Thomas Family

CASE STUDY: The Thomas Family

Even though we went into this with REALLY high expectations… they exceeded them!

The Thomas Family Say That Today’s Entry Doors Is The Easiest Home Construction Company They’ve Ever Worked With.

For this case study, we were lucky enough to visit once again with Danette Thomas. She and her family had been looking for doors for quite some time (a couple of years) before finally being introduced to us.

They’d searched online a bit and definitely shopped around. However, no one caught their attention when it came to sheer value like Today’s Entry Doors.

“They represented the quality of entry doors we were looking for.”

That being said… while the website was impressive to them, they still chose to spend time checking up on us on two other platforms.

  1. Our Instagram: As of this writing we have 178 posts, which isn’t a mind-blowing amount but enough to spend a while browsing door after exquisite door,  exploring the value we offer. This is in combination with our 6+ galleries, including a video gallery, on our website.  (Visit Our Instagram Page). We have hundreds and hundreds of photos of past projects and we definitely aren’t afraid to share them. 
  2. Our Yelp Page: At the time the Thomas family was checking up on us, we had 140 Reviews and 200+ photographs of entry doors on our Yelp page. The nice part is many of our 5-star reviews include Before & After photos taken directly by the customers themselves (Visit Our Yelp Page).

Once they’d seen enough and their minds were made up, they decided to head on down to our professional showroom on West Grove Ave on a Saturday. And like most folks, they were surprised and grateful for us being open (a very common sentiment)!

As a company, Today’s Entry Doors has consistently invested in our customers. We’ve leveraged tremendous resources to ensure you have not only an incredible experience on our website, but in our showroom and Mobile Showroom as well.

The showroom experience was a breeze. Since they already knew what style they wanted, they were able to make some initial choices on the spot. One of which involved coloring, but little did they know then that their minds would soon change for the better.

First, they set a time for an in-home consultation without any scheduling issues whatsoever.

When the time came, Danette Thomas thought all she was going to see drive up to her home was a representative of ours in a company car holding a bunch of high-def catalogs.

Nope… instead, our stocked Mobile Showroom pulled up and really surprised them!

They absolutely loved it.

Being able to walk into our retrofitted truck and look at doors, examine real hardware samples, and browse glass options was tremendously convenient. Especially with the ability to take measurements mere feet away.

“There was just none of the typical back and forth. We were relieved!”

Our Mobile Showroom has been a hit since Day One. We continue working to make it even better. Being able to bring the showroom to your home rather than just a bunch of catalogs is convenient and makes the whole experience of buying a new entry door much easier.

Now, here’s one of the best parts of their story. It was nice and sunny that day, and Danette was able to see the sample door color she’d chosen in our core showroom in the sun and realized they needed to change the coloring slightly.

Danette explained that at the time, they’d just gotten done essentially remodeling the entire house. Although they’d only been in it two years, they’d gotten the backyard redone, remodeled the entire inside (kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)…and the flooring. 

Their new hardwood flooring meant the entry door couldn’t be too red, or too yellow. It needed to be perfectly blended, which it was thanks to the showroom+mobile showroom experience. 

How’d installation go?

Flawlessly. In fact, Danette was amazed at how quickly, smoothly, and impeccably the work was done. Our installers didn’t just take the ordinary precautions for dust and debris…

“They even mopped, which kind of surprised me as well. I wasn’t expecting that.”

And how about the results?

Stunning. Their new Jeld-Wen Aurora fiberglass doors look outstanding with their natural Mahogany grain and special factory stained Mocha coloring.

They exceeded the Thomas family’s expectations, and yes, they were high after working with so many other contractors in the months leading up to the installation.

“Today’s Entry Doors was the easiest construction company we worked with, and the results were stunning; prettier than we expected.”

Despite the fact they have rather tall entry doors, the overall process was smooth, easy, and went much quicker than with other home remodeling projects.

One of the most common themes in our reviews, be they on Yelp or elsewhere, is how much our customers appreciate the professionalism, workmanship, and cleanliness of our installers. We do not use cheap, unskilled labor. Our entry door installations are of the highest quality.

Now that the Thomas family has completely remodeled their home (and in less than 3 years), all that’s left to do is enjoy it. So far their entry door has performed extremely well, continues to look incredible, and it keeps the home protected.

Another great experience; another happy customer.

Thank you so much, Danette, and here’s to you and your family’s new home!

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