This Is Why Our Contracts For Custom Entry Doors Are Only Four Pages Long & Easy To Understand

If you’ve ever dealt with an average home improvement or remodeling company, then you already know they tend to have long, complex contracts.

How long?

Usually around 10-12 pages of stuff.

What’s in there?

Fine print and plenty of legalese. And at the end of the day, most of it exists to do one thing and one thing only: provide their company with protection, should anything go wrong.


A good eight to nine pages are there solely to help shield them from financial damages, and they want your signature for THEIR peace of mind.


Well, a trio of reasons could include:

  • These are often companies based on volume, not custom superior craftsmanship.
  • Companies that’ve had some trouble in the past.
  • Companies that outsource work to subcontractors that they have less control over.

We don’t like operating like that. Never have, never will. It’s completely against Our Core Values and the foundational work ethic in which we run our company.

How It’s Different When You Work With Today’s Entry Doors

When you first see one of our contracts, you’ll notice only four pages. And, there’s some space and margin on those pages too. They’re not dense fine print.

Our contracts are short.

Our contracts are basic.

Our contracts are simple to read and understand.


The reason is simple. Our quality control methods ensure that every project with our name is of the utmost value: the entry doors themselves and our installation work.

We don’t need any filler language or legalese to protect us from things going wrong because we aren’t going to let them (see for yourself by browsing our extensive Entry Door Galleries).

Here’s what’s in our contracts:

  • What your exact door system is going to be: its build, style, accessories, etc.
  • What your door system will cost down to the penny for the full-service experience, including any Financing Information if relevant.
  • When your door is supposed to be installed.
  • The other basics of what you can expect: ETAs, permits, and so on. Let’s not forget about your Lifetime Warranty coverage.

You’re not going to find anything in there that shocks you or causes you to perk up in alarm.

No surprises.

And that brings us to another huge point…

We Also ONLY Ask For 10% Down On Custom Entry Door Projects

No more. No less. It’s another step we’ve taken so that your experience isn’t a stressful nail-biter. Instead, only 10% of your project is needed initially, which is NOT common in the industry.

How many contractors ask for 50% upfront? TONS.

How many contractors or home improvement companies ask for 100% upfront? Not as many, but it’s still relatively common.

And here’s another fact: we DON’T collect the rest of your investment until you’re completely satisfied.

Bottom Line: Transforming Your Entryway With Us Is Smooth & Transparent

Have questions and want straight, honest answers? Curious about prices when it comes to premium entryways? All you have to do is pick up your phone, tap your thumb on our number, and Contact Today’s Entry Doors. We don’t employ basic ‘custom service’ people. Every single team member here is a legitimate entry door expert!

And when the time comes, if you choose to work with us, you’ll know from beginning to end that you’re well taken care of, from a transparent, family-owned, and family-run business here in Orange County, CA. Hope to hear from you soon!

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