The Transformational Impact of Installing a Front Door with Sidelights

1. Introduction

This research study examines these subsequent steps. More specifically, this study looks at the transformative impact of installing a residential front door with sidelights. While this appears to be a parochial concern, our study will show, through interviews with families, that it can help lead people toward achieving a “higher” sense of happiness by instilling a sense of trust, equality, and self-actualization.

When outfitting a home, the basic components necessary for a satisfied existence clearly include food, water, and shelter. Lacking these basic needs, people cannot survive, let alone enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Once these basic needs are met, however, we strive to achieve a higher quality of life. This pursuit of happiness is part of human nature. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs demonstrates this human drive for self-actualization. A geographic address, i.e., a place to call home, is an essential part of the structural, biological human objectives. Lacking a “home” on the street, a person will never be able to achieve a higher purpose in life. Providing for the most basic housing needs for the homeless is a necessary first step. It is, however, only the first step in addressing a range of needs that coexist with addressing the homelessness issue. Subsequent steps are equally important.

2. Enhancing Curb Appeal

Home builders and renovators alike work with homeowners to fashion both the sill and the stairs in front of a front door that is both functional and also creates a beautiful facade. Homeowners can add plants, shrubbery or other decorations that enhance the front door and sidelite, adding even more personality to both home and entrance.

The benefits of making a good first impression on would-be visitors is not lost on homeowners, a good reason in and of itself to upgrade a standard front door to one with sidelights. Such portals create a literal window to the homeowners’ world, allowing light in and a chance to showcase for those within the space. Remember, too, that this face of the house contributes significantly to its overall curb appeal. A home that looks inviting from the front door will generate good vibes, whether or not the same impression holds true for the rest of your home.

2.1. Increased Natural Light

People who have front doors without sidelights sometimes dread the “Who is it?” and “What do you want?” requests from the other side of the door that often accompany knocks or doorbell rings. The safety and security that comes with the capability to partially or fully open a front door without providing full access to the interior of a home is an added bonus of installing and maintaining a well-conceived front door system with sidelights.

There is no doubt that adding a front door with sidelights creates a more inviting entrance. One of the primary reasons for this is the enhanced appearance which results from the increased natural light that can now flow into the lobby area inside the front door. Additionally, the people who are coming to visit you or who are passing by and considering dropping in are more easily visible and your ability to peer outside is much improved. And when someone knocks on your door, you will now have the ability to smile and wave at them before you even open the door. This can be very comforting and help put guests at ease from the moment they arrive at your house.

3. Improving Home Security

Practical and real security benefits come from having the opportunity of first sight – though today it may be more a question of first alarm – in seeing who is at the front door. The purpose of this paper’s study is to explore these notions of passive and active security from the perspective of having and using a front door with sidelights. We wish especially to uncover facts or assessments concerning the connection between having this resource and the question of real or perceived changes in quality of life. Mention should also be made of the lesser-known, but still highly effective, resource of installing an electronic door viewer in place of the traditional peephole; a study of this less-expensive, less-intrusive approach is suggested as a topic for a future research undertaking.

Let’s not forget the obvious functional foci of residential doors, namely passive security (protecting what’s inside) and access (permitting entry to and exit from the structure as a portal to the outside world). Implicit in each of these roles is the implication of creating threshold quality, by which we mean balancing security and access in such a way as to prevent adverse intrusions without making the process of coming and going a chore. If the scales are out of balance – as they can be when a structure is fortified as a fortress – security can overpower access to the point of actually impeding it, as when snug weatherstripping seals a door so tightly that it’s too hard to push or pull open. Why work so hard to protect stuff we possess if we become unwilling to use and enjoy it? Everything in life involves trade-offs among passive security, freedom of access, and active security.

4. Energy Efficiency Benefits

Research the design characteristics of the models of front doors with sidelights that you are considering to evaluate their energy efficiency features. For example, fiberglass is more energy efficient than steel, long-life metal or wood. Compare the insulating value of the glass in the front doors. The insulating value of the glass can be stored as U-value which indicates insulating value. The insulating value of windows is also indicated by the R-value which is the inverse of the U-value (R = 1/U) and is expressed as R-value = 1/U-value. Choose very insulating front doors with sidelights to reduce your heating and cooling costs and enjoy greater comfort inside your home in cold and hot weather. Keep in mind that the front door with sidelights that offers the most insulating value is a high-R-value front door with at least two panes of insulating glass.

Installing a front door with sidelights can have energy efficiency benefits, as sidelights can help in heating and lighting the home with sunlight which can help reduce heating and lighting costs in some climates. It may also be possible to add insulation around windows to reduce heating losses through the windows. It may be possible to improve energy efficiency by installing a new front door with sidelights that is more insulating than the old front door and that has more efficient sidelights. Also ask the sales staff at the home store for information about steel or fiberglass models of doors and low-e or spectrally selective glass that may be more insulating or more efficient than the models that you are considering.

5. Aesthetic Considerations

Your front door says a lot about you and your home. Do you want to make an impression without saying a word? Do you want to increase curb appeal and the perceived value of your property instantly? Experts say that installing a front door with sidelights reaches these and other important goals. The door is one of the most significant approach devices to your residence. Your front door and the surrounding space have connections to practically every aspect of how residents and visitors perceive and use the building. No other entry has as much impact. The door has emotional impact because the word “door” and the concept of passage is permanently grounded in the experience of everyone. Your entry looks and feels like a threshold because there are prominent openings on the front of the house and there is a door that marks and controls the passage.

Front doors are a reflection of the homeowner and they contribute to the overall visual impact of your home. Welsh recommends using proportion and scale to strike emotional chords with the onlooker, such as when an expanse of glass in a seemingly too large doorway makes the visitor feel welcomed. Other tips she offers include the importance of creating mass, or visual presence, of the house by using a wide trim around the door, and choosing hardware that reveals a feeling of permanence.

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