The Family Behind Today’s Entry Doors

Important Insights Into The Family Behind Today’s Entry Doors & What It Could Mean For Your New Custom Entryway

One of the most important questions we (should) ask ourselves about companies before we hire them to work on our homes is: where’s their moral compass, or where does their work ethic come from?

In this article, we’re going to give you a peek into the hard-working people behind Today’s Entry Doors (TED), a local fiberglass entry-doors-only company servicing Orange County, CA, and areas directly surrounding it.

Let’s start with their core driver of success.

Where Did The Company Get This Incredible ‘Do It Right…ALWAYS” Approach To Full-Service Entry Doors?

Now we’re talking origin story.

Larry Cahoon (Owner/Founder) would tell you it came, fundamentally, from his desire never to let his mother down. Never to disappoint her. While he was raised in a humble family without much material wealth or belongings, she always INSISTED on order, cleanliness, and resisting the urge to dawdle.

Whatever chore he took on for her, he gave it his all. Be it mowing the lawn or washing the car; it had to be high-caliber work. This meshed well with his innate and insatiable complex as an adult to hear these words after every project:

“Wow, great job!”

You can learn more by visiting our Core Values page.

Can You Tell Me A Little About The History Of The Company?

Absolutely. One thing about the Cahoon family is they’re open, transparent, and fair.

Here’s the quick bullet-point perspective:

  • TED began as ‘Today’s Windows & Doors’ back in 1998. Larry had been in construction in one form or another his entire adult life before opening up shop. He has a General Contractors license along with a D28 and C61.
  • Donna Cahoon came aboard pretty much right after they got married. At the time, she’d been working for a major multinational corporation and decided to be an integral…an INDISPENSABLE… part of their family business was a more fulfilling role.
  • Customers, especially the women (who are often the decision-makers in our line of work), absolutely adore her attitude, professionalism, and knowledge.

What’s The #1 Lesson They’ve Learned As A Family-Owned & Run Business?

Simple: you’ve GOT to have a hierarchy. There MUST be someone who has the final say, and thus far, for TED, that’s been Larry. Not in a sort of dictatorial or totalitarian sense, but to make a call when it’s clear the debating, carrying on, and dialogue (and potential dawdling!) might never end.

In both family and business life, issues need swift, decisive resolution!

When it comes to quality control and impeccable installation issues, having a designated decision-maker is part of our long-standing, Proven Process.

This is why customizing, designing, and installing entry doors with TED is so efficient. Be sure to visit our Entry Door Galleries to see hundreds of example photos of our actual projects from across the Orange County, CA area.

Speaking of which…

Why Did TED Choose Entry Doors, Not Siding, Kitchens, Or Remodeling?

In Larry’s own words:

“Choosing to specialize in ONLY entry doors came from the realization that “windows” were too easy. While installing windows, some of our past installers were caught doing side work for neighbors of our company jobs. At the time, we were predominantly doing vinyl retrofit window installations. Sharp installers could become your next competitor within a month.”

But when we look at custom, high-end entryway transformations, that’s an entirely different story. It’s artisan-level work, where basically TED has no real competition in the area.

In all of California, no one specializes in front doors as we do!

Also, it became clear that while these entry doors are gorgeous and premium across the board, you only need one specialist installer vs. 2, 3, or 4 for windows.

And the final part of that decision had to do with liability. Installing entry doors requires far less intrusion into people’s homes and therefore lowers company liability.

What’s The Secret Of TED’s Family-Business Success?

Respecting each other, and respecting your customers, no matter what.

How Long Has Garrett Cahoon, Larry & Donna’s Son, Been Involved?

Garrett has been working with the company since he was in high school.

He started as an installer doing both windows and doors. Then, after about ten years with the family company, he was involved in an accident. He needed to get away from installation work, but instead of answering phones, he decided to try meeting with people and being more involved on the sales side.

From his first sale, he’s never looked back. Today he’s a partner/owner in the business and keeps it running smoothly when Larry & Donny are away.

Wrapping Up: From Our Family To Yours, You Only Get The Best Treatment With Today’s Entry Doors

Now, you’ve got a much better idea of who the family is behind TED. So when the time comes to completely revamp and revitalize your home’s front door system, you know who to call.

We’re your local experts with decades of open, transparent history here in your community. Contact Us with any questions, concerns, or curiosities, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details. Thanks for your time, and we hope to stop by and show you our Mobile Showroom soon!

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