Top 10 Front Door Designs with Sidelights and Transom: Enhance Your Entryway

1. Introduction

There are also some functional benefits of using a door with sidelights and a transom. All of the added natural light means that you will be saving on energy costs, as you will not have to use as much artificial light within your home. The windows above and to the side of the door also give more protection in the case of rain. Sidelights and transoms can be partially sheltered by the overhang of the door, so that you can open the door and not let in rain. This can be an advantage over a full glass storm door, as there may be some dripping when it is opened, and also the additional cost of having to replace the broken storm door.

Many feel that the main benefits of a door with sidelights and a transom are aesthetic ones. There is definitely a more grandiose entrance created by these elements. Not only does the natural light that filters in through the glass create a brighter, more cheery environment within the home, but the entryway created by the sidelights and transom makes the whole house seem more inviting. This can be important if you are trying to create a good first impression to guests.

The front door of a home is often the first impression visitors will have of the home. It is for this reason that homeowners often pay special attention to the design of the door and the area surrounding it. While there is a wide variety to choose from, a popular choice is to use a design that includes sidelights and a transom. These are windows which are installed to the side and above the door. There are several reasons that these types of doors are preferred and several things to keep in mind when considering this type of design.

1.1 Benefits of Front Door Designs with Sidelights and Transom

Unlike the benefits, the cost and difficulty of installing sidelights and transoms is slightly more complicated. Many entrances of today are designed for standard doors, so redoing an entryway to build for these enhancements may cost more than one is willing to spend. Presence of these enhancements make it very difficult to change an entryway back to its original state, so one must be certain that the installation is what they want for the long run. This lack of flexibility is also a disadvantage for those who rent homes or apartments. It may be more trouble and money than it is worth in the long run due to the limit on length of stay.

Visibility from the inside to the outside, and vice versa, are benefits which are a part of the added natural light provided by the sidelights and transom. Direct capability to see who is at your door without them seeing it you is an advantage to anyone who is wary of strangers coming to their house. This is especially helpful if the individual has children who are home alone at any time. Being able to keep an eye on your children in a safe and secure manner is a priority for many parents and the enhanced visibility afforded by the sidelights and transoms accomplish just that. Easiest Scene and the slightly more complicated, but just as advantageous to your health, enable the browser/viewer to set the session to compare images with sidelights and transoms to those without. This will provide a clear example of how these enhancements make it easier to see and avoid dangers, with less chance of eye strain due to lack of natural light.

There are several benefits to having a front door with sidelights and transom. Both of these are the pieces which are found installed on the sides and the top of the main door. They are usually installed together although at times, only one of them is present near the door. Sidelights are narrow panes or windows added to the sides of doors; they are designed to admit light and allow you to see who is at the door. Transoms are found gracing the top of the doors; they can be small or large windows which are installed above the door to let light in, and at the top of the door to allow you to see an individual who is at the door. Both of these provide natural light to a usually dark entryway and are very useful for catching a nice summer breeze. With these benefits in mind, it is no wonder why sidelights and transoms are becoming increasingly popular in new home construction and renovations.

1.2 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Front Door Design

The very first thing to consider when selecting the right door is the type of material that will be used. There are many different types of materials for doors ranging from wood to steel. Each of these materials has its own benefits and things to consider. For example, wood doors are a good choice for a recently constructed house. This type of door can easily be customized because it can be cut and shaped in many different ways. A wood door is of higher quality and will show that on the first look. Although steel doors are lower maintenance, wood doors can last up to 50% longer than a steel door and are a good investment for a house that you plan to live in for the rest of your life. Wood doors also offer a sense of security as they are very heavy. However, a steel door is much more secure in the sense that it cannot be broken or bent. Steel doors are also very energy efficient. They will not warp or crack, and they help to save energy costs. Therefore, the type of material for the door will depend on long-term plans for the house and the situation that the house is currently in.

Before choosing a front door, it is very important to consider what purpose the door will serve. Doors are usually a necessary component in a home. Not only are they used as the main entrance, but also to enclose an area such as a closet or to separate one room from another. Doors also serve as a means to keep an area secure and safe from intruders. Doors are the entryway to your personal space and the very first thing the viewer will notice about your home. Because of this, the kind of door that is chosen is very important.

