Front Entry Doors In Lakewood, CA

Today’s Entry Doors is the premier door replacement company in Lakewood, CA and we can make your house a home with our beautiful selection of door styles. Want to make your home the masterpiece of your neighborhood? You would be surprised how a new front entry door can make a difference. Our customers in Lakewood, CA have seen the changes a door replacement can make and all of the benefits that come from the process.

We have a wide selection of front entry doors and they not only create a welcoming breath of fresh air to your front entry, but most importantly, our doors provide a level of security that is rare these days. Our installation process is unique and proprietary to us, and along with the new and vibrant choices you will have, you will also see how secure our doors will make your home feel. We have a variety of sizes, styles and colors to choose from and we even offer a free consultation and bring our showroom directly to you.

We only work with the top door manufacturers out there, and there is a reason. We want our customers to be fully satisfied and we want your door to last for a lifetime. In fact, we don’t just sell doors, we actually install them. This is rare in the door replacement industry, but we are so enthusiastic into making your home into a showpiece and giving you the comfort of knowing that your family is safe. But, there is another important fact that makes us stand out when it comes to our passion for doors. Work with us and see what Today’s Entry Doors will create for your home.

How To Find The Perfect Door For Your Home

We have an extensive selection of door styles to select from and when we come out for your free consultation, we will take the time to do measurements, a full assessment, and can truly customize your door to fit perfectly. But, that’s just the first fun and exciting step! We love to see the architectural style of your home because this can be the catalyst to selecting the perfect door style for your home. Looking at the color palette, the front yard, and also the exterior materials such as brick, clay or siding, it allows us to help you to choose. Today’s Entry Doors also takes into account the weather in Lakewood, CA as well as if your front entry door faces, north or south, east or west; this can help to make a great choice.

Classic traditional and craftsman styles are available, but the reason we look at which direction your home is facing is that many homeowners are looking for glass inserts to be placed in their doors. This allows in light and sometimes can be the perfect option for opening up your home and making it feel more comfortable. Some homeowners are interested in a sleek modern design and the trends of the time which can include extra-wide doors, extreme color palettes, or a polished veneer to accent the colors of the home. Whichever door is your choice, our expert installers will make sure that your door is perfectly installed within your home.

We Come Directly To You

We are so passionate about our doors and our installation process that we want to ensure our clients go through a completely stress-free process. So, we make it simple! We come directly to you. We actually have a beautiful and luxurious mobile showroom that is filled with door styles, materials, and color choices. We know it can be difficult to make it out to multiple showrooms, big box stores, and then the stress of finding a contractor who can actually install the door. This is why we do it all. During your free consultation, we can bring our mobile showroom to you, and you can sit back, relax, and choose exactly what you are looking for all from the comfort of your property.

Here are Three Reasons Why Fiberglass Doors Are Best

We solely choose and install only fiberglass doors for your front entryway. Here are some of the top reasons why we only install fiberglass doors:

The Best Security
Yes, it’s true when you first start searching for a front entry door, you start with the style and the color palette. But, fiberglass not only has a huge assortment of colors and styles, but it is also the most secure and safest door on the market. And because our installation process is proprietary, we actually install your door to the substructure of your home with a steel plate, meaning that you are getting not only the highest-quality door but the highest-quality installation available.
It Can Deal With The Weather
Lakewood, CA has some interesting weather patterns in which most of the year we are enjoying the sun, but we do also have the opportunity to enjoy the occasional wind and rain storm. Now, a wood door cannot stand up to these weather patterns. In fact, most wooden doors only last a few years. Fiberglass can last you a lifetime! They are rot-resistant, they do not crack, and they do not require maintenance. Really, they are the best choice and this is why we only use fiberglass doors in our installation.
Energy Efficiency
Are you looking to decrease your energy bills? Most of us are looking for this benefit, and a fiberglass door can help. Because these doors are experts at dealing with the elements and our process installs your door to the substructure of your house, you will not allow the elements in. There are no gaps for air or pests to get through and with this added benefit, you should see a decrease in your utility bills. What a great benefit!

