Can People See Through My Entry Door Glass?

Depending On The Type Of Glass You Choose And Where You Place It, People Won’t Be Able To See Through It.

Another commonly asked question from our Orange County clients is “Will You Be Able to See Through My Entry Door Glass?”

For many homeowners, security is a top factor when selecting a new entry door for their home.

We can help you figure out a nice balance between looks, light and security.

As always, our very best answer is: It depends. Read on and we will elaborate.

Whether you or someone else will be able to see through the glass in your new fiberglass entry door depends on two choices you will make:

1. Where the glass is placed in the door (up high or lower).

Obviously if you postion the glass higher in the door, it will be more difficult for someone to see into your Orange County home. The standard height of fiberglass entry doors is 6’8″, but doors of 8 feet are also available. The lower the glass placement, the more likely you will be able to see out – and someone else will be able to see in (unless the glass is totally obscured, in which case you can make out shapes but not details

2. The obscurity of the glass design.

Most fiberglass entry door manufacturers rate the transparency of each glass design on a scale from 1 to 10 – one being completely clear, transparent glass and ten being totally obscure, where shapes may be visible but detail is not. When selecting glass to fit into your new fiberglass entry door, you will have your choice of hundreds of shapes, sizes, designs, caming, and obscurity levels of glass. (Caming refers to metal strips that bind pieces of glass together in a window or door. Caming can be very intricate and ornate, or very simple.)

Some glass may be frosted, smoky, or opaque all over, or only partially depending on the design you prefer. Designs vary from modern and contemporary to antique-looking to rustic. The same goes for the sidelights of your fiberglass entry door. Sidelights are panels of glass on one or both sides of the door. Sidelights can contain glass from top to bottom, or only in part.

Choose a glass design that compliments the style and architecture of your Orange County home, appeals to your personal style, and also contains the level of privacy you wish to have for your home.

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