2. Traditional Front Door Designs

A traditional home is the most suitable place for a traditional entrance. The perfect combination of design for a period home is the panel and glass. A classic panel and glass combination is a period design enhanced by etched or stained glass. High quality timber (European Oak, Mahogany) is a traditional material but good design can be replicated in a cheap hardwood door. Period inspiration comes from Georgian, Edwardian or Victorian for this design of front doors. A classic panel and glass combination can be in the form of a stable door for a cottage that allows light being let in from the top part of the door. For top quality period properties a grand entrance can be achieved with etched glass double doors with fan light and two sidelights. Glass design can range from something simple and traditional like a minster design or a leaded light design. Another period design with often intricate leaded glass that work well as a classic panel and glass combination is the 1930s style door. This style of door is usually a stained hardwood with three vertical textured opaque panes of glass situated to the right side of the door. The etched glass hardwood door consisting of a dozen glass pane squares (2×3, 3×4 etc) in a white primed or natural interior door, just with a clear paneled glass is a cheap alternative and a common style for modern homes.

2.1 Classic Panel and Glass Combination

GlassCraft’s Classic door line is made of durable fiberglass and comes with many different classic design doors. This door features triple solid raised panels at the bottom half and a generous amount of glass in the top half. This particular configuration is using DL999 with Warwick glass. This door still uses the old classic panel and glass configuration. Using wooden panels and small glass insertions are the key parts of having this kind of door. With panel and glass insertions, it will create something different compared to European design double front doors that have the same triple panel configuration. GlassCraft Classic doors come with a myriad of designs. And if you prefer the glass not to be too see-through, there are various options of frosted and clear glass as well. This type of Classic panel and glass door is suitable for those who want to have a new change, but still keep the old classic style. With a teak finishing color, it will give a truly natural look and a nice combination if combined with plants and stones.

Also, it’s time to replace the broken traditional front door with a more classic panel and glass front door. Why do people choose this type of door? The Classic Panel and Glass door is the right choice for those who want to have an elegant and traditional style of door. The glass insertion on this type of door steals the attention, using different types of glass (clear, frosted, reflective steel) to create a unique and antique look. This glass panel also provides the true ambiance of natural lighting in the house. You can also use stained glass as a replacement for your ordinary glass to make it more artistic.

2.2 Craftsman Style with Sidelights and Transom

The Craftsman architectural design has its origins at the turn of the 20th century in Britain. Having migrated to America, the Craftsman design reached its peak between 1905 and 1930. The Craftsman design was based on the concept of simplicity, functionality, and emphasizing the use of natural materials. In terms of exterior design, the Craftsman style is defined by low pitched gabled roofs with wide overhangs, exposed roof rafters, decorative beams or braces under gables, and tapered square columns supporting the roof. Typically there is a gabled dormer or two, and a large open front porch. The porch is usually either full or partial width using massive square tapered columns which support more than the porch itself. It is no surprise that this architectural style is celebrated for being one of the best examples of its era, as the design can still be seen in modern homes today. With such a predictable sway towards the Craftsman design, it is no surprise to see that a vast number of Craftsman entryway doors can be found. For a Craftsman style home, the entryway is a significant feature. As the porch is usually well sheltered, the front door is often set back from the main eaves. In that sense, opting for a front door with sidelights and a transom serves to maximize the natural light that filters from the porch area. This entryway door offers a number of benefits, from a warm and welcoming feel, fabulous aesthetics, and a practical way of reducing power consumption on lighting. Craftsman era houses typically boasted detailed woodwork, and the same can be said about a Craftsman door. A Craftsman door will typically utilize vertical lines with a series of vertical rectangular panels. The simplicity of color and design that is synonymous with Craftsman architecture means that a Craftsman style door is an effective means of creating an authentic aesthetic for a Craftsman home.

2.3 Victorian Era Inspired Entryway

The average Victorian porch was small and decorated. The porch was usually covered by an extension of the front gable or by a second steep gable. Turned posts and spindle bracing supported the small roof. Hexagonal or round columns, broad and solid, were rare. Most were slender and delicate. The entryway or front door of any home is often seen from a distance first, and the approaching visitor will generally judge the home by how the front door looks. Victorian style front doors provide an elegant lead up to a grand entrance, which could be decorated with ornately carved stonework. These are especially important roles for anyone aspiring to recreate a Victorian home with authenticity.

The Victorian era can be considered one of the most influential time periods for door design. It was considered a time of boundless progression. Technological advancement in industry enabled mass production of intricate architectural components. This was a time where architecture was highly valued, and people were more concerned about appearances and styles. The increase in available wealth and the application of mass production techniques allowed for the easy imitation of historic styles. Today, many of our best quality, most expensive, and most desired homes are built in the Victorian style. The Victorian era was renowned for extravagant and lavish designs, immaculately crafted from beautifully rich hardwoods often exhibiting the prized artistry of the craftsman.

