Top 10 Double Entry Door Designs to Elevate Your Home’s Curb Appeal

1. Introduction

House Plans and More adds that double door entryways not only make a great first impression and create an impression of grandeur, symmetry, and elegance, they also make it easier and more inviting to enter a home. This is particularly true with the best designs, where double doors open into a sunlit, 2-story entryway. It’s the perfect way to fill the space with sunlight and visually expand a home. Pair the doors with hidden compartments, an elaborate chandelier, or a spiral staircase to create a dramatic entryway that’s truly memorable. The following designs go above and beyond the typical wooden doors while calling attention to craftsmanship.

When it comes to boosting curb appeal, “double door entryways have the cat’s meow,” says House Plans and More. In a gallery published in 2008, they shared 10 of the most popular double entry door designs for homeowners at the time. They add that with so many double door entry designs to consider when designing or redesigning your home, it’s best to get some inspiration by checking out a few different designs and incorporating different styles into your dream door. Looking for ideas for the best double door design for your home’s front entry? Take a look at the gallery and take note of the elegance and charm of these front doors. All of the designs offer unique looks that will pair seamlessly with nearly any style of architecture or design, from transitional to contemporary to traditional.

2. 1. Classic Elegance: Traditional Double Entry Doors

Doors can be described and expressed through their presence and the formation of a sensual experience. Therefore, they should be a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. If you’re in the process of designing a new home or looking to replace an existing entry door, consider one of the 10 double entry door designs below. All of these were created with the perfect balance of aesthetics, privacy, and elegance in mind, so there really doesn’t have to be a compromise. However, when in doubt, look to the experts.

Selecting the right front door is like choosing the perfect accessory for an outfit. Just like a well-designed necklace or pair of shoes, a set of double entry doors should create a focal point that sets the tone for your entire home. However, not only is it an important visual statement, but it also provides protection and ensures a home’s security. Double entry doors, in particular, provide timeless and sophisticated architectural detail to maximize your curb appeal. Here’s a detailed guide with the 10 most frequently used double entry door designs for durability, efficiency, and elegance.

3. 2. Modern Sophistication: Contemporary Double Entry Doors

Modern sophistication: Give your home a contemporary and sophisticated appearance by choosing modern entry doors. Ideal for single-story homes with a minimalistic look or modern multi-level homes, these doors attract attention but let your home’s architecture take the spotlight. Because modern design typically has clean lines, sleek steps, and an overall crisp look, these doors tend to have fewer embellishments than other styles. Unlike ancient design, modern doors can be finished in your choice of color and often feature flat panels, frosted glass, and light steel or aluminum accents.

Double entry doors are a stylish option that creates a grand entrance to your home. Not only are they dramatic and visually appealing, but they’re also practical and provide wide openings to move large objects in and out of your home. If you need help choosing a style that best suits your home’s exterior or help getting started on your project, check out our guide to double entry doors.

4. 3. Rustic Charm: Farmhouse Style Double Entry Doors

These types of wooden doors look fantastic on both ranch houses as well. Another beautiful detail to consider is to place three or more vertical glass panes along one side and spread the light indoors. Add glass panes along both sides of the doors if the entryway is covered in shadow. For a more contemporary and spacious appearance, carry the glass along the door tops instead. Consider matching the glass panes to the windows throughout the house to carry this style across the whole property. With farmhouse doors, there are no limitations to your creative interpretation.

If you have a pre-existing farmhouse or versatile property, look around nearby homes and farms for inspiration to match the local style. Wooden double entry farm doors might be exactly what your farmhouse needs to match the rural ambiance of the location and accent the welcoming agricultural vibes. Farm entry doors can be primed unfinished or have a variety of finishes. Some possible options are light, dark, or colorful stained hues. Or find a pleasing paint color to liven up your quaint property. Farmhouse double entry doors can go well with a stone, brick, or white colonial house. Antique copper, oil-rubbed bronze, or steel brass can match the modern door hardware to match your classic design when adding the finishing touches.

5. 4. Grandeur and Luxury: Double Entry Doors with Glass Panels

Another thing with contemporary home designs is that these double doors look wonderfully extravagant without taking attention away from the rest of your home. Gone are the days of wrought-iron doors that screamed for attention. You wouldn’t have to have them, or massive door pulls, with double entry doors with glass panels. For these doors, it’s the minimalist aesthetic that wins. And because of that, you can play with different shapes of glass for the upper panel. Anything from a simple oval to a square to abstract shapes that you may have in mind, these doors aren’t so simple in the grand entrance that they bring to your front door.

What better way to make a grand entrance than with double entry doors that have a glass panel on the top? Open up the space that you need and let the light inside your entryway with these double front door designs. Perfect for any home with a grand feel, updated modern or sleek contemporary homes, these double entry doors work with a myriad of architectural styles. A grand entrance means that you need double doors. It’s a given. But when you add a glass panel, you give a modern twist to what might seem to be a traditional door design.

6. 5. Unique and Artistic: Custom Designed Double Entry Doors

When it comes to creating more impact to your home’s curb appeal, the focus should always start with the front and the easiest way to gain interest and an elevated curb appeal is to have an elaborate front door. When you incorporate one of these top 10 double entry door designs, you will certainly be able to make a statement and add immense value to your home. So no matter which design style you choose, consider adding any of these designs to the front of your home and watch as the stylish appearance and overall value of your home soar.

If you are looking to challenge the norm and have a front double entry door that is not only unique and artistic but completely different than any other, consider having it custom designed to fit your personal style. When custom designing double entry doors, you have the freedom to set the boundaries and create a door that will not only satisfy your stylistic needs but also one that compliments and elevates to another level the design of your home. By adding unique details such as personalized carvings, more color, different shapes, and varying materials, this will help to create an overall look that no other home can match, ensuring that your residence remains completely original and different from the rest. Custom designing your double entry doors is the perfect way to add the artistic flair that your home deserves.

