Real Door Experts: Who You Can Expect To Talk To When You Call Today’s Entry Doors

Any number of annoying things can happen when you call a home improvement company to try and chat about your options

  • You get an answering machine, not for a business, but for a ‘Chuck & His Truck’ outfit.
  • ‘Chuck’ picks up, he’s hard to hear because he’s driving and you get disconnected.
  • A secretary answers the phone who really has no concrete answers for you (no matter how simple the questions may be), but just wants to put you in touch with salespeople.
  • You end up chatting with salespeople who aren’t really product or materials experts.

Have any of these scenarios happened to you?

How frustrating!

This is one of the many core differences when you deal with Today’s Entry Doors (TED).

When you call us…

Anyone who picks up the phone is a Front Door Scientist!

That’s a promise. We can guarantee it because TED is a close-knit, family-owned, and operated business with decades…upon decades of industry experience.

Rather than having a large assortment of services, we’re specialists. ALL we do is install the finest Fiberglass Entry Doors in the world in homes across the Orange County, CA area.

We don’t have a sales team.

We also don’t use paid advertising, but depend on organic traffic from the internet and referrals.

And we don’t employ any secretaries either.

Let’s briefly go over a couple common examples.

Calls Where You Just Need The Basics

Daily, Orange County homeowners call us to see what kind of prices and value they can expect for the caliber of entryway transformations we do. For these basic inquiries, all we need is to ask you a few questions and then we can tell you everything you need to know.

It’s really that simple.

No runarounds. No getting put on hold for 10-20 minutes. No, ‘I’ll have to get back to you on that’ or sales pressures.

Just professional, straight, honest answers and information.

Learn About The Typical Size Of Entry Doors We Install In Orange County

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Dig Into Two Important Lessons We Learned From Two Important Calls

Confused Calls About Unique Door Sizes

Here in California, we have unique doors and unique door sizes. Most people aren’t aware of this until it comes time to invest in a new front door system.

For example, your double doors in CA might have a 5-foot opening — the overall size. But, in the rest of the county, it’s bigger! Maybe 5 and a half to 6-foot openings. So from an industry perspective, you have more limited options.

The issue is that major manufacturers don’t make a ton of them to try and satisfy one state, or section of the county. So folks do their homework, call around, strike out, and eventually find their way to TED where we specialize in selling and installing these exact double door sizes (only in Orange County and immediately surrounding areas).

We offer more options in this size and can walk you through every detail if need be.

How about those 42-inch Entry Doors that are so popular in Orange County, but rare around the rest of the nation? Say, 42’’ by 80’’ — a tough size. Where others offer limited options, we know a ton about them and have tons!

Speaking of which…

Calls About Front Door Customizations

Did you recently see an entry door that took your breath away? An entryway that stirred your heart and soul?

We often get calls where folks see door systems they like, but not 100%. They want to know a) what exactly they’re looking at, and b) whether they can do some customizations.

  • Maybe they adore everything but the glass.
  • Maybe each detail is perfect… except the coloring and hardware.
  • Maybe the essence of the entire doorway is right, but you’d prefer a dutch door.

Whatever the case, in our industry what you see doesn’t have to be what you get. We can help you customize everything and explain all the finer details along the way.

Calls About Our Mobile Showroom

We get a decent amount of calls about our Mobile Showroom.

It’s a rare find in the replacement entry door industry.

Many want to know, do we really have one? Yes indeed!

What is it? A moving van-type vehicle we retrofitted into a genuine mobile showroom with lots of real entry doors to explore, hardware option examples…the works.

Our customers love it because it’s got just about everything they need (plus the door expert driving it) to get a custom high-end entry door system designed, contract signed, and the project started from the convenience of home.

Bottom Line: Expect Answers & Impeccable Service

TED isn’t just your average ‘window & door’ company. We’re bonafide specialists who ONLY focus on premium fiberglass entry door systems in the Orange County, CA area.

We’re full service. We don’t stock and sell doors. And we don’t just install doors people have already bought elsewhere. If you’d like to work with door scientists to get the EXACT entryway of your dreams, all you have to do is reach out and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. You’ll know right away, you’re in good hands. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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