Jet Tila Desperately Needed A New Front Entry Door

How We Transformed A Front Entry Door
For None Other Than Celebrity Chef Jet Tila!

Even Celebrities Get Stuck With An Ugly Entry Door

A Quick Note: This article is about a project we did for Jet Tila. If you want to watch the testimonial video he did for us with his wonderful wife, Ali, head to their Case Study.

That said, a front entryway plays a HUGE role in providing a beautiful entrance and first impressions. But when doors are outdated, dilapidated, or just plain ugly — that vibe can linger throughout the space inside.

If you’re in the process of optimizing your home, you can’t ignore them.

Every once in a while, we stumble upon entry doors that are just hideous. They either don’t match the rest of the home’s interior and exterior or are simply constructed from low-quality materials. And while we can’t convince everyone in and around Orange County to replace them, sometimes homeowners agree a change is in order!

To be clear, we don’t bother with conventional marketing or go door-to-door, but in the case of Celebrity Chef case of Celebrity ChefJet Tila — we did precisely that, with a modern twist. We reached out to him on social media, offered our full-service entry door replacement services, and he got excited.

Who Is Jet Tila?

While Jet Tila is a man of many talents and notable accomplishments, we first became aware of Jet after stumbling across his roles in various Food Network cooking shows. He came close to taking it all in Iron Chef America — one of our personal favorites.

To list all of the avenues Jet has explored would take an entire book, but needless to say, he has made quite the name for himself in the cooking and television space. Backed by his equally successful wife, Ali — they’re an unstoppable duo.

How & Why We Knew We Had To Help Jet Tila
With His Entry Door Woes

About two years ago, we were binge-watching cooking shows when a new segment started featuring famous chefs in their homes instead of big fancy studios.

The plot’s simple: a crew shows up at the front doors of famous chefs. The chefs take them through their homes to give viewers a glimpse into their personal lives, then prepare a delicious dish for everyone at home to drool over.

During Jet’s episode, we couldn’t help but chuckle when we noticed his front door was beaten down and didn’t match the luxury of the rest of the home. Knowing Jet as a man of good taste, we couldn’t fathom why his front entry door would be so bad!

So, what did we do? We hopped on social media and sent Jet a direct message jokingly saying something to the effect of:

“We gotta do something about that front door.”

To Our Surprise, He Responded!

We didn’t think Jet would see our message as a celebrity, but he saw it and responded! Our Instagram Gallery is filled with past projects we’ve completed in the Orange County area and is perfect for giving prospective homeowners a glimpse into our workmanship.

After seeing what we were capable of and reading some of Our Stellar Reviews, Jet replied:

“Sounds great. Come out to the house and show me what’s up.”

We exchanged numbers and hopped on a call with Jet and Ali to explain who we are and our comprehensive approach to entry door remodeling. They were both unhappy with their entry door and ecstatic about the idea of swapping it with something extraordinary.

We Headed Out To Jet & Allison’s Home Right Away

It’s not every day you get to work with a famous chef, let alone one so respectful and kind! When Jet and Ali invited us to their home to jump-start the process, we brought our Mobile Showroom out so they could get their hands on actual door samples and accessory options.

They absolutely loved it!

Jet and Ali are ordinary people who love many of the same things we do, despite being famous. We talked about our love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and of course, food! Forming a personal relationship with our customers is something we strive to do during every project.

After going over the details and providing a quote, they were ready to move forward… that was until Jet and Ali decided to sell their home and move into a house with more privacy. So, we put things on hold for the time being.

New House: Similarly Horrible Entry Door

Jet and Ali loved their new home away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, but they still had one pressing problem. Their ugly entry door! Even the new one was incredibly weathered and stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the home.

Instead of witnessing this for ourselves over the television again, once they were settled, they reached out to us to pick up where we left off. We jumped into the mobile showroom and headed over to the Tila household to repeat the initial design phase of their project.

They had big plans!

We made our choices, they signed the paperwork, and we were off to the races.

Ali wanted something more modern with less glass and added security. Security was also a big priority for Jet, as was having a statement-making entranceway for visitors (including any media crews). We brought in the best minds at our company and collaborated with Jeld-Wen to give the couple a one-of-a-kind “Rolls-Royce” entry door system.

And we quite like that!

Here’s The Scoop On Their New Entry Door

Jet and Allison’s house originally had 32” Double Doors With Sidelights, that featured a classic glass panel system in a grid pattern from top to bottom, which wasn’t ideal.

  • By reducing the size of the sidelights, we created additional privacy and room for a physically larger entry door system.
  • They went with huge 42” Double Doors and zero glass panels.

The system turned out to be sturdy as a bank vault with ample Safety & Security features. But the sheer size of the door was more significant than we had worked with before, and we knew it would take a bit of finagling.

Here are the results!

Installation Day Surprises Many Of Our Customers

When most homeowners think about replacing their front entry door, they think it’s as simple as unscrewing the old bolts and throwing a new door in place. Well, with Today’s Entry Doors — we have a seasoned, full-service, Stress-Free Process.

We provide the entire entry door system.

That means we demo down to the studs and concrete and start fresh with brand-new materials. Not a single piece of an old door is ever used in our new systems.

Since Jet and Ali went with a Jeld-Wen model, we had to adjust how we installed their new front entry door. Jeld-Wen is the only entry door manufacturer we work with that doesn’t assemble their frames on-site. Instead, they assemble and test their frames in the factory and then dissemble them for transit purposes.

We showed up and assembled their new massive entry door in their driveway on a Saturday. This isn’t uncommon because we always make exceptions to meet homeowner needs (even if they aren’t celebrities).

During the seven-hour installation, we answered all their questions. Since they found the project captivating, we also shared insights on properly installing an entry door to maximize security, value, and aesthetic appeal.

They even invited us to dinner after!

A pleasure we hope to have with many of our future customers.

You Don’t Have To Be Famous To Be Treated Like Royalty

At Today’s Entry Doors, we treat every person who walks through our office door or calls us like royalty — no matter what. We were delighted to work with Jet and Allison to provide their home with an entry door that matched their needs and lifestyle…and success! Their story is just one of many we’re proud of as a company – visit our Case Studies page for more.

Ready to become our next success story? Call Today’s Entry Doors when your home needs a facelift! Schedule your Free Quote by calling (714) 912-1579 — the possibilities are endless.

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