This Is Why We Only Ask For 10% Upfront On Our Turnkey Custom Entry Door Service & Installations

We’ll keep this particular article on the shorter side, because here’s the bottom line:

At Today’s Entry Doors we’re only going to ask you for 10% upfront.

That’s it. Period. Beginning of story…

The rest we’ll collect after everything is done and your new entry door system has been installed to absolute perfection.

Because one of the really stressful steps in dramatic home improvements and transformations…is the dreaded down payment.

We don’t like stress.

We like happy customers who are ecstatic that they chose to work with us.

Here in Southern California (we serve Orange County and directly-surrounding areas), depending on what you’re investing in, you could be asked for as much as 30%…


Maybe even 100%!

In our niche as Fiberglass Entry Door Specialists, what 10% comes to for the high-end custom systems we sell (full-service, all-inclusive) is about $5,000-$10,000 — depending on a large variety of variables.

But for our customers this equals about $500 to $1,000 down on world-class entry doors you can browse yourself by visiting our Entry Door Galleries.

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We’ve been doing this for, well, a really long time and NOT ONCE has it come back to bite us.

In fact, we checked our records, and out of literally thousands of installs we THINK only one or two customers backed out before delivery. And these were very extenuating, rare circumstances to say the least.

Although we’ve NEVER had a customer give us the 10% down payment and then essentially ‘ghost us’ and disappear.

10% Seems Arbitrary — Why Not ZERO Down Payment?

Because we want to see some commitment. We’re careful about who we work with. We’re successful, thriving, and we have an extensive customer base after 30+ years. So, we don’t just hop at every homeowner who comes knocking (pun intended).

There’s modern supply chain issues and lead times to consider, but every one of our customers is fully-informed and knows exactly what will happen from step to step. Needless to say, we ensure their expectations are realistic — based on hard numbers, our genuine 5-star reviews, a Lifetime Warranty, and local reputation here in Orange County.

Not to mention our expertise and other elements like Our Entry Door Case Studies.

Honestly, after decades in business, we could count the amount of ‘issues’ we’ve had with customers on one hand.

We Don’t Need To Worry Or Hedge Our Bets

We ask for 10% upfront because we know nothing is going to go wrong — this is also the highest that’s allowed by the Contractors State License Board – or CSLB.

“Contractors cannot ask for a deposit of more than 10 percent of the total cost of the job or $1,000, whichever is less.”

Most contractors don’t know this, or worse…don’t care! With us, there’s no need on our end to ask for more anyway. If by chance a small issue does pop up during the process, we’re going to get it promptly and professionally handled without any hassles whatsoever.

Bottom Line: We know we’re offering the VERY BEST DOORS in the Orange County, CA area. To learn more, simply Contact Us and we’ll be happy to take the time and walk through the basics with you.

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