Why Replacing Your Doors Should Come FIRST

Here Are A Few Reasons You Should Consider Replacing Your Entry Doors BEFORE Other Home Renovations.

Are you an Orange County, CA, homeowner or just a homeowner in general considering whether or not to replace doors before other home improvement projects?

We don’t blame you. Here at Today’s Entry Doors, we’ve been helping folks in your position for over thirty years. It’s what we do. Let’s walk through the four chief reasons to take this step so that you’re well informed moving forward.


  • Note: The images you see on this page are doors we installed here in the Orange County, CA area for real people like you. This is why three out of the four have numbers on them as well. To see more, feel free to visit our Entry Door Galleries.

The ROI Component – Multifaceted

Beautiful ROI component Multifaceted entry door

Alright, if you’re on this page because you’re brainstorming ways to put good money into your home investment with solid ROI, replacing and upgrading entry doors is a solid choice.

Typically, for a very round estimate, fiberglass replacement doors in the Orange County, CA area fall into the 70%-75% range.

Is that the highest in terms of home remodeling projects? No. Not at all. It’s higher than a universal bathroom remodel by percentage, but there’s a huge difference in upfront costs.

Steel doors have higher ROI, but there are considerations.

  • Steel doors are simply not as attractive as wood or fiberglass options. While manufacturing has come a long way, you can’t do the same thing with steel that you can with these other materials unless you’re paying sizable sums for custom-niche work.
  • Fiberglass outperforms wood in most ways but you can get the same exact aesthetic. Consider the warranty differences between maybe 5-years for wood or Lifetime for fiberglass.
  • Steel doors tend to have durability issues; dent relatively easily, can rust without proper maintenance, and they aren’t ‘cut-to-fit’ like custom fiberglass or wood without again, high price tags.

The point here is that when everything comes together in the fine print, with impeccable installation, tons of features, gorgeous aesthetics perfectly-suited for the home, and the whole nine yards replacement doors are a solid ROI-based decision.

What first crosses your mind when you see a home with a door that makes you go, “???” vs thinking to yourself, “Wow, that door really makes a statement!

Speaking of which…

Curb Appeal – First Impressions Make Huge Impacts

entry door with beautiful curb appeal

You’ve heard it before, now read it again – your entry doors are the proverbial ‘windows into your home’s soul’ and that’s no joke. When was the last time you were on the doorstep of a door in poor condition that you honestly didn’t want to enter…?

Other than the paintings on the wall, what other area in your home do people stand and stare at with nothing else to do?

  • You want a door that’s not just a door, but a complete system. No different than any other part of your home – siding, roofing, flooring, etc.
  • Functionally you need a door that’s dependable, that doesn’t have condensation inside the glass, or provide beauty with no security.
  • What could be worse for the first impression of your home than an entry door with rusted corners, cracks streaking across it, holes, or even dents?

From the perspective of someone looking to buy a residential property, the home needing new doors or the home with new high-maintenance doors raises potential red flags.

Replacement doors are about adding to the aesthetic of your home, making it pop! The impact is different and powerful vs. the impacts of new siding, replacement windows, or even a new roofing system.

Whether you’re adding new double dutch doors, or taking the ‘blah’ door to the next level through modern wrought iron, new entry doors massively boost curb appeal.

After the aesthetics, we get to another core feature driving most homeowners to replace doors in general – security!

To Improve Your Overall Level of Home Security

nice white door that is very secure

Right out the gate (forgive the pun), steel doors are going to deliver the most pound-for-pound safety and security. But…they have some drawbacks. To cut to the chase, we only install fiberglass doors (Learn More About This) because they aren’t just strong and stout.

They bring all the high-caliber benefits in combination:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Stunning Beauty
  • Versatile Customizable Options
  • Exceptionally Strong & Secure
  • Energy Efficient
  • Lifetime Warranty

And let’s not forget you simply can’t do the same things with steel that you can with fiberglass. Not at anywhere near the same price points anyway. Our Entry Door Manufacturers represent profound technological advances in door building, but the rules of physics still apply.

If you have old, hollow, outdated doors and security is a front-of-mind issue, then high-quality fiberglass doors will definitely impress – uniquely constructed to resist forced entry (you’d need a battering ram of some kind).

Even the doors we install with sidelights built into the frame, making them seem less stable, are frankly close to impossible to get through. We’re talking laminated safety glass, multi-lock systems, fiberglass reinforced system components, the works!

Finally, that brings us to the final big ticket reason to replace your doors: saving money through energy efficiency.

The Energy Efficiency of Modern Entry Doors

nice modern style door to improve energy efficiency

Last time we checked, industry research showed fiberglass doors are roughly 5X more energy efficient than your classic wooden doors because they’re insulated with heat & cold-resistant materials (the newer they are, the more effective the insulating material tends to be)..

Here in southern CA this isn’t a light matter, but part of sweeping state-wide initiatives to lower our carbon footprints and be greener as a society. When you upgrade your doors with energy efficiency doors systems you can really see a difference within the first year or two.

In tandem with weatherstripping, you get more friendly energy bills and better in-home air quality to a degree as well (highly impacted by windows).

Wrapping Up

Well there you have it – solid reasons to consider replacing your doors as part of your efforts to improve your residential property and make it more outstanding. And guess what, compared to most other home remodeling investments, the whole process is FAR simpler and quicker (and less costly).

If you’re in the Orange County, CA area, be sure to contact Today’s Entry Doors and we’ll ensure you get the picture-perfect door for your home and lifestyle at unbeatable value. Thanks for your time.

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