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Take A Deeper Look At Why Homeowners Choose Today’s Entry Doors.

Door Replacement Case Studies For Orange County

Amy, S. Of Garden Grove

Amy got the “modern mid-century” look she was after, enjoying each professional step of the way.

Tim Stone

Mr. Stone was so impressed he wrote down his own case study for our customers.

Melissa – Orange County

One Orange County homeowner’s twisty path to the perfect entry doors.

The Malones

The Malones couldn’t sell their new kitchen short, so they got a gorgeous dutch door that instantly became the highlight!

The Corbetts

A wonderful story about how we worked with a mother and daughter on two homes they completely love!

One-Of-A-Kind Custom Door

We installed a truly one-of-a-kind door of immense proportions for a wonderful San Clemente family

Holiday Door Installation

Dependable? We once made a tough custom installation happen on a holiday for customers in a scheduling pinch.

“Ecstatic” Customer

This super special custom craftsman door left this customer very happy and made us proud.


Office manager Michael Clemente loved this replacement door project in San Clemente, almost as much as our customer did!

Mary The Real Estate Whiz

Mary: Our repeat customer in Orange Country responsible for 6 of our custom door projects.


Bill & Cindy Brandom have reached out to Today’s Entry Doors for 4 different exterior doors on 2 homes over the last 10 years.


When William and Jennifer Burkett decided it was time for a new door, they visited a few other companies before finding Today’s Entry Doors.


Today’s Entry Doors made a good impression on the Gilstraps right from the start. They found the service to be very knowledgeable.


Gregg & Soojie Kuroda weren’t thrilled with the entry door on their home, and they tried a couple of things to solve the problem.


Several years ago, Lucy Riemer knew it was time to replace the entry door that lead into her kitchen. “It was in bad shape,” Lucy said.


When Marchelle and Melissa Garcia purchased a home, Marchelle had big plans to upgrade the home including the works.


Leeann and Dean Romero spent a great deal of effort remodeling their home. They just wanted to find the perfect door to pull it all together.


When Bradley Gilbert started shopping for doors, he went into Home Depot and Lowes, and found the experience underwhelming.


Danette Thomas and her family had been looking for doors for quite some time (a couple of years) before finally being introduced to us.  


The wonderful story of how the Suzuki family found Today’s Entry Doors and decided to work with us is, well, actually quite common


When Michael and Denise Greene decided the time had come to invest in a new custom entry door for their beautiful home, their journey started where many others start: an online search.