Entry Door Project In Lakewood, CA

The Gilberts of Lakewood had some incredible things to say about their experience with Today’s Entry Doors!

“At first, I was a little skeptical, but the whole presentation was professional, and they were very knowledgeable. It ended up being a really great experience and the mobile showroom enhanced the overall shopping experience,” Bradley said.

“After I placed the order, there was good communication,” Bradley said. “They were very good at following up and sent several emails with updates. The door actually arrived earlier than expected.”

“Installation day went without a hitch. Besides being skilled and personable, the installer was also very neat and careful not to damage anything.”

“He was really, really, good and really professional. He hung plastic all around the area and closed the area off to keep it neat. He even took pictures off the wall to protect them, and then put them back.”

“This was a good operation from start to finish. The whole process was smooth and professional.”


Why Should You Choose Us?

We are different from every other door replacement company out there!

Free Consultation
Our free consultation is a great opportunity to have all of your questions answered. During this consultation, we will do a free in-home quote and also go through any concerns you have. We can bring the mobile showroom with us so the process can be easy and seamless. This gives you the opportunity to make your choices during the consultation. We can show you all of our sizes, styles, and colors as well as customization options that you will have with Today’s Entry Doors.
Lifetime Warranty
Remember that we only stock and install fiberglass doors! That’s how we can provide a lifetime warranty on your door. Since fiberglass lasts for such a long period, we know that you will be satisfied. They are rot-resistant, unlike wooden doors and they provide more security, stand up to the weather, and also do not require extensive maintenance. Fiberglass is the best way to go!
A 2-year labor guarantee
There are not many companies out there that are willing to offer guarantees on labor. This is why we stand out. We offer a 2-year labor guarantee which means that if there are any issues with your door because of our installation process, we will honor it.
We make installation stress-free and solid. Our proven and proprietary process of installing doors also separates us from other door replacement companies. We will actually install your door to the substructure of your home with a steel plate and this will not only make it more secure, but will also help with your utility bills, pest infestation, and the safety of your home.
We stock only the highest-quality doors
We only stock and install fiberglass doors, but at Today’s Entry Doors, we are choosy about which manufacturers we stock. We use Therma-Tru, Jeld-Wen, and Masonite. The doors we choose stand the test of time and are from the highest-quality manufacturers out there. We want only the best for our customers.

Available Doors

With doors that are secure and provide accessories for even more safety, we also offer doors that are unique to the style of your choosing. Since we are specialists in doors, we want to make sure we are offering the best choices in the market! Here are some of the wonderful door styles that you can choose from to make your front entryway really stand out.

Rustic Entry Doors

Doors With Sidelights

Contemporary Entry Doors

Craftsman Front Doors

And, we will bring the showroom directly to you! Take some time and visit our online door gallery to get some wonderful ideas about style and color and also which type of door you are visualizing at the front entrance to your home. Remember, we here at Today’s Entry Doors will make the entire door replacement process exciting and stress-free.

Ready to Replace Your Front Entry Door?

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Do You Service Any Other Areas Outside Of Lakewood, CA?

Yes, we do! We service all of Orange County, including Corona Del Mar, Buena Park, Hacienda Heights and many other cities.

Is Financing Available?
Absolutely! We have put together an informative financing page that goes through all of your options to make the process easier!

We are known within the Orange County, CA community and we are not only passionate about doors, but our staff and quality process as well. Our core values are part of who we are; we consider the needs of our clients and provide you with a quality product. Feel free to check out our door gallery to find some amazing options for your front entryway today!

Ready to start your door replacement project? If you are in the Lakewood, CA area, please feel free to reach out to us and schedule your free consultation. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about choosing and installing the perfect door for your beautiful home.



Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


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Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.