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Hi there neighbor, online researching new Contemporary Entry Doors for your Orange, CA home? Only willing to invest in the best? In that case, welcome to Today’s Entry Doors! We’ve been serving homeowners locally for a very long time. 

You’re on our company website, but this particular web page is here specifically to help you get the gist of who we are, our offerings, and why we come so highly rated. 

Hopefully by the end, you feel comfortable enough to reach out to us once you’re ready to move forward.

Let’s start with our foundational benefits. 

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The 5 Core Pillars of Today’s Entry Doors in Orange, CA

This is by no means the entirety of our benefits list, but you’ll definitely have a much better idea. Each is extremely important to everyone on the Today’s Entry Doors team and our customers. 


  • Our ONE True Calling: There is only one service, just one thing that we focus all of our talent, experience, and professionalism on – selling and installing entry doors. We’re specialists. Today’s Entry Doors are your local fiberglass contemporary door experts.


  • Our ‘No Surprises’ Process: Over the span of three decades we’ve perfected and streamlined our process so there’s none of the conventional headaches and surprises. No gimmicks. No overbearing or pushy sales. Just quality entry doors and service. 


  • Outstanding Entry Doors: When we say quality, we really mean it. Because at the end of the day the #1 determining factor between you and unforgettable value…is the company you choose. Our manufacturers are downright brilliant!  


  • Dependable Warranty Coverage: Sure, there’s really no entry doors that can compare to the allure of all-natural, majestic real wood doors. Thing is, they don’t offer great coverage whatsoever. Fiberglass Front Entry Doors do, and they look amazing.


  • Custom Financing Options: There’s nothing wrong with being a budget-conscious homeowner who would prefer to break down the investment into manageable payments. If that’s you, Today’s Entry Doors has the financing options you’re looking for. 

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Learn About Our Fiberglass Contemporary Entry Doors

This style of entry door has been around and popular since the post-WW2 days. Again, what really matters from your perspective is the company you work with. Yes, big box stores are always at your disposal, but choose us if you need real specialist help. 


  • Make That Artistic Statement: Contemporary door styling is still quite popular, and it’s not always about a 40’s or 50’s-era throwback. Many customers in the 2020s like it because it fits into environmental-minded aesthetics, minimalist statements, along artistically-sleek profiles, and when sharp color distinctions are called for.


  • Get The Energy Efficiency: Our fiberglass doors are designed and manufactured with industry-leading energy efficiency ratings so you get ROI in energy savings and boosted home value. 


  • Improve Your Safety & Security: Most contemporary doors by themselves aren’t all that imposing, well, when compared to a double dutch r or wide wrought iron door. But in reality they have the same high security measures in stoutness, strength, durability, hardware, and locking systems. 


  • Coverage You Can Count On: With wood entry doors, the coverage can range from non-existent or highly-limited, whereas with our fiberglass doors (which you can’t visually distinguish from real wood) you get dependable lifetime warranty coverage. We also stand beside our work 110%. 


  • Personalized Financing Options: Would you like to break the overall project investment into a series of payments? We have a range of Orange, CA homeowner-friendly financing options to consider. 


Why Fiberglass?

Today’s Entry Doors provides the polar opposite experience from what you would go through at a big box home improvement store. Instead of just leaving you there walking around looking at a very limited supply of mass-produced doors, our fiberglass doors are specially made by U.S. manufacturers and come in a HUGE variety.


Our consultants will walk you through every step, and you’ll see exactly why fiberglass entry doors are superior – almost no maintenance requirements, high artistic value, customization, security, efficiency and more.


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Double Dutch Doors

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For any further questions or concerns, Orange CA homeowners need not hesitate – Today’s Entry Doors staff have the answers and information. You deserve to know about fiberglass entry door options. Call or schedule an absolutely free entry door meeting with one of our professional consultants today.
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Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.