Door Installation in Santa Ana, CA

Beautiful Long-Lasting Front Entry Doors
For Santa Ana Homeowners

Front Entry Doors Are Our Expertise, Livelihood, & Passion

When it comes to first impressions of a home, the front entry door is typically the first thing that catches the eye, for better or for worse. Santa Ana is a beautiful town filled with inspiring murals, museums, and culture.

Many Santa Ana homeowners want their homes to match the vibe of their city or neighborhood, and front entry doors are a great place to start!

At Today’s Entry Doors, we solely focus on fiberglass entry doors to give our clients the best possible products and installation.

Many home contractors lump entry doors in with every other home remodeling project when really it takes dedication and hard work for an entry door to come out perfect. That’s what makes us different and the preferred choice for Santa Ana homeowners when it comes to fiberglass entry doors.

Quality Is Our Main Focus Every Step Of The Way

At Today’s Entry Doors, we have done our due diligence to provide Santa Ana homeowners with the best possible options when it comes to fiberglass entry doors.

Our proven quality assurance system weeds out unreputable door brands so that our clients don’t have to. With all the various brands of front entry doors, it can be a bit confusing for some homeowners to determine the best door for their homes.

Since doors are all we do, Santa Ana homeowners can rest easy knowing we offer the top front entry door brands in the industry and are well versed in the installation process.

“Great experience and lovely new door. These folks are responsive and provide high-quality work. Our new door is fabulous and was installed perfectly, on time with no problems. They even added a custom trim to hide the existing stucco mess around the frame. I highly recommend Today’s Entry Doors. Call them up!”

– Lauren S.

Convenient Shopping Options… We Come To You!

Instead of wasting gas driving all over the city between multiple different stores, our mobile showroom comes right to Santa Ana homeowners! This is not only extremely convenient for our clients but also allows us to get a feel for how a certain type of door will look on a home along with various trim options.

Our mobile showroom carries many of our most popular samples of fiberglass entry doors from the top brands in the industry, giving homeowners a chance to look at and feel their new front door without having to purchase it first.

At Today’s Entry Doors, we focus on providing our clients with a stress-free installation process from the initial free consultation up until we drive away from the job site. After all, the installation process can make or break how an entry door looks on a home.

Our Proven Door Installation Process

Instead of out-sourcing subpar contractors to assist us in the installation process, we thoroughly train our technicians on the art of door installations. Properly installing a front entry door takes experience, patience, and talent; not just a few tools and a few hours of time.

We have streamlined our door installation process to ensure we are maintaining our highest quality of work every step of the way:

Step 1: Call Us
This is the first occasion where homeowners will notice a significant difference between Today’s Entry Doors and every other front entry door provider. Our next-level customer service team is extremely knowledgeable about everything to do with the door installation process and is readily available to answer any and all questions.
Step 2: The At-Home Appointment

After the initial consultation, our team hits the road with our mobile showroom to give homeowners a chance to finish picking out their new front entry door from the comfort of their own home or neighborhood. This is truly the only way for homeowners to accurately gauge whether a certain fiberglass door style, size, and color are right for their home.

Step 3: The Zero Pressure, No Pricing Games Quote
In a world where home remodeling contractors try to take advantage of homeowners any way they can, Today’s Front Entry Doors is a refreshing change of pace. We always tell our clients exactly how it is without trying to nickel-and-dime them on unneeded costs. Once we decide on a quote, that number never changes, even if the client decides to wait and think about it.
Step 4: Installation By Trained Professionals
The actual installation process is by far the most important part of choosing a new front entry door. Improperly installed doors can provide poor energy efficiency for a home, not to mention the additional costs of having a door replaced or fixed later on. We only hire highly trained professionals whose sole duties are the installation of front entry doors for Santa Ana homeowners.
Step 5: Lifetime Commitment To Santa Ana Homeowners

We offer all Santa Ana homeowners all-inclusive lifetime warranties on every door option we carry here at Today’s Entry Door. That’s how confident we are in our products and installation team. On top of that, we offer an additional 2-year labor warranty to ensure our clients never have to pay out of pocket for their entry door more than once.

“I recently had a new fiberglass entry door installed by Today’s Entry Doors and the entire experience exceeded my expectations. The service was so exceptional that I could not, in good conscience, go anywhere else (really–that good). They have the ability to perfectly hang a door even when the house has settled and the frame is no longer perfectly square. After watching their meticulous work I now understand that this is specialty work– not something you do yourself or have a general contractor do. It was so refreshing to work with experts who have great service and offer a fair and honest price. This company is a rare find–highly recommended.”

– JT S.

Santa Ana Homeowners Deserve The Absolute Best
When It Comes To Front Entry Doors

If you are a homeowner in Santa Ana or surrounding areas looking for next-level front entry doors, you are in the right place! At Today’s Entry Doors, we are utterly obsessed with installing fiberglass entry doors, it’s all we do.

Let’s get started today! We can be reached Monday-Friday by calling our office located in Orange, CA at (714) 912-1579 or by contacting us at your convenience!



Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.