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CASE STUDY: Christina, B. Of Irvine

‘Today’s Entry Doors Is Simply Amazing!’

Christina’s Favorite Parts About Her Entry Door Installation
Are The Foundation We Build Our Company On

In this case study, we’re sharing a bit of information about a project we did for a woman named Christina in Irvine. Afterward, she published a great Yelp review. When we first stumbled upon it, we were proud that each of our company’s Core Values played a significant role in her overall satisfaction.

Truth be told, everything we instill into our employees and company practices was showcased perfectly, and the results couldn’t have been better!

That said, before we dive in, let’s take a look at Christina’s original entry door:

Before Photo

Christina wasn’t happy with how this front entry door looked when viewed with the rest of the home, and she knew something had to change. Sure, the panes of glass along the top of the door were a nice touch, but they did little to provide light into the home and forget about added ventilation.

Additionally, the traditional dark black door stood out like a sore thumb against her beige home, and the overall integrity of the door was starting to be questionable.

Instead of driving to a big box store and going through countless hours of personal research, Christina sought a company that could help her custom-design High-Quality Fiberglass Entry Doors and install the system to perfection.

That’s where we came into the picture.

To make choosing new entry doors easier, we’ll send our Mobile Showroom straight to your home! This way, you can get your hands on real doors, glass samples, hardware, and much more without leaving your driveway. Shopping for these kinds of home improvement products has never been more convenient!

The team works together and makes the project seamless.

Christina mentioned our teamwork as the first point in her review because it’s something we take great pride in. Teamwork is genuinely the key to success when it comes to any home improvement undertaking.

Projects like these would never happen without our crew members firing on all cylinders and working together to ensure every job is an excellent experience for our customers. Christina’s asks were straightforward, and our well-trained staff pulled it off without a hitch.

Excellent communication from the office. They would send emails periodically updating us about the order status. I was never left in the dark about when the doors would be ready.

Exemplary customer service is not only one of our core values, it’s a vital component of our tried-and-true Proven Process. Our streamlined process removes the games and hassles you are used to with other contractors while focusing primarily on your satisfaction every step of the way.

As with all relationships in life, proper communication is imperative. Many homeowners succumb to missed calls, dodgy answers to questions, and downright bait-and-switch tactics when dishing out their hard-earned money on home remodeling projects.

Not only is this disheartening, but it also puts a bad taste in their mouth whenever they think about the contractor they initially hired. We take the exact opposite approach — we keep you updated throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Even if we don’t have any new updates to share, we’ll still reach out to you, letting you know where the project stands instead of leaving you in the dark.

This was the situation with Christina’s entry door replacement, everything went accordingly to plan, and she always knew our next step. She could sleep easy at night knowing her investment, time, and home was being respected and valued.

Christina is one of many happy homeowners we’ve had the pleasure of working with around the Irvine area. If you’re interested in reading more honest reviews from our past customers, check out Our Reviews page. With over 240 raving reviews across three online platforms — the proof’s in the pudding.

Let’s look at how we transformed Christina’s front entry door into something that better matched her home and style preferences:

After Photo

The door actually came earlier than expected!
I’m obsessed with this door, and I couldn’t be happier.

Christina decided to swap out her traditional wooden door for a sleek fiberglass Dutch door with the Spanish/Mediterranean look she was going for. Instead of the sliver of glass panels, the top section of her new Dutch door can swing open freely to provide an exceptional amount of natural light and ventilation.

Her new rustic-style door is topped off with an elegant finish to mimic wood without wood’s added maintenance and lifespan disadvantages. Christina knew fiberglass doors would give her more bang for her buck while significantly increasing the overall safety of her home. And, like Christina, we couldn’t be happier!

As a bonus, the entry doors Christina chose for her home ended up arriving earlier than expected. Instead of dragging our feet and waiting to install her new doors, we got straight to work and delivered an impeccable installation ahead of schedule.

When we boast our perfect installations — we mean it. We offer our customers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our fiberglass doors and labor for a minimum of 2 years. If you ever have a problem with your new door or our installation techniques, we’ll fix it to your satisfaction without charging an additional penny.

The installation was perfect, and the professionalism was great.”

Doors on a home are only as good as the person installing them. Since entry doors are all we do, we confidently guaranteed Christina a perfect installation once she chose her new door. And we delivered!

Above all, you should be able to trust the people working in and around your home. Each one of our crew members has gone through countless hours of vetting and training to ensure they keep up the company’s standards and reputation. Regarding professionalism in the workplace, we don’t mess around.

“I highly recommend this business!”

-Christina B.

Thanks, Christina! Is your home ready for the Today’s Entry Doors makeover? If you live in Irvine or surrounding Orange County areas, be sure to reach out for your Free Consultation when it’s time for a stunning new entry door.

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