Contemporary Doors in Anaheim & Anaheim Hills.

Contemporary Entry Doors in Anaheim & Anaheim Hills.

Today’s Entry Doors is proud to offer contemporary entry doors and other styles to Anaheim & Anaheim Hills homes.

We are a premium door sales company with 32 years of experience in the area, including homes specific to Anaheim and Anaheim Hills. We offer fiberglass doors from top brands like Masonite, Therma-Tru, and JELD-WEN in a wide variety of styles, including contemporary, and we offer a mobile showroom so you can see them for yourself in Anaheim.

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Your entry door makes for one of the first impressions that anyone will have of your home. Thus it’s not just important to have the right materials and durability, but a style that suits your vision for your home. There are many different types of homes in Anaheim and Anaheim Hills, so we offer many different styles, including the popular contemporary entry door style. 

Contemporary Entry Doors From Today’s Entry Doors

While classic entry doors boast the look of wood and intricate bevels, contemporary entry doors are known for sleek, trim lines and bold colors. This style rose to prominence in the 50s and often overlaps with “mid-century modern.” However, for the right home, it has yet to go out of style. If you like doors that make a bold statement, pops of color, and smooth lines, a contemporary door is right for you. 


Benefits of Contemporary Entry Doors Include…

  • Bold colors and styles that draw the eye.
  • A sleeker, more lightweight design than classic counterparts.
  • Versatility, including dutch doors or double doors.
  • A popular style in California sure to boost curb appeal.

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Choosing Fiberglass Entry Doors For Your Anaheim Home

It’s not enough to simply have a contemporary style. You should also have a modern material built to stand up to modern elements. At Today’s Entry Doors, we offer fiberglass doors, as durable as they are stunning, to make sure our customers get the best energy efficiency, value, and home security from their entry doors. They are far more durable and able to stand up to the elements than wood entry doors, but they also resist rusting and peeling that can occur with steel entry doors. 


Anaheim is a sunny city, and many homeowners have to worry about their entry doors fading in exposure to the sunlight. Not so with fiberglass doors, which retain their vibrant color for years to come. Fiberglass is truly the “just right” of entry door materials. They have the beauty often attributed to wood doors but they’re as strong as steel doors, so your home can be protected from heat loss, home intruders, and everything in between.


Dutch Entry Doors

Double Dutch Doors

Side Entry Doors

Classic Entry Doors

Craftsman Front Doors

Rustic Entry Doors

Fiberglass Wrought Iron Entry Doors

Doors With Sidelights


Why Today’s Entry Doors?

The choice of entry door professional is just as important as the choice of entry door material and style. Many entry door companies simply sell you the door from the manufacturer that offers them the best deal and leave you to install it yourself…or to hire an installation crew, which could be even more hassle. But Today’s Entry Doors has your interests at heart from the beginning, and we aim to make this project as stress-free for you as possible.
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Benefits of Working With Today’s Entry Doors in Anaheim, CA

  • We offer fiberglass doors from top manufacturers like Therma-Tru, JELD-WEN, and Masonite.
  • We install all the doors we sell.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on all our doors.
  • We have a thorough process that’s been proven time and time again.
  • We offer financing to help you afford the entry door of your dreams.


Today’s Entry Doors has been serving Anaheim & Anaheim Hills for decades, so we’re experts when it comes to the needs of Anaheim homes and the climate these doors will have to stand up to. Interested in our contemporary, fiberglass entry doors? Contact us today to schedule a consultation for yourself or to find out when our mobile showroom will be in your area.




Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.


We NEVER Play Entry Door Pricing Games

Don’t want to deal with high-pressure sales and misleading pricing games?

Neither do we! Call or email us for a different way to get a beautiful new front entry door.