Reason Today’s Entry Doors Will Not Hire Subcontractors

The #1 Reason Today’s Entry Doors Chooses Not To Hire Or Depend On Subcontractors

We here at Today’s Entry Doors aren’t going to badmouth subcontractors.

They’re DEFINITELY not all bad, but there’s also no question that throughout the home improvement industry’s bad apples have caused them to develop somewhat of a bum rap.

But here’s why we don’t choose to hire even the best subcontractors in the Orange County, CA area to install the finest Fiberglass Entry Doors in all of Southern California:

Our crew is better.


Better for our customers and better for us.

  • Everyone at our company, especially the installation crew, are genuine well-trained entry door specialists. Not “Jacks of all trades, but masters of none” kinds of installers.
  • ALL our in-house crew does is install custom high-end entry doors for our Orange County, CA customers (and directly surrounding areas). Literally nothing else.
  • They drive our trucks, use our tools, and you can read all about our level of workmanship and results in our 5-star reviews across the board.

Why Do Our ‘Competitors’ Use Subcontractors?

We use the word ‘competitors’ lightly because we don’t really have any in Southern California. No one does entry doors like we do: full-service, turn-key.

In general, there are two core reasons window and door companies hire subcontractors.

Right off the bat lower-quality or oftentimes sloppy volume-based businesses are looking to cover their tails! They expect issues. They expect things to go wrong, because it’s impossible to ensure 100% perfection when you do business like they do. And…they aren’t providing the VERY BEST DOORS for their customers either (meaning they aren’t designed for impeccable precision and quality aesthetics).


They also hire out subcontractors because frankly, it’s FAR cheaper.

It’s expensive to keep installers around for years and years like we do. We earn the loyalty of our talented installation crew and keep them with us through a great company culture.

Our installers are easily 100% more trained than anyone else you’re likely to meet.

5 to 6 days a week, our focus is ONLY new entry door systems. Because of this, our 30+ year Proven Process is as polished as it can be.

And with others, they might just be retailing the doors then wiping their hands clean of your project. They aren’t full-service like we are, where we help you choose the style, customize it, pick all the benefits and features, and then professionally install it for you.

Do Our Installers Drive The Mobile Showroom?

No. We use our Mobile Showroom to visit your home, sit down with you, go over the options right there (without just a bunch of manufacturer brochures, but real doors, hardware samples, glass samples, etc.).

This is done by another door expert who specializes in helping our customers get the picture-perfect entry door system they’ve been dreaming of. One that matches their home, tastes, and budget down to the finest detail.

Bottom Line: Work With The Best & Get The Best… Of Everything

When we say that there’s no one else who does full-service entry doors like we do in all of Southern California, we mean it. You’ll be working with the best in the business, and installers who in all these years have never caused us to get a single complaint.

To learn more, or go through the details (our contracts are only four pages long and streamlined), we’d be happy to chat with you. Call Today’s Entry Doors and let us show you our long-standing difference.

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