other shaped top glass inserts and attract visual attention with wrought iron floral patterns, symmetrical outer, and other architectural styles commonly found.

5. 4. Fiberglass Doors

There are many ways to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Installing any one of the above front door replacement options should be on your list. However, selecting the right front door involves much more than just enhancing the look of the home and complementing the style and color of the exterior. Other factors, including your geographic location, wind ratings, energy efficiency, maintenance, and access to your home, are equally as important. Many front doors incorporate decorative glass and locking systems. In summary, the front door is your home’s gateway to welcome friends and guests.

Fiberglass doors are relatively new to the industry but are quickly gaining in popularity. The reasons become clear as you learn more about them. The current crop of fiberglass doors has wood grain textures for a real wood look and come in many colors and styles. The surface of these doors is usually made with hardwood and resins, while the inside is filled with foam insulation. Because of this, fiberglass doors are often the most energy efficient of all doors, providing five times the insulating value of wood. Unfortunately, some fiberglass doors are prone to cracking at the corners if they are poorly manufactured. Furthermore, due to the strength of the frame needed, they often come as pre-hung doors, which may not be perfect for your home.

6. 5. Glass Panel Doors

This door is beautiful and heavy, with a big time lift to any house. It usually has a large body style with a small top stack, and it’s available in a wide range of finishes. The glass can be energy efficient Lo-E insulated or non-insulated, but they can be expensive due to the glass. Some features to look out include glass bezel design, locksets, and handles, such as hanging barn door hardware and expanded hinge options; and door panel material with materials that come in fiberglass, steel, or wood. Glass doors are usually pre-finished and are around 6′ to 8′ tall; an optional transom can make the face of the door very appealing.

The ultimate purpose of getting a glass panel door is to enhance the entrance so that it acts as a focal point of your house. The good news is that glass doors come in variations ranging from half-glass, 3/4, frameless glass, capped, and full view glass. However, the number of glass panels and the quality will impact the cost of the house. The door panel, especially opaque or those who don’t want to get fancy, should invest and get a door that has decorative or stained glass design that suits in well with the home architectural style. Glass is fragile, hence should be handled with care, and maintenance should be consistent.

7. 6. Craftsman Style Doors

If you are interested in installing a Craftsman style door onto your home, then you might like to know that you have a few options when it comes to the overall construction of the door. The first is the slab door, which is an oversized version of your standard wooden door that is hollow in the middle. The solid core door is also made with the traditional slab door, but it has two pieces of MDF glued on to the top and the bottom for more stability. Lastly, the French door is the best type of door when it comes to additional windows and intricate designs on the front of it.

Craftsman style doors are one of the most simple designs, and their construction is usually better than other styles. They are constructed out of a few large planes of wood that can take on just about any kind of wood that you would like your front door to be made out of. They do not need to have windows in them, but if they do, they are always at the top and are done with a downward sloping pattern. They can have intricate designs and insets, and you can even add the name of your family on the top for a personalized door that no one else has.

8. 7. French Doors

French doors can be made out of fiberglass and steel, but they are well known for being manufactured out of high-quality hardwood such as mahogany, beech, oak, and ash. You might want to have even more exotic woods such as cherry, walnut, hickory, and pecan, but the costs of these woods may be prohibitive. Keep in mind that most wood species, especially colorful ones, will darken quickly when exposed to sunlight. To avoid this, you should choose a wood with light brown color or a painted French door in the color of your choice. The glass can be clear, frosted, colored, or unbreakable.

For a touch of old world elegance, you might consider installing a pair of French doors as a front door replacement. French doors are actually a system of two doors that swing open from the center of the frame. Each door will be mainly glass, although you might choose to also have some elaborate wrought iron designs added to the glass. French doors are generally installed using a double door system, keeping with the traditional old world style. You may also like the sidelights that you can install with French doors, too, to create more of a doorway look.

9. 8. Dutch Doors

In addition to everyday activities, such as allowing pets and kids to freely roam and play, or even allow for loading inanimate objects through the lower half while maintaining privacy, Dutch doors can be made out of any front door material. However, they are notoriously difficult to weatherproof between the top and bottom halves. When you consider a Dutch door replacement for your front door, use the occasion to search for a door apparatus that will combat the elements yet look attractive.

Dutch doors have certainly come a long way. They appeal to the practical in us as we can block the dogs from escaping or the small children from falling out by merely closing the lower half, while still allowing light and air to enter. Reap the benefits of an open door and fertile potholder space by maintaining the bottom half of the front door closed while the top half remains aloof and open. Split to allow in more natural light, privacy be damned, and welcome the morning neighbors.

10. 9. Pivot Doors

When it comes to creating wonders and making a difference with your front entryway, replacing your front door is one of the best and most successful ways. There’s probably no faster way to enhance aesthetic appeal, improve indoor comfort, and transform your home’s street presence than selecting the appropriate type of replacement and handling the project efficiently. Your exterior door is the focal point of your property and the first thing people notice, so go ahead and select other doors for the obvious and non-obvious reasons and selections.

Another trending option for your custom front door would be a pivot design. Invented by Klemens Torggler around the late 2010s, the pivot door is a type of entrance door that’s hung on pivot boxes to make it open easily without jamming or the need for extra space to accommodate its swinging arc. This allows for ultra-modern designs that turn your door into an art piece. Another point to note is that while this configuration offers a larger entrance space, it also brings an extreme level of security because the pivot door design provides space for extra locking configurations, thereby keeping your home and its inhabitants extra safe.

11. 10. Custom Designed Doors

You can buy this style of door from a number of brands in various showrooms and online stores; however, installing a custom entry door can be tricky – and expensive. But be prepared to pay a lot more money for this option. Expect to pay at least $2,500 for the door alone. Then you will need some extra money for installation and potentially more for further work your home may need to help it support the new door. Due to the potential complexity of having an entry door custom designed and built, you should make sure to do a lot of window shopping as soon as possible. Find several companies and get estimates from all of them. You may be surprised to find that prices vary a great deal between companies for these doors, even in Toronto. Simply start googling ‘custom doors Toronto’ and choose the right one that fits your taste and budget.

Custom designed doors are the perfect solution for homeowners who can’t find what they want among one of the other front door replacement options. They can be built in any style, color, or material to help your home truly stand out. From stained and leaded glass to intricate carving, to custom colors or hardware, you have a lot more control over the message, impression, and look of your home when you go the custom route. If you are looking for the perfect door, regardless of budget, style, or timeframe, a custom-made door could be perfect for you.

12. Conclusion

Save or Bookmark this Top 10 Front Door Replacement Options article on your computer for future reference. Use your mouse right-click menu option to bookmark. Not all your door choices have to be absolutely the right decision initially. Note that National Average remodeling costs for a front door replacement is about $1500. All of your front door replacement options listed and described in this article are visual and functional with materials readily available and can be custom modified for you. There are designer and manufacturer professionals who are highly skilled at making these creative changes to your door and door surround. And why not try DIY. Who can best decide for you is you and your closet associates.

Use this article as a guide and to help you make thoughtful decisions when you decide to upgrade your front door system. Any improvement you make will add beauty and value to your home. When replace make sure you use the same type of wood or steel to avoid structural changes in your door frame. As you read through the Top 10 Front Door Replacement Options you will see that we have mentioned sealing properly, sills, thresholds and glasses. Remember these are key aspects of a successful front door replacement project.

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The Impact of Replacing Your Front Door on Home Appearance and Security


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