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Get High-Quality Dutch Doors For Your Orange, CA Home

Well hi there neighbor, are you interested in high-end, highly-functional, and absolutely gorgeous Dutch Doors for your Orange, CA home? Good for you, they’re extremely popular and a quality investment.

Welcome to Today’s Entry Doors, we’ve been proudly serving homeowners like you for over thirty years. On this page you can learn more about us, see what we have to offer in terms of Dutch Entry Doors, and then hopefully reach out for more info if you’re feeling comfortable.

Let’s begin with a look at what you need to know about us, or really about any entry door company you choose to work with. This choice is the #1 determining factor on both ROI and the level of value you enjoy. 

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Today’s Entry Doors in Orange, CA: What To Know

These are what the vast majority of our customers would agree are the major benefits of becoming a part of the extended Today’s Entry Doors family here in California. 

  • Entry Doors or Bust! We don’t try to excel or go well above and beyond the call of duty with anything but this – selling and installing the best fiberglass dutch doors homeowners in Orange, CA can get their hands on. 


  • A Highly-Refined Process: After three decades, honestly, we really know what we’re doing. Not to be arrogant or sound over-confident, it’s just been our bread and butter for a very long time. Our process has been extremely well-refined and streamlined. 


  • Premium Manufacturing: There’s no chance of you getting a low-quality, low-performance door from us. It’s just not going to happen. We stand beside our work 100% and have built rock-solid manufacturer relationships we trust – so you can too. 


  • Reliable Coverage: One core reason we choose to stick with New Fiberglass Entry Doors is because you can’t beat the coverage! How does a lifetime guarantee sound? When you compare that to what’s offered for wood doors, there’s no comparison. 


  • Easy Financing Options: If you’d prefer to break the investment down into a payment schedule, we’ve got an assortment of options designed for budget-friendly homeowners like you – nothing cookie cutter. No surprises.


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Learn About Our Fiberglass Dutch Doors

Simply put, conventional Dutch Doors (also called Split or Double-Hung) are split horizontally into two halves, upper-lower, which can both open and shut. They have their own hinges. 

  • Adding Character To Your Home: Dutch Doors have unmistakable character, especially when combined with sidelights, gorgeous factory stains that come in a huge variety, the right kind of glass (degrees of visibility vs. privacy), and complimentary specially-crafted hardware. 


  • Getting More Fresh Air / Breeze: With a Dutch Door you don’t have to have to completely open the door to get a nice thick breeze or dose of fresh air. Instead, you can just open the top half which can be either solid, typically windowed, or or perhaps contain a larger window section.


  • Keep the Kids & Dogs Contained: Keep that bottom half closed so the kids and dogs are contained, without having to completely close the door. You’ll even be able to interact with people delivering packages. 


  • Farmhouse Flavor: Dutch Doors can really bestow a more country-house feeling to your home’s aesthetic. It’s also common to use these in the interior in laundry rooms or with doors that connect two rooms.

From the street folks who are unfamiliar with them might think they are a lower door with an upper window, but that’s not the case. Need to know more? Just ask your specialists at Today’s Entry Doors.

Why Fiberglass

We pride ourselves on being the opposite of big-box stores in the home improvement world. Our business isn’t based on either sales pressure, outlandish marketing, or volume. Our technicians and mastercrafters are happy to give you all the information you need so you know you’re making a worthwhile investment.


Fiberglass entry doors are the best you can get, honestly, outside highly-luxurious and more opulent custom doors made of wood and steel. Fiberglass is beautiful, energy efficient, highly customizable, insanely durable and strong, and as mentioned before you get that lifetime guarantee. 


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For any further questions or concerns, Orange CA homeowners need not hesitate – Today’s Entry Doors staff have the answers and information. You deserve to know about fiberglass entry door options. Call or schedule an absolutely free entry door meeting with one of our professional consultants today.
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Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.