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Front Entry Doors in Aliso Viejo, CA

Today’s Entry Doors sells the top brands of Entry Doors including Masonite, Therma-Tru and Jeld-Wen Fiberglass Entry Doors / Front Doors in Aliso Viejo, CA.

Our mobile showroom visits your Aliso Viejo home and surround cities in Orange County, CA. We also cover select cities in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside counties. You can see a selection our Dutch, Craftsman Style, Contemporary, Classic (Traditional Style), Fiberglass Wrought Iron and Rustic Entry Doors and have all your questions answered.

We specialize in ‘Odd-sized’ doors. If your requirement is a 42″x80″, a 30″x80″ double door system or 8 Foot Tall Door, we’ve got you covered. Sidelites? No problem. Transoms? You bet!

A beautiful, elegant front entry door says a lot about who you are. Do you take pride in your home? Are you concerned with beauty, durability, or security? Was the front door to your Aliso Viejo home a disappointing afterthought?

Beautiful Wood Entry Door on Home in Aliso Viejo

Whether you realize it or not, your front door is a focal point of your home and can either accent and compliment your home’s decor and architecture like the perfect bow on a beautifully wrapped gift, or it can be a total eyesore, prohibiting neighbors and guests from seeing anything but the ugly, outdated, dilapidated front door.

It’s not too late to change your image! A new entry door is an easy yet affordable way to refresh the look of your home and even increase the resale value of your Aliso Vijeo home.

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Thanks to advances in technology over the past twenty years by the world’s leading manufacturers, fiberglass is now the superior material for quality entry doors. Fiberglass combines the beauty and richness of solid wood with the security of solid steel, plus all the benefits they lack: energy-efficiency, little to no maintenance, and the best overall value for you. Enjoy your new fiberglass entry door at your Aliso Viejo home for many years to come.

Why Fiberglass?

As experts in entry door sales and installation for over 20 years, we have witnessed firsthand fiberglass climb the ladder to what we strongly believe is the best type of entry door for every Aliso Viejo and Orange County homeowner.

We certainly understand the appeal of solid wood, so if you’re unsure about whether the benefits of fiberglass outweigh those of wood, we invite you to give us a call and we will gladly answer all your questions. We are happy to pass along our extensive knowledge, free of charge!

Here’s a brief comparison of fiberglass and wood entry doors. For a more detailed and comprehensive guide to shopping for an entry door, read our guide to choosing an entry door.

Wood Entry Doors:

  • Are beautiful and luxurious
  • Expensive (solid wood)
  • Require regular upkeep to maintain their beauty and functionality
  • Are sensitive to moisture – will bow, swell, disfigure, and rot from prolonged exposure to humidity, rain, heavy dew, and salty air (all common to Orange County)
  • Are sensitive to sunlight and will fade, crack, and peel from prolonged exposure to sunlight (BEWARE: most warranties do not cover wood doors in Orange County unless they have a very significant overhang protecting them from sun exposure.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Contemporary Red Front Door installed in Aliso Viejo

All inclusive” means your elegant new front door comes with everything you need, to refresh and beautify your entryway. Included are the door system, delivery to your home, installation, manufacturer’s warranty and free disposal of your old door and hardware. We also offer you a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Can be painted or stained to look just like solid wood
  • Are 5x more energy-efficient
  • Are more secure
  • Are low-maintenance
  • Are moisture-resistant- will not bow, swell, disfigure, or rot
  • Are sunlight-resistant – will not fade, peel or crack
  • Have longer warranties
  • Provide the best value to the customer

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Today’s Entry Doors – Only Fiberglass Entry Door
mobile showroom serving Aliso Viejo, CA

Today’s Entry Doors is Orange County’s first and finest Mobile Showroom featuring full-size samples of quality fiberglass entry doors, hardware, and screens. Simply call us and our Mobile Showroom will arrive at your Aliso Viejo home at your convenience and you’ll begin your personalized shopping experience with our friendly entry door specialist. We serve many cities in Orange county, CA and surrounding areas.

Our unique software even allows you to see how the doors you like will look on your home!

Entry Door Project in Aliso Viejo

The above door is a good example why fiberglass doors are the preferred choice when there is not enough overhang protecting the door. This wood entry door in Aliso Viejo was subject to the direct rays of the sun on the lower half of the door, not only degrading the polyurethane top coat but even blistering and peeling the wood. Most wood doors require an immense amount of upkeep and maintenance. If not well protected, it may even void the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Most wood doors require an immense amount of upkeep and maintenance. If not well protected, it may even void the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

The JELD-WEN Aurora Fiberglass door is very similar in look and appeal as its wood counterpart, yet it can be installed in this location without the worry of failed parts.

Today’s Entry Doors specializes in the installation of Entry Doors in Aliso Viejo. We sell and install reputable brands that have passed rigorous customer satisfaction expectations. We are full service, we do a complete job including installation with stain or paint, lock sets and any other necessities, so all you have to do is turn the key. Please don’t hesitate to call or use the email form at the right side of this page for a FREE in-home consultation in Aliso Viejo.

Give us a call today at (714)974-5728 – We look forward to hearing from you!