Are Matching Doors And Shutters A Must?

Should Your Front Door Match Your Shutters? What’s Best For Your Curb Appeal?

Whether you plan to sell your house in the next few years, or simply want your home to better reflect you, curb appeal is an important consideration. With that, there are many elements that play into your home’s curb appeal. Your front lawn, your porch, the number of windows, and walkways are all important, but one of the first things people will notice is the color of your home. They will notice not only the color of the walls but also the accents, like the trim, your front door, and your shutters.

When it comes to your front door and shutters, you can choose to use the same color or opt for different colors. There’s no universal right or wrong answer, you just have to choose the best option for your home. In today’s blog, we’ll break down what each option looks like:
black shutters and door

Cohesiveness or Contrasting Accents?

Your front door, trim, and shutters should all work in contrast to the walls of your home. For instance, if the walls of your home are a dark color, the door, shutters, and trim are often a light color. If the walls are light, the accents are often dark. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your accents have to all be the same color. Choosing a front door in a different color than your exterior window shutters can offer a little more variety to make the house really stand out.

On the other hand, some homeowners prefer a cohesive pattern. For example, if the trim is black, they want the same for the shutters and front door. In other cases, the trim is a different color — as pictured above with the white trim — but the shutters and doors remain a united black. This option can look more uniform while still offering contrast to the home at large.

Different Architectural Styles

The architectural style of your home can also impact your preference when it comes to the color of your front door and shutters. In many colonial style homes, wide structures with white or brick walls, red doors, and black shutters are the norm, like these images below:

white colonial home  white colonial home

For more modern styles, such as ranch or craftsman style homes, having the same color doors and shutters can really make the design style pop, exemplified below:

craftsman home

Victorian homes fall somewhere in the middle. These tall, historic structures can be classic and uniform or quirky and colorful. Take a look at these two Victorian homes, one with matching shutters and doors and one without:

victorian home

Take a look at examples of other homes with similar architectural styles to your own to determine what look you like best.

Should Your Trim Match Your Doors and Shutters?

We discussed earlier that the main accents for your home’s exterior are your front door, your shutters, and your trim. While having all three the same color can add to the uniformity of the place, it’s a little too much sameness for some homeowners. The rule of three is an excellent way to handle the colors of your home: one main color and two accent colors. This rule adds variety to your home without clashing too much. For example, your trim might match one of the other accents if your doors and shutters aren’t the same color, or you can choose a different color for your trim than your front door and shutters.

Do You Need Exterior Shutters?

Not all homes have exterior shutters, and they serve as primarily aesthetic features, with many homes relying on interior shutters for privacy. Thus your home might not need exterior shutters. But if you want something that can match your front door and trim, you can always go off the color of your window frames in place of shutters.

Ultimately, both options can look stylish, and you have to choose the right option for you. Part of that involves finding entry doors that come in various colors, so you can ensure that the door you choose is the perfect door for your home. At Today’s Entry Doors, we sell several quality fiberglass entry doors in all the popular styles and a wide range of colors. Contact us today to learn more about our door options or to order a door of your own.

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