Are Front Doors Secure Against Break-Ins?

Unless Your Door Installers Followed Our Procedure, Your Door Is Less Secure Than You Think.

It’s not the only reason people call us for a replacement door, but security is definitely a factor for many people shopping for a new door.

Simply put, many people are concerned that their current door is not as secure as it could be.

And, sorry to say, they’re often right. In our experience the answer to “How easy would it be to bust down my door?” is…

Pretty easy.

Typical Problems With Door Security

Most single doors we see have 2 problems:

1. Where the lock meets the door frame should be reinforced with a strike plate, but it typically only has a beauty plate. It’s amazing to us how few door installers will use a strike plate to reinforce the locking system – it should be part of any standard installation. But it’s just not with most installers.

2. Most door locking systems only attach to the door frame. The frame is a relatively thin piece of wood – usually about ¾ inch – and if it gets kicked or banged against hard, it will break and that will allow your door to be pushed in.

Double doors also have common problems:

1. In most double doors we are replacing, we see flush bolts that are failing or broken. (These are the bolts that slide up and down in a track).

2. Another common thing we see is double doors that lock with a pin at the top and bottom of the door. In many, many cases, only one of the two pins is still engaging properly. This kind of problem makes pushing through double doors extremely easy.

The bottom line is this: most old doors could be breached without a lot of difficulty.

But Unfortunately, Getting A Replacement Door Doesn’t Automatically
Mean Your Door Will Be More Secure

Many homeowners assume that getting a brand-new door installed will automatically mean they have a more secure door.

Not necessarily.

It depends on the installation methods of the door replacement company you choose.

Our Proprietary Method And Exclusive Product For A More Secure Door

We have an exclusive method for installing new doors that makes busting down a door much harder.

Most door installations only attach to the door frame, and as we mentioned above, that means that your locking system is only attached to a relatively thin piece of door frame.

We’ve invented a proprietary method using an exclusive product that attaches your door system to the sub-structure of your home. For more information on this, visit our Safe & Secure page.

Double doors are a little different: we use our proprietary security bracket to reinforce the top pin (slide bolt).

If you’ve got broken pins or flush bolts on your old doors, our installation of new replacement double doors will make your door much harder to breach. Flush bolts have gotten more stout over time, meaning your newer bolts are going to be stronger and more durable.

Also, our strict installation standards means you’ll know that your double doors are being installed to the highest standards, making your doors more secure.

If You’re Worried About The Security Of Your Old Door, We Can Help

While no door company can promise to make a replacement door completely unbreachable, Today’s Entry Doors has exclusive installation methods, high standards, and strong doors. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re making it much harder to bust down your door.

Want more information? Go here to schedule a free door consultation and quote. We provide door replacement in Orange County and surrounding communities. We’ll install a secure door that you absolutely love!

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