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Not Only Did Lucy Riemer Love The Results, She Said The Today’s Entry Door Process Was Totally Clear And Professional

Several years ago, Lucy Riemer knew it was time to replace the entry door that lead into her kitchen.

“It was in bad shape and I knew I needed to replace it,” Lucy said.

Lucy visited the Today’s Entry Doors showroom and was impressed with both the knowledge of doors and the personal service.

She was ready to move forward, but then another home improvement project became an even higher priority and the door project got pushed back.

Fast forward to recently and now it was really time to replace the door. “It was literally falling apart,” Lucy said.

Today’s Entry Door had fallen off her radar in that time and she reached out to a couple of other contractors.

“Neither of them gave me any options,” Lucy said. “They took some measurements and said, ‘this would be the door based on the style you want.’”

It was a frustrating experience.

“I was asking questions about the doors, but there’s no visuals,” Lucy said. “You can’t really know what you’re getting without being able to see anything.”

These disappointing interactions with the other contractors reminded her of the completely different experience she’d had with Today’s Entry Door.

“I went and found an email that I had from when I had first dealt with them and reached back out,” Lucy said.

With the help of Today’s Entry Door, Lucy was able to find a door that she really wanted.

But it wasn’t only the door itself that made her happy with her choice of Today’s Entry Door; she also appreciated the professionalism.

“They were clear about the whole process, I always knew what to expect,” Lucy said. “I didn’t ever have to follow-up with them about what was happening.”

Installation day was also very positive.

“The installer explained things, what he was doing,” Lucy said. “He also cleaned up really well afterwards,”

It got even better when Today’s Entry Door voluntarily fixed a problem with her front door.

“That was appreciated – it was something they didn’t have to do, but they took care of it for me,” Lucy said.

When Lucy was asked how she liked her new door, she didn’t hesitate. “I love it, love it, love it!” she said. “Oh my gosh, it is great. I bought a new curtain for it, and I just love all of it.”

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