Our Website: A Testament To Better Customer Experience

Welcome! The Story Of Our Website Is A Story Of Bringing A Better & Better Experience To Our Customers

At Today’s Entry Doors we invest in our customers, not major online search engines or paid advertising gimmickry.

We don’t dump revenue into sales and marketing nonsense that clogs up the airwaves and the internet.

All the folks (otherwise called ‘traffic’) who spend time on our website arrive by finding us organically or through direct referrals from family and friends.

Chances are, that includes you.

How did you land here today?

Instead, among other things like our showroom and Mobile Showroom, we’ve consistently invested in our website over the years. It’s to the point now where our site is actually better than nearly any competitor’s…even the manufacturers and hardware companies we work with — aside from a few exceptions — can’t compete.

This is why we get compliments about our website through every channel on a nearly daily basis: visitors to our showroom, emails, calls, submissions through our Contact Us page, etc.

Three of the most highly-visited parts of our website, or at least the ones people tend to spend the most time on include:

  • Our Entry Door Galleries: When you’re beginning the process of getting a new custom entry door for your home, there’s almost nothing better than picture after picture of examples from fellow homeowners here in the Orange County, CA area. We have six galleries and counting, filled to the brim with inspiration from past installations.
  • Our Entry Door Video Gallery: Along with our pictures, we’ve included a page of over twenty videos. Some show you example doors people have ordered and had installed complete with Before & After photos, and some are more for educational purposes.
  • Our Entry Door Exploration: We’ve had a great time producing a lot of great media for people to see and read and watch. You can also explore entry doors by size, style, and brand. Meanwhile, a friendly Today’s Entry Doors specialist is only a call away and ready to walk you through all the wonderful choices.

No bells and whistles or tricky-clunky navigation, just straightforward helpful content.

We’ve even got a nifty area for vendor catalogs so we can point people to the specifics, walk them through each detail step by step over the phone, or in our showroom.

And here’s the good news: We haven’t stopped!

We don’t EVER rest on our laurels. As Southern California’s premier entry door replacement company, we’ll continue to improve our site for you in the future. We’re working on exciting new things like infographics and more video content as we speak.

The goal is to help you find the absolute best entry door for your home in the best possible way.

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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