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Today’s Entry Doors sells with installation Fiberglass Entry Doors / Front Doors in La Habra, CA. and surrounding cities in Orange County. We also cover select cities in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

We custom install Plastpro, Therma-Tru and Jeld-Wen door brands.
You can see a selection of our Dutch, Craftsman Style, Contemporary, Classic (Traditional Style), Fiberglass Wrought Iron and Rustic Entry Doors and have all your questions answered.

We specialize in ‘Odd-sized’ doors. If your requirement is a 42″x80″, a 30″x80″ double door system or 8 Foot Tall Door, we’ve got you covered. Sidelites? No problem. Transoms? You bet!

Front doors are often the focal point of a home’s exterior, and they say a lot about the character of the home and the people who live there.

An entry way is your opportunity to express your taste for a distinctive look and feel when it comes to the design of your La Habra, CA home!

La Habra civic center in California

La Habra is a city with rich history. The name “La Habra” is a reference to the phrase “Pass through the Hills”. This name comes from the natural pass to the north of the city that Spanish explorers once traveled on expeditions dating back to 1769.

Here’s a question for you though: What does the “Pass through your La Habra home’s front entryway” say about your home and its own rich story?

Think about your La Habra home for a second and ask yourself, “Does my front door reflect who I am?” If the answer is no, or if you’ve been thinking about updating anyway, now is a good time to consider your options for having those old entries replaced. Upgrading your front doors to a more stylish look can really leave a great impression not only on yourself, but your guests as well. Today’s Entry Doors can help with this, because we’re the top supplier and installer of front entry doors in La Habra!

Wood or Fiberglass?

Many people love the warm look and feel of wood, but hate the maintenance associated with it. A wooden door can be easily warped, cracked, chipped or marred, especially when exposed to damp, hot or salty air for long periods of time. All of these are common problems in Southern California, and can degrade beautiful front doors into so much kindling in just a couple of years if they are not properly and continually cared for.

Many warranties will not cover wooden doors installed in Southern California unless the door is protected by a substantial overhang to prevent exposure to the sun and undue exposure to the elements. Therefore, a wooden door that could be expected to last up to twenty years in other climates and would be covered by warranty may only last five to ten in La Habra, and would most likely not be covered at all. Between the maintenance and the potential warranty issues, wood is declining sharply in popularity among California home owners. But many people ask, “What’s the alternative?”

For all the reasons listed above, fiberglass has become the industry standard for front entry doors. These doors stand up to corrosive environmental factors far better than wood, resist the deleterious effects of sun, wind, rain and sea air, last longer with minimal maintenance and are comparable to a similar looking wood door. Unlike wood, fiberglass does not rot and is not susceptible to damage caused by water or humidity, so it will not swell, bow or fade. In addition, fiberglass is much more resistant to damage such as scuffing and denting than wood, is lighter and can actually make your home more secure and energy-efficient by retaining heat or cool air better than wood allows for.

Because of these factors, fiberglass is a better overall value for consumers. Even better, the warranty issues that owners of wood doors face do not arise with fiberglass, because of the superior resistance attributes this material has. Fiberglass is also a very aesthetically flexible and forgiving material, offering the distinguished look and feel of a wooden door without the associated problems. This has made fiberglass a perennial favorite among contemporary home owners like you in the Southern California area, including for La Habra front entry doors!

What do I do next?

Now that you know how fiberglass and wood stack up to each other, the next question most people ask is, “How do I choose the perfect door for my home?” Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone, because Today’s Entry Doors offers decades of consulting and installation expertise to help make sure your door does exactly what you hoped it would do. But please don’t take our word for it. Here are what our past and present clients say about our services and offerings!

If you are looking to freshen up the old, tired look of your home with a modern and stylish upgrade that will last for years to come, we can help! At Today’s Entry Doors, we have specialized knowledge of what front entry doors in La Habra will best meet your stylish needs. We even have specialized software that allows you to peek into the future and see what your home will look like when the new door is installed, making sure you get just the right look before you ever invest in your doors! For more information or to see the latest designs we have to offer, call (714) 974-5728 to arrange a visit from our mobile showroom!



Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


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Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.