Today's Entry Doors mobile showroom

CASE STUDY: Veronica, V. Of Cypress, CA

‘We looked at three other companies, but they didn’t impress us. They didn’t have anywhere near the same selection as Today’s Entry Doors.’

Veronica And Her Family Are Enjoying The Superior Value Of Their New Craftsman Entry Door With An Extra-Durable Screen.

In this case study, we’re going to be chatting about the project we completed for a wonderful family in the Cypress, CA, area. They ended up going with a shaker-style Therma-Tru Craftsman entry door with a gorgeous mahogany grain.

The old entry door is what initially drew them to the house, but it turned into a nightmare.

Let’s take a quick look at it.

That’s a pretty straightforward entry door with quality hardware and safety features. But, the problem was as soon as they moved in, they started to discover the door had all kinds of issues. In her own words, it was “…broken all over the place!”

Once it came time to invest in their home, Veronica and her husband knew an entry door replacement would be the first project.

They started by researching potential companies to work with online.

“We used Google and Yelp and just dove in. Quickly we found Today’s Entry Doors, saw their reviews, and they stood out.”

This led them to our website, where they browsed our Entry Door Galleries and learned about our mobile showroom.

“What really interested us was the mobile showroom. They could show us the doors, and we didn’t have to leave our house. It worked well with our schedule.”

Imagine having us conveniently pull up to your home in a box truck we transformed into a cozy mobile showroom with the very best entry doors that you can get your hands on and touch; real doors in all the different styles along with hardware examples, glass samples, and more.

At the time, Veronica and her husband had ideas of what they both wanted. The only part they hadn’t tackled yet was color. Our consultant’s job was to consider each of their visions and provide options that worked well with both.

The consultant driving the Mobile Showroom was impressive. He was great at showing us the many options we had and going through what would work with our home; its color and architecture. He was very knowledgeable!

Veronica appreciated our superior selection, which is far more extensive than the other contractors they investigated. And they were looking for specialists like us who do nothing but entry doors – not doors and windows, siding, roofing, etc.

They took a week to think things through and look carefully at the financials. The overall cost for a full-service experience was more than running down to a big home improvement store, but they wanted experts who knew what they were doing, so they chose Today’s Entry Doors.

You’re working with finely-tuned and focused experts when you work with us. We’ve done nothing but work with and install these fiberglass products for decades here in the wonderful Orange County, CA area. This is why we can guarantee our Proven Process will leave you ecstatic about your new entry door system. No stress. No pressure sales. No surprises. No nonsense whatsoever.

Let’s check out the new entry door we installed for them!

We’ll look at a picture with the screen door open first.

What a dramatic, uplifting difference:

  • More modern windows and less artsy glass.
  • The wood grain rather than pure white paint.
  • The polished framing without any damages or wear & tear issues.

And it works so well with the interior of their home and exterior trim!

How Did The Installation Process Go?

First, we should mention that the custom-manufactured door arrived months earlier than we expected! They signed with us in October with a 3-6 month window because of ongoing supply chain issues (shipping delays), but it came into our warehouse two months later in December.

“They set the right expectations from the beginning, then kept us updated every step of the way. Within a couple of days of the door arriving, they had their installer at our home ready to get it done. First, they had us inspect both the door and screen door.”

That’s standard practice. We don’t install entry doors until they’ve been thoroughly looked at by our customers and us to ensure everything is as it should be. Our standards are high! We aren’t afraid of sending doors back for polishing, even if it pushes the install date back a bit.

Today’s Entry Doors is a turn-key provider driven by excellence (one of our Core Values). We don’t sell entry doors or just install doors people have bought elsewhere because we can’t guarantee superior value in those cases. With us, you get a complete service: designing and choosing your entry door system, plus a professional installation that will last a lifetime.

“The installation took about 5 hours. They did the frame and had us all prepared beforehand with the exterior paint we needed. And they let us know what they were doing throughout the install. They also talked with us about issues along the way like where to put the doorbell, whether we wanted a peephole which they didn’t recommend, how the screendoor functions, and so on.”

At Today’s Entry Doors, we’re highly focused on crystal-clear communication because we believe that when you invest money into your home, you should feel comfortable throughout the process. You should know what to expect and have a rock-solid timeline to depend on!

“They kept the area really clean, inside and out; didn’t have trash or nails lying around, and they didn’t leave anything behind as most other contractors do.“

Let’s take a look at the door we installed with the ProVia DuraGuard screen closed so you can see what that looks like.

The screen needed to be ultra-durable. It needed to be able to stand up to some punishment, unlike the typical low-quality, easy-to-break kind of screen doors you often see. Why? Because its primary function was to keep their two young kids safer inside – 3 & 5 years old.

“We’re delighted with the screen! It’s very high quality, and you can tell how much more stout it is when you open and close it.

Afterward, we followed up with them a couple of days later, or roughly a week, to ensure everything was going flawlessly and they were pleased with the door system. They most definitely were happy and continue to be!

“We’re just really happy with Today’s Entry Doors. We’ve already been getting compliments from neighbors, family, and friends!” – Victoria, V.

Would you like a free consultation and quote on a door in Orange County or a surrounding community? Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help.