3. Modern Front Door Designs

Sleek and Sophisticated Entryway A sleek modern designed door with a horizontal 5 panel layout will provide an incredible facelift to an outdated front entry. Using mahogany wood which is renowned for its strength and beauty, it is one of the most stable woods that will not warp or swell. The horizontal lines of grain that are enhanced by the use of an aluminum inlay and full lite sand blasted glass create a beautiful and elegant look that will leave a lasting impression. This door system can be manufactured as an impact exterior door which means it has been constructed with a higher design pressure rating and will meet the Miami Dade windborne debris requirements. This door will last for generations and can offer some of the best protection in hurricane-prone areas.

Contemporary Glass and Metal Design Glass and metal craftsman will provide a stylish, modern front entryway. This elegant design with insulated frosted glass and horizontal grooves create light while maintaining a high level of privacy. The metal inlay provides a warm clean look and low maintenance exterior. This door can reap the benefits of a south facing exposure with maximum solar heat gain in winter as well offers protection from the elements all year round. In addition, the insulated glass will protect from air leaks and save energy costs. With this design, you are already entering the future.

Minimalist Entry with Sidelights and Transom This modern wood door with stainless steel design offers leading edge technology in construction and design. It provides some of the greatest security features in the industry, while still offering a clean and contemporary design. The stainless steel door adds a focal point to an otherwise minimalistic design. By adding sidelights, the front door remains bright and inviting. The horizontal lines created by the stainless steel design create an organized feel that carries in from the exterior of the home to the interior.

Today, people are leaning towards modern looking entryways. Increasingly, contemporary front doors are being used in these homes. Modern entry doors can have a number of materials such as glass, steel, and wood. This can make it easier for you to decide what the best door would be for your new home.

3.1 Minimalist Entry with Sidelights and Transom

When actual design consultancy is seriously proposed, the less experienced student or designer will likely ask comparative questions, such as: What is Sidelights? What is a Transom? Or go even further to say, it is the level of details in an entrance, a door in a wall. In response, concerning the level of detail on a continental classical building entrance, Sidelights are the windows on the side of the door. The transom is the arrangement over a door composed of a horizontal beam, located atop the door, with the a crossette or trim piece locating the top or bottom of the window, and the space between the door and transom filled with either woodwork or a glass window. If this is not something you are immediately concerned with, the level of detail on the entrance on a contemporary or modern house is a door in a wall. While working with parochial students at the BAC, who have less than 2 years experience with architecture, they are thinking and designing in the level of details on a wall as a door. Thus to correctly bridge this understanding with an accurate definition or design for a minimal door with sidelights and transom, we must still seek an advanced or enlightened form of simplicity. Housing in the historical context for sidelights and transom above and before the basic definition is mostly the entrance way to any renaissance era building or cottage to colonial and modern colonial housing styles. To seek the essence and simplicity of the modern door in a wall, it is best to start with the modern colonial, for these are the classic contemporary buildings in American architecture. A classical colonial entrance is a centered door with a small porch roof, no higher than 1 story on the porch level. The door is framed by an equal width sidelight on the left and right, and the door a space between the same width area the transom above will take. This entranceway has some variance and was done using woodwork on contemporary homes, but the essential step back will provide an image of the most transitional point from the level of the door into a wall.

3.2 Contemporary Glass and Metal Design

Planetary Design is a full-service custom door and gate manufacturer located in Ashland, Oregon. Our doors can be found in homes and businesses from New York City to Los Angeles. We have been designing and building contemporary front doors for over 35 years. Our experience has allowed us to amass a photo library of thousands of doors and gates we’ve built over the years. These photos often serve as a great source of inspiration for new clients. We’ve designed or built doors from as simple as a solid mahogany piece to as elaborate as a pair of bronze and iron castle doors with a lion theme. Our repertoire includes modern, craftsman, and Japanese style doors. In addition to this, we have also built hundreds of custom doors that utilize a blend of design elements from differing styles.

Glass and metal are natural partners in the modern design of a contemporary front door. Glass has become the high-fashion material of choice for creating a modern look. It imparts an open and airy look by allowing light to pass through. In addition, it is available in multiple forms providing endless design possibilities. Sidelights and transoms can also be constructed completely out of glass. This allows light to enter and further enhances the look that the front door is the focal point of the facade. While clear glass is still a great option, selecting a more modern sandblasted or etched design will provide a high-fashion look to a front entry. Metal doors are low maintenance and can add a utilitarian look. Wood doors are still a great option in a modern design, but there are also new options in exotic woods, Italian and African designs. Typically, these doors are simpler in design. They often have clean lines and no panels or carvings.

