Our Mobile Entry Door Showroom

Heard About Our Mobile Entry Door Showroom? Curious What All’s In There? Here You Go (Pictures Included)

First, a very rough estimation of how many Orange County, CA homeowners have been visited by our mobile showroom:

  • The mobile showroom has been operational since the start of 2014. We retrofitted a moving box van to allow us to display 12 fiberglass doors representing our manufacturers: Jeld-Wen, Therma-Tru, and Masonite, with enough room to walk around.
  • We average about 15 appointments a week.
  • So that’s about seven and a half years multiplied by 50.
  • As of the writing of this blog, we’re sitting at close to 5700 appointments to date!

What did we do before that? Well, we were basically going along with what every other door company out there does — sales calls at customer homes using small door corner samples and brochures.

  • Problem: With nothing but small door samples and brochures, you really can’t get close enough to the products! How do they compare to full-size doors you can see, stand next to, size up, and feel with your own two hands? They don’t. You can’t really get a sense of the intricacies and details of the various high-quality fiberglass skins or glass.
  • Solution: Our mobile showroom. It makes it possible for us to bring a nice core selection of doors and the whole ball of wax to your home rather than some brochures and samples. It’s like visiting our office showroom, but we can take all the measurements we need at the same time.

So, we got the idea in 2012, then bought the box van in 2013, and the conversion started.

Now it’s a cornerstone piece of our company.

To this day, we get incredible responses (especially from people who, for whatever reason, didn’t read about it in our introductory emails or see the Mobile Showroom page on our website):

“Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!”

“What a great idea!”

“This makes the whole process so much more convenient and helpful!”

What is all in there?

We’ve tried to fit just about everything you could possibly need.

  • The 12 full-size doors from our select manufacturers. One of those is even a “dutch door,” which is super popular here in Southern California!
  • Hardware examples to choose from for a complete door package.
  • And if customers desire a screen door, we have a sample of each type we sell.
  • There is also a desk to sit down and be comfortable with as you make your choices.

How about an example from one of our customers.

If you head on over to the Case Studies section of our website, you’ll find that our mobile showroom is a hit. Many customers can get their entry door chosen, and the process begins right there on the spot, just feet from their home.

Like the Greene Family:


“The mobile showroom is the ultimate solution when you’re shopping for an entry door. You don’t have to leave your house, and with a catalog alone, you can’t really see and feel the entry door selections. When a consultant comes to your home to go through catalog options with you, they typically aren’t bringing real-size examples.”

Bottom Line: Want Our Mobile Showroom To Pay You A Visit?

If you’re in the Orange County, CA area and would like to check out our mobile showroom, we’re here for you. We’re happy to answer your questions, get you all the measurements and specifics you need anyway, and address any initial concerns. Contact Us Today, and we’ll be on our way! 


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