7. 6. Timeless Beauty: Arched Double Entry Doors

Next on the list of top 10 double entry door designs to elevate your home’s curb appeal is certainly the beautifully curved timeless Arched Double Entry Doors. The classic arched design is an excellent element that you can use to bring tradition and luxury to the exterior of the house, yet still modern. These arched doors with full sidelights are designed to be very inviting and make the neighbors and visitors feel welcome every time they step up to the front door. Considering the hectic life, you know that a feeling of calm does appeal to all of us. The modern touches of the hidden hinges and door frame at the same level with the door make it a totally exceptional design and stand out from the crowd. If these arched doors take your heart away, hurry up to contact us because the story has just begun.

Beautifying your home and enhancing the curb appeal is not only about picking a certain color for the exterior. You need to go deeper into the details. As you know, the front door holds 90% of the attention of the people coming to your house. Therefore, the very first impression of your house is related to the front door of your home. What do you want this first impression of your house to be? Classic, luxury, elegant? Then allow us to present our collection of time-tested and sophisticated grand 10 Double Entry Door Designs to inspire and elevate your home’s curb appeal.

8. 7. Security and Style: Iron Double Entry Doors

Iron doors are wonderful for laying the groundwork for your home’s exterior color. If you are looking to paint your wooden shutters or concrete window surrounds and door frames the same color, start by choosing the perfectly elegant but neutral iron door to use as the foundation for your home’s beautiful, layered tone. This way, each feature will look as unique and rich as your luxury home.

When it comes to elegance and timeless style, iron has been the material of choice for centuries. It’s easy to see why blacksmiths and artisans have been choosing iron before many other manufacturing materials were even created. Iron is not only beautiful but also extremely strong. While it is important to take additional security measures and not rely solely on the strength of your entry door, iron double entry doors are a way to have both style and peace of mind in your home. Particularly if you own a luxury home with a courtyard, iron double entry doors will tie the look of your home together and provide necessary security.

9. 8. Energy Efficiency: Insulated Double Entry Doors

Insulated doors have a special type of core material that significantly increases the door’s thermal insulating properties. Doors can be insulated with foam, wood, or other materials. Foam polyurethane insulation is the most common one installed in double entry doors. Nonetheless, once installed, owning insulated doors would prove what a wise choice they’ve been. Insulated doors would enhance the level of comfort in the home, absorb fewer dents and scratches, make less noise, and potentially reduce heating and cooling loads.

Energy-efficient homes have been gaining popularity more and more during the last decade, and the trend isn’t going away any time soon. The environmental and monetary benefits of living in an energy-efficient home can’t be argued. In order to save power and thus reduce the house’s carbon footprint, natural building practices are a great place to start looking for ways to make the house work more effectively with its local environment. Insulated doors are one suitable building component that will help to save energy by minimizing its heat loss or gain.

10. 9. Minimalist Appeal: Single Panel Double Entry Doors

Minimalism is characterized by a few key words. Simple, clean, and unfussy yet visually commanding: this is the minimalist mantra. The single panel door embodies all of these concepts and then some. The unique combination of linear form and innovative functionality brings the concept of form and function perfectly into balance. With single panel doors, it’s all about the details. Simple, sleek, and linear lines are echoed in the aesthetic beauty of the door handle, glass size and frame, and small lit up sides and transom areas. Make a powerful statement while leaving a minimalist footprint.

Single panel double entry doors channel the characteristic allure of simple linear form combined with innovative function. Single panel doors, while visually simplistic, create a strong visual statement and elevate any home’s curb appeal. With streamlined architectural sensibilities, single panel double entry doors support contemporary, high-functioning exteriors and interiors. Clean layouts and wide planes of glass characterize this door design, effortlessly transitioning between industrial, modern, and classic styling.

11. 10. Statement Pieces: Double Entry Doors with Intricate Details

Welcome home. A world of aesthetically pleasing double entry door designs to make your house beautifully stand out is just a decision away. Here are the 10 most beautiful double door designs to heighten your home’s first impression. Delight in our top 10 double door entries – or as the French say – the beauty of “entrée”. When it comes to double entry doors for your beautiful home, craftsmanship, style, and materials are key elements. What is even more exciting is to see how homeowners and builders enjoyed mixing and matching styles building the perfect modern classic designs. The architectural styles of homes vary extensively. From traditional homes to big, contemporary houses, there is no home style that doesn’t benefit from a beautiful double entry door design.

Double entry doors are a timeless way to elevate your home’s curb appeal and make an impressive statement. They are complex to manufacture and require more materials, hence are more expensive than single front doors. That said, they are an absolute visual feast that always serve to make a statement. Are you ready to create the first impression worthy of your home? Get ready, it’s time to elevate your curb appeal.

12. Conclusion

Ensure aesthetically pleasing appeal for your home’s double entry door by selecting a design that complements the architectural statement of your home. Emphasize your door with sidelights and large, decorative handles, bunch of wheat door toppers or further stated metalwork, and hardware. Using custom lead glass can ensure the prosperity as well is protected. These extravagant designs complement the unique beauty of glass and iron door design that not only allows to have a grand entrance but are easier to maintain than wood or fiberglass door and are designed to withstand the test of time. Each of these designs combines the security and reliability of a standard, glass and metal double entry door. Purchasing a premium double entry door rather than standard is a wise investment if it meets your budgets. Highly sophisticated double entry door comes with the style and elegance of any luxurious desire.

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The Benefits of Installing a Double Entry Door for Your Home’s Entrance


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