3.3 Sleek and Sophisticated Entryway

Sleek and sophisticated entry door – The front door of this house is made from teak wood, which will be suitable to use in a humid country such as Indonesia. The solid wood material gives an elegant and luxurious impression to the house. The decision to use a custom design door with one sidelite and rectangular shapes on the door and the sidelite glass frame added the modern touch to the house. To let more natural light into the house, clear glass is used on the door and sidelite. On top of the door and the sidelite, there is a clear glass transom placed in the same orientation. The clear glass transom allows the natural light to enter while still providing privacy. Both the door and the sidelite are using a vertical long handle set to simplify the usage. Both also use tectus hinge and EMTEK cylinder lockset to bring the modern feature to the door.

4. Unique Front Door Designs

Two designs within the top 10 front door designs are one of a kind and unique. These doors are not doors you will see every day. One design is a rustic wood door with sidelights and a transom. The rustic look of this door gives a contemporary feel to it, as if it is something that was popular back in the day. The wood is stained in a cherry finish and then protected with a UV sealer to keep the original color and lock out moisture. The sidelights and the transom also have the same work of silver caming and Frosted/Flemish glass to protect homeowners’ privacy. With the look of the door and the privacy of the glass, it will give the feel of opening up to a whole new world when coming into the home. Another very unique door is a door filled with the main point of being a stamped design. This door is certainly not your common door and you won’t find anything else like it. Houses that have that one distinguishable item really add character and beauty to the home. This door would definitely be the conversation piece and would add extreme detail to the design of the home.

4.1 Rustic Wood with Sidelights and Transom

The most popular choice for a wood entry door is the traditional “Six Panel.” This rustic wood with sidelights and transom is a variation of the traditional six-panel door. The door and transom boast the six-panel styling. Sidelights are a great way to let more light into the entryway. The additional light makes it easier to find your keys and welcome guests. You can choose from clear glass or decorative glass in the sidelights. This particular door has matching sidelights with clear insulated glass. Another great way to improve the light in your entryway is by adding a transom. This is a narrow window that is added above the door. In the case of an entry door, the most common place to install a transom is directly above the door. A transom can be installed above the door or anywhere from 6 to 8 feet above the door. This door’s matching transom features three-lite styling with the same glass as the sidelights. This simple addition of a transom above your entry door can greatly improve the amount of light in your front entryway. All of these door styles are available in various woodgrains and factory-finished stain options. Custom colors are also available to match your order.

4.2 Stained Glass Beauty

In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards Moroccan and Indian influence in stained glass doors. These can look really spectacular and very different from anything else! If budget allows, custom stained glass can be designed to your own taste and style – the possibilities are endless! Due to the unique and personalized nature of stained glass designs, a door with stained glass is a great way to make a statement and set your house apart from the rest. Stained glass can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $80 to $160 per square foot depending on the complexity of the design. Always purchase a quality stained glass door; remember that it is an investment in the overall feel and look of your home. Use the glass as a feature from inside the home also. A beautiful stained glass door is sure to add an extra touch of elegance to your entryway.

Stained glass is a very fashionable front door, and there are many suitable designs to choose from. You can make a bold statement with a very contemporary abstract design in strong, vivid colours which really stand out and make an impact. Many contemporary houses also have art deco leadlight patterns which suit the style of the house. Swirls and circles are also very contemporary and suit modern houses. If you have a period-style house, you may like to consider a more traditional leadlight design using clear textured glass with small patches of colour incorporated throughout the design. There are many traditional English and French designs to choose from. These designs usually complement the style of the house to give it a warm and inviting feel.

4.3 Customized Designs for a Personal Touch

Hand-carved front doors are a great way to show off your individuality and they can even be used as a potential conversation starter when hosting your next gathering. A high-quality wood, the style and design, the size of the door, and the design complexity influence the price. A carved wooden door will range in prices depending on these factors which is why using custom capabilities to hand-craft your entry door can provide you exactly what you are looking for without breaking the bank. Another unique way to enhance your front entry is to design a door with beveled, carved, or stained glass. Stained glass is no longer just for churches. It is a beautiful way to add color and a focal point to your room. Beveled glass is a textured glass and is more durable than stained glass. It is created by cutting and shaping the edges of two pieces of glass so that they fit together to form a design. Carved glass is a type of glass art combined with various etching techniques. This can be done with simple to very detailed designs and it adds privacy to the room without blocking out the natural light.

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Why Front Doors from today sentry doors with Sidelights and Transom are a Must-Have for Modern Homes


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