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Today’s Entry Doors has been in business for 32 years, and we’re proud to offer premium fiberglass entry doors to Anaheim & Anaheim Hills homes. We sell only fiberglass entry doors made from top brands like Masonite, Therma-Tru, and JELD-WEN, and we install every door we sell. We even have a mobile showroom that frequently tours the Anaheim area so you can see our wide variety of doors for yourself, including our entry doors.

Think about the houses of your friends and family, or even your neighbors. What is the first thing you notice about their curb appeal? Often, it is their entry door, standing proudly in the center of their front wall. The same applies when it comes to your own home, which is why you want to make the right impression with the right entry door. At Today’s Entry Doors, we offer Anaheim and Anaheim Hills a wide range of door styles to choose from, including unique and quirky dutch doors.

Dutch Entry Doors From Today’s Entry Doors

There’s nothing wrong with a timeless, classic entry door, but sometimes you want something that stands out, something that adds personality to your home and really turns heads. If so, you can’t go wrong with a dutch door. Dutch doors can take on the appearance of a variety of other styles, ranging from sleek and modern to stately and classic to a rustic cottage door look. But there’s one thing that sets dutch entry doors apart: They are split horizontally in the center, allowing for two door panels that are separately hinged and swing in and out on their own. This is perfect if you’d like to let a pet run around outside and come in on their own or if you simply want to enjoy some fresh air while staying inside.

Benefits of Dutch Entry Doors Include…

  • Versatility and improved ventilation.
  • A unique style that turns heads in a positive way.
  • Allows fresh air in while keeping pests out.
  • Easier interaction with delivery professionals.
  • Improved security and privacy, especially with small children.


Choosing Fiberglass Entry Doors For Your Anaheim Home

You know that you want dutch doors for your home’s entrance. The next question is what entry door material to choose from. While wood doors might be classic, and steel doors are another popular choice, most entry door experts agree that fiberglass is the superior entry door material. It can be made to take on the look of wood, but it resists rotting and swelling and holds up for decades longer than wood doors. They have a strength comparable to steel, protecting your home from drafts, pests, and home invasion; however, they also hold onto their vibrant color under the glare of the sun for longer than steel doors and resist peeling. If you want a dutch door that will last in your Anaheim home, the answer is fiberglass…and you can find it at Today’s Entry Doors. 


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Why Today’s Entry Doors?

Today’s Entry Doors has been in business for 32 years, providing high quality doors in a variety of styles from top manufacturers to homes throughout Orange County, including Anaheim and Anaheim Hills. We not only offer fiberglass entry doors in dutch door style and other styles, but we install every door we sell, ensuring that they’re installed properly enough to last for centuries.

Benefits of Working With Today’s Entry Doors in Anaheim, CA

  • Find fiberglass doors from top manufacturers like Therma-Tru, JELD-WEN, and Masonite.
  • We install all doors for optimized security, including high tech locking options.
  • Find a lifetime warranty on every door.
  • Enjoy our thorough, tested process for door installation.
  • Make use of financing so that you can afford the door of your dreams.

Looking for dutch doors made from durable, energy efficient fiberglass in Anaheim and Anaheim Hills? Still trying to find the perfect style for your door? Contact Today’s Entry Doors today to learn more or set up a